*WORLD BOOK DAY: A Chance to Make Characters Come Alive!

I am a self confessed book worm, and have been since I was around Mini’s age. I do feel that’s down to my generation not being sidetracked by gadgets galore. If we wanted to imagine a world we didn’t inhabit, we had to pick up a book and not a games console or PC.

I find now that, Mini has a great imagination, and I am currently doing all I can to help her keep hold of that for as long as possible. She loves to use her kid friendly tablet but is happiest when making up stories starring Tinkerbell and princess characters.

Something we both look forward to- and which Littlest will be able to join in with now he’s at school, is World Book Day. Like most schools, the Brats will be dressing up as their favourite character from fiction, which can be from a fairy tale, poem or nursery rhyme, and taking part in storytelling and games based around the wide variety of tales available for children. This year’s World Book Day takes place on the 7th March.

Last year, we were given roughly two days’ notice over the weekend that we needed a costume for the event. At the time, Mini was new to school and its ability to expect a detailed costume in ten seconds flat. She went as Little Miss Muffet but we had to improvise.

This year, I am prepared!

The thing is, I like the idea of making costumes from scratch, really, I do. But my ideas do not go well with my ability with a needle and thread (and anyone who remembers my Jubilee costumes last year will attest to my lack of ability). Making two costumes is just a no no!

I have been having a look at online costume retailer “Fancy Dress Ball”. 

Fancy Dress Ball has a massive range of styles, sizes and accessories to please even the fussiest to please child (or adult if you are joining in yourself). 

From pirates to princesses, fairies to funny costumes, the range is pretty impressive and the costumes are reasonably priced at between £12 for a basic costume to £25 for a more detailed costume including the accessories and wigs/hats. 

Its also a lot easier to point and click on a screen while your child points out their costume choice than pointing and pinning material which will inevitably not be to the child’s taste and fall apart (or is that just my costumes?).

They offer a very impressive next day delivery in the UK- something which is a godsend when schools seem to pounce with notices about the need for costumes with 48 hours notice.

Fancy Dress Ball has a lot of World Book Day costumes with just the inspiration you need in its very own section- they really have thought of it all! From modern classics like Harry Potter and his chums, to old favourites like Goldilocks and Robin Hood, prices start at a reasonable £9.99, and, of course, they can be reused in the dressing up box for lots more dressing up, imagination fuelled fun.

So, don’t slog over a sewing machine, go to Fancy Dress Ball and find just the inspiration you were looking for before the big day!