You Look Beautiful……

During pregnancy and the months that follow, there are a lot of stresses that life has to throw at you and although a lot of the time you can feel lethargic and drained, there is no reason why you shouldn’t look your best, especially now that Christmas is here. 

It is typical for people to mention your glowing complexion when you are pregnant and this is not simply a saying or an old wives tale, your complexion does tend to improve when you are pregnant and that’s not the only thing that gets better during this period.

Your hair tends to grow thicker and glossier and your skin is stronger and less prone to outbreak, not to mention all of your new found sexy baby lumps. If you want to feel like the best possible version of yourself, don’t let the bad parts bring you down. Make the most of this interesting time of your life, you will feel an overwhelming sense of triumph and pride.

During your time of pregnancy and especially, the few months after the baby arrives, all of your time, money an effort tend to go on the baby. Mothers tend to let a lot of things they would normally consider quite important, fall by the wayside.

Being pregnant or having a child in your life should not mean you cannot express your own fashionable side, nor does it mean you have lost the right to dress up for special occasions. For the pregnant lady or even those post birth there are some really glamorous stores such as Tiffany Rose that allow you to really celebrate a special occasion in style instead of feeling like the proverbial wall flower. They have maternity occasion wear to suit every figure; whether it is the stylish maternity maxi dresses perfect for concealing post pregnancy bodies or their occasion dresses.