Is It Just Me: Who Thinks Cutting Rent Support is Not The Answer?

I am literally rubbing my eyes in disbelief at this one readers.

The latest Cameron wonder plan for saving the UK from it’s massive debt is to cut Housing Benefit.

This is nothing new, and Cameron has announced plans before to cut rates, especially for those in London, I believe (and correct me if this is wrong) so the limit for benefit will be £500 per week. I’m not totally against this in principal, I do agree that some rents are extortionate and that inevitably some con the system (we’ve all heard stories of certain people claiming for houses worth £1.2 million), but that said, I do believe more effort should be made to fund affordable, old style “Council” Housing where the rents are far more controlled.

The next part of the cuts, announced at the weekend, are to scrap Housing Benefit for under 25s.

Erm, no, that’s not fair at all!

At this point, bear in mind that not everyone who receives Housing Benefit is the government styled “layabout scrounger”, the cap wearing, beer drinking Jeremy Kyle show loser that they’d like us to have in the forefront of our minds whenever the subject of benefits come up.

Anyone on low income can apply for Housing Benefit, some use it to top up their modest wage when they are privately renting and cannot afford to buy their own home and/or don’t get very far on the Council waiting lists.

To penalise this bracket, already struggling to find work and affordable housing in the UK, who for the most part are not the cause of the banking crisis as they’ve never had a mortgage or credit card is unjustified.

Of course, Mr Cameron feels its completely acceptable as it will save the “public purse” £2 billion a year. But the Public Purse isn’t that public, we rarely get a say in what this money is spent on, and the majority of us probably agree it’s not spent wisely and hasn’t been for some time.

When I was 17, for my own reasons, I left home. If this rule was in force at that time, I would have been homeless. Some young people cannot go home, either due to arguments or worse, abuse, so to voice the reasoning that the under 25s should shut up and stay living with their parents is ridiculous and in some cases unmanageable.

The first home I lived in was assisted living, for teens who had only just left home, and I had a small room with shared bath, kitchen and living facilities. I lived with a whole range of fellow teens, all with their own issues, but one sticks in my head more than most.

The oldest resident, and perhaps the most vocal on issues was K. She was lovely, pretty, and ballsy. However, after an atrociously bad upbringing by a junkie sex worker Mother and her line up of “step dads”, K had felt that if she didn’t run away, she would die. Her Mother got her hooked on Heroin at 13, she never went to school, and was abused by at least two of her Mum’s pimps. 

If there was no help for K and many like her, what would they do? What would become of them? State Care Homes or Children’s Homes don’t house those the same age as K or the others housed where I was. They can’t go home to their parents, so what’s next? A cardboard box on the street?

I really hope this silly and ill thought out idea comes to nothing more than headlines, and that the Conservatives are out voted on it.

Else wise I can see many more sorry shop doorway dwellers in a matter of months.