Music Magpie- Turning Clutter into Cash!*

Its nearly April, and that means spring is just around the corner.

But, if you’re anything like Lazy Girl, you’re not a fan of the dreaded spring clean and the hard work that ensues.  Especially when the other half bemoans the clutter that has slowly but surely made its way back into every available cupboard or surface. And the fact I don’t get paid for my hard work.

To my mind, I bought these things, and so, obviously I needed them. Parting with items such as CDs, DVDs and games, which cost anything from £10 upwards new, can induce purse related issues, especially in the current climate.

Take all those Fitness based DVDs and games you bought in a moment of January Twitter related get fit solidarity. And used twice. 

Or those games the geeks in the shop told you your hard to please child would love for Christmas. Which despite the price tag were ditched quicker than wrapping paper.

However, there is a quick and simple way of ridding the house of unwanted DVDs CDs, and games, with musicMagpie.

Its as simple as using your smart phone to scan the bar codes of the unwanted items, downloading the iPhone app, or tapping the bar code numbers into the website if you don’t have a smart phone**. Then, click “Complete Trade”. You’ll be offered a price for your items on the spot, and if you agree, you box them up and the company sends out its free to use courier service to collect them- whenever it suits you. 

Then your cheque arrives in the post! Simple!

What next- well, you go and spend your money from your hard earned de-cluttering to buy, erm, more shoes to hide under the bed from your husband? 

Why ditch those former must haves for nothing when you can sell computer games for cash with musicMagpie.

What are you waiting for? Get de-cluttering for cash!