*Christmas and Alcohol: Everything You Need to Know

Christmas and alcohol really do go hand in hand. With rich food and heart meals, nothing will compliment your Christmas dinner better than a high quality wine. Whatever vintage or colour of grape you want  in your glass, you can get it all within your strict festive budget thanks to affordable, high quality wines.
Giving alcohol as a Christmas present is a really good idea if you don’t know what to get someone. Everyone enjoys a drink and you can show how much you care by buying them something which is known for its great taste.
If you’re planning on giving alcohol as a present, make sure that you look around to ensure that you make the most of any offers that are on and get your presents at the best price possible. Numerous supermarkets and retailers offer discounted rates on top quality wines so you don’t have to settle for cheap or inferior brands which do not convey the spirit of Christmas.
Remember to invest in suitable wrapping – such as a gift bag or box – and decorate lavishly for a real festive finish.
Of course, you don’t just put wine and alcohols on the dinner table – they’re also likely to end up in the cooking process somewhere along the way. Looking at boozy ideas from live well for less at Sainsbury’s means you can get the well known and well loved boozy foods such as Christmas cake and Christmas pudding without too much damage to the bank balance and all whilst using the highest quality ingredients.
Drinks with dinner
The traditional option, Christmas dinner wouldn’t be the same without a festive toast. Wine is naturally the first choice when it comes to choosing your tipple but it is important that you match the variety to the food. Some people even like to select different wines for each course of the meal, opting for something light to accompany the starter before moving onto a richer option for the main course and a refreshing dessert wine to compliment the pudding.
Whatever you choose, looking around to ensure you get the best deals on the alcohol you buy is essential. No matter what you do with it, when buying alcohol you should always opt for quality and plenty of seasonal deals at supermarkets mean doing so doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.