*Looking Forward to Spring? Plan In Advance for Garden Based Fun!

Yes, I know, its blooming freezing out and the last thing we all fancy doing is being in the garden. However, it may not feel like it now but spring will be here soon enough and it’ll be time to get out in the garden and let the kids run around to their hearts content!

Us Brits love our gardens, and why not? You can use them to have a barbecue, you can have a fun set of swings, or you can build some great types of toys with the kids to have a fun family project. We have had parties in ours, and last year, Mini had her first birthday party outdoors, including a bouncy castle and disco tent!

My family love a good garden- it was one of the reasons we moved from our tiny lump of concrete disaster to the house we are in now with its lush green lawn. Over at Lazy Girl Cooks, I love to give recipes which can be munched inbetween water fights in the garden, such as my Fuss Free Sausage Rolls which are great for everyone to nibble on.

But, once the Brats have finally worn out all that energy, and the sun becomes too much, you start to wonder whether you should perhaps install some patio awnings, like these ones from nationwideltd.co.uk.
The great thing about an awning is they are fuss free. If you’ve ever had to, erm, rescue a garden gazebo from your next door’s roof (yep, we have. In a storm. It wasn’t fun), you can attest to how time consuming the upkeep of removable tent gazebos are. With a patio awning over your decking, you have an instant shade which looks after itself and is safe and simple to use ( and doesn’t mean you have to climb over your neighbours fence).

Nationwide Ltd has a range of motorised awnings to suit all needs, and are made to fit- so there is no guess work to getting the right size. They offer UV shade protection, are light shower proof for those summer rain showers which disappear as quickly as they arrive, and are available in a variety of colours too. They also offer a great free design service too to make sure you get exactly the type of shade you want, using quality materials.
So, stay safe in the sun once it arrives and make sure you enjoy your little bit of England’s green and pleasant land!