The "I’ve Been to Britmums Live and Got Inspired" Post

Like lots of other bloggers, I have spent the last two days at Britmums Live, and obviously there will be lots of posts of “this is what I did” or “this is who I met” or “look at the brilliant amount of swag I picked up”.

So, I don’t kind of want to add mine to the list and be boring, I’m going to share some thoughts I wrote down on the train home. Inspired by the amazing people I’ve met, the stories I’ve heard, and, especially the last seminar I attended, which, for those who weren’t there, was called “Sod the Stats, Blog for Happiness”.

It’s kind of a poem, which I haven’t written one of in about ten years, so amazing that it’s inspired my poetry once more. Thank you.

Here goes:

This is me,
I am learning that I am only human, and part of that means
Not being superwoman.

I like really bad pop songs
(and dancing like a loon)
I’m not good at drinking.
I’m a bit of a geek (but aren’t we all?).

I don’t get SEO, Keywords, 
or the “Magic Formula”
And after six years I guess I never will.
But I’m cool enough not to let it make me quit

I am loved unconditionally
And I love unconditionally back

I’m a Mum,
But more than a Mummy.
I rock inappropriate words at inappropriate times
I sometimes say the wrong thing
Yet I’m fine with knowing when to say I was wrong
And meaning it.

I’m learning to accept that not everyone is going to like who I am,
But I’m brave enough to shrug and move on
And work on the people that I respect.

I dance to Single Ladies like Beyonce
When I think (hope) no one is watching.
I sing in the shower, and to my children
I love doing that.

I love to write,
To speak out via print or ink
To help others through the bad times
And laugh with them through the good.

I am part of something amazing
Something growing
I am a pioneer of the digital age
We all are.

This is me
Everything to some,
Not much to others
But me.

And I’m comfy with that.