Little energy savers grow into big money savers*

You’re children are the apple of your eye, they bring you a smile and a frown on a daily basis and they also use up a lot of energy! With so much talk about renewable energy and how the world will look in 50 years, it’s crucial that we all know how to use less. This is done through encouraging daily habits that work together for the greater good.

The best time to learn is when you are a child, and by getting yours to save energy they can save you a lot of money on energy prices in return. What’s more is that you might learn a little something yourself. The greener your family is they better your future will be. Here are some top tips to get you started:

  • The ribbon game – Your windows shouldn’t leak, and hot air shouldn’t be escaping through your doors. So, to help with this, demonstrate the problem to children using ribbons or strips of paper. If they put them in front of doors and they blow then there’s a draught. Similarly, if they get wet on the windowsill then there’s a leak. If both things occur then you need to invest in some weather-stripping and insulation to stop the energy escaping.
  • Money – Let’s be honest, telling the children to do something isn’t a sure fire way of getting it done. Instead, give them an allowance for doing their chores around the home. But, this comes with a twist. Get them ingrained with energy saving techniques through giving penalties for unnecessary energy usage. Charge them for leaving lights on when they are not in a room, if they have the television on but aren’t watching then that’s another charge. Also, try to set laundry days that they have to adhere to. Anything that they do wrong should be met with a 10p fine. This may not seem like a lot to them at first but if you stick with it they won’t be doing it for long.
  • Printables – There are plenty of resources online that can be printed out and pinned up around the home. From activity books to step by step energy saving tips, these will help all the family to be better energy savers. Conservation and facts are the two big things, and these can be easily seen around the home by one and all.

These three activities will help you get a strong foundation around the home so that you can cut your electricity prices

With everyone pulling in the right direction, both your home and the world we live in will be a better place. Children are the future but energy will always be the staple of life. Do your bit to help everyone.