Is It Just Me: Or Is This The Laziest Parenting Aid Ever?

The Facebook groups and Twitter feeds of Bloggers has been alive with derision today. And for once, it’s not down to us all in fighting either (I didn’t even have to hide after my awards post. Phew).

What has got us all doing a “hmm” face in disbelief? Its a new gadget that a Mumpreneur has invented and is trying to get us all excited about and review.

Its called the Mumma and Bubba Bib. 

Now, its not the awful chav sounding spelling of Mumma that has got the bloggers snorting left right and Facebook, no, its the concept.

The Mumma and Bubba Bib is, well, a bib. Which is fine right? Nope.

The bib has an attachment for a bottle. So the “bubba” can feed itself.

(Insert Face/Palm action here)

The first thing that springs to mind with this “ingenious” (loosely using that term, I can tell you) invention is that the name is going to have Trading Standards knocking. Its hardly fair to have it as a Mumma and Bubba bib is it, being that “mumma” is intended to strap poor “bubba” into it and naff off.

It brings up all kinds of lazy ass parenting questions. Seriously! Who is too damn lazy to feed their child? What the actual hell was this Mum thinking?

Apparently, she came up with the genius idea of this bib when she found that, just attaching her babies bottle to them “using a dressing gown cord”(!) meant that the pesky bottle moved and, one imagines, the just as pesky child roared with upset of where their mother  bottle had gone.

Self Feeding? Just Say No people!

I am not making this up readers, the website is here, but apparently her reasoning behind the bib are that it is a “repetitive process” and holding a bottle up for “an hour” “for months” is “frustrating.” Apparently, we should think of all that washing and ironing we need to do instead of being bored shitless holding a bloody bottle up for our frankly lazy and greedy babies.

Hell to the no love.

I loved feeding both the Brats most of the time. Its true it was a bit boring when I was tired, and I’d have rather have been asleep sometimes than trying to feed a reluctant child, true. But I did it anyway.

Its what you do. You become a Mum, and brushing your hair and making sure you have clean clothes on when you answer the door goes out the window.

How can anyone be selfish enough to begrudge feeding their child? 

I also would worry that, whilst a Mum was off doing the laundry and making herself look all pretty, the baby could choke on his or her own milk, either going down or coming back up. Littlest was a sickie baby due to his medication, so the last thing I could do was leave him to self-feed, no matter how much I wanted to avoid being covered in the same milk when he inevitably puked it back up again.

Feeding, I think the lady has failed to realise, is said to be the time when babies bond with whoever happens to be feeding them. It takes a bit of time, sure, but you just have to know that, once you become a Mum you are pretty much coming second to this little suckling bundle who is looking up into your eyes with contentment.

I really hope this invention ends up on the shelf and the Mum in question goes back to doing something worthwhile with her, supposedly stretched, time.

Like feeding her own damn child…..