Christmas Wishlist with ACHICA*

Christmas is coming, and often, as parents, we are so concerned with getting the right mix of gifts for our children that we forget to make a wish list for ourselves. 

ACHICA, the online affordable Luxury site invited me to have a look around their well stocked site and come up with a little wish list of my top picks, and why I’d like them under the tree come December 25th.

ACHICA is a members only site, but I was pleased to find it is free and simple to join up to. Their handy emails also help members find out about their latest offers- which are frequent and varied too.

First up on my wish list is a nice new duvet set. Unlike the rest of my house, which in recent months has started to take a more grown up approach from our mish-mash, mismatched furniture of old (cough, after 3 years, cough), my bedroom is still very much stuck. I have lovely duvet covers, however, the pillow cases are sadly lost to the many house moves we’ve sadly had to endure over the last five years. Duvet covers themselves, bar Mini’s, were never put in the “must have” pile when we moved with one small van from Kent to Berkshire, so we’ve pretty much settled for what we could fine when we got here.

I absolutely love the Sanderson Odile Duvet Cover in plum. I have some purple accessories already, including a throw, cushions and vases. None of which match my cheap and thin bedding I currently have now. The Odile is patterned enough to bring some life into my cream walled bedroom but not too busy either. Its also thankfully machine washable, and looks stylish and grown up in equal measures. 

Next on my list is a new purse. I am a sucker for hand bags, changing my bag of choice quite regularly. Purses, however, are not something which I go mad for. Most of my fave Ollie and Nic handbags had purses attached which were functional before the Brats came along. I now need something to put all the bits and bobs that you accumulate in a purse, but with something that is pretty as well.

I spotted the Lulu Australia Wallpaper Windsor purse. Its pink and girly, a good size and shape, and crosses the “functional” remit with the “fashionable” demand too. It has two zipped pockets and a coin purse too, and it would pretty much go with everything I already own bag wise. At £15 its cheap too- it has £10 off the rrp for ACHICA members which is a bonus.

Next is baking goods. I love my cooking and baking, and am never happier than when I’m in my kitchen. I’m currently looking into going back to school to train as a chef, so I will be needing a well stocked kitchen for all those recipes I will be trying out. 

ACHICA currently has a great pre-Christmas promotion with OvenLove, who have a whole list of good quality bake ware. Top of my list is the Oven Love White Round Dish, which is currently £10. I make a pie of some sort at least once a week, and can’t stand shop bought pies ever since I first made my own. I also like to make sausage rolls and pizzas too, and this versatile little dish would be great for those too. At £10 its so cheap too! Its Teflon coated  so long lasting, and better still you can move it from the oven to the table rather than trying to remove a lovely home cooked pie from a basic looking, cracked old dish to serve it at the table!

Lastly, what’s Christmas without a good dose of chocolate? I absolutely adore these quirky chocolate shoes from Chocorico, which look almost too good to eat! Available in lots of designs, its one way to give the woman in your life two things she loves at once! My particular favourite was the polka dot shoe design, I was looking at a pair of shoes just like them recently, but my practical self realised I could only stare at them in the cupboard (like so many of my shoes!) as I’d never walk in them. A think a chocolate version is a much better idea!

ACHICA have so many promotions running over the months, so you are always bound to find something you fancy, all with a large and handy discount too. For those looking for Christmas tableware, toys and sparkly accessories for those coming parties, its a must see. Joining takes under a minute, and is completely free. 

So, what’s in your wishlist? Pop over to ACHICA, and I’m sure your list will be endless!