*Get The House Ready for Christmas – and earn Cash while you do it!

It’s that time of year – holiday decorations and gifts are filling the shelves of stores families are preparing the traditional Christmas cake and all the radio stations are beginning to play the festive music. Christmas is around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning for your holiday party.

As you clean the house, pull out all the decorations and think about the food list, don’t forget about the music. But, this year, do not rely on old CDs to play your Christmas party soundtrack.

After all, there’s nothing worse than grooving to your favorite holiday jam at your party than having it skip or stop working completely. After all, there’s only so many tracks you can actually fit on a CD. Save yourself the embarrassment and frustration and do what everyone else does – create your perfect holiday playlist on iTunes.

Turn your unwanted CDs and DVDs into Christmas Cash!

Before the big party, de-clutter your house by getting rid of your old, CDs and upgrade your DJing skills. Many electronic recycling websites, like Music Magpie, enable users to quickly and easily sell unwanted DVDs, CDs, computers, games and consoles and phones.

This tends to be a much easier and profitable way to ditch your old electronics rather than trying to hand them off to friends, hosting a garage sale or even using some of the other e-commerce sites. The website offer several tips and guides on how to sell and ship your CDs, as well as track the progress of your transaction. If you start selling you old stuff now, you’ll be able to clear out your house of old, scratched disks and other electronics and receive cash or iTunes vouchers to upgrade your holiday music.

By entering the name of your CD into the Value Engine and marking the type of condition it’s in, you will immediately receive a quote on how much money your CD is worth and then add it to your basket. You can also use the webcam on your computer or download the free iPhone and Android app to quickly scan the barcode of the CD into Music Magpie’s system.

The site does require a minimum of ten items, but if you’re like most people, you probably have a ton of CDs that you can get rid of. Plus, the more you add, the more money you’ll get in return. Music Magpie also makes shipping hassle-free and quick and at no cost to you.

Once the order is processed, you’ll be paid. Again, you can choose from several options, such as a bank transfer, check and e-voucher. Those who are feeling generous can even donate their proceeds to charity – after all, it is the season of giving.

Once the company receives your shipment and checks the items, e-vouchers are made accessible almost immediately. With these, you don’t have to wait for the money to be credited to your bank account. Instead, you can use the iTunes voucher to purchase more music for your Christmas party playlist.

By the time the big day rolls around, you will have de-cluttered your space and made room for festive decorations and ensured you have a fun Christmas party playlist that will play all night long without any skips or stops. So get out the mistletoe and the mulled wine and congratulate yourself on a party well planned.

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