Joining In With The Crafting Love Fest

I blame Kirstie Allsopp. 

I’m not a big make do and mender  to be frank. I try and live by a budget and don’t buy lots of ridiculous clothes (OK, I do indulge my handbag love but via second hand emporiums), but I’m more likely to sell out stuff to buy new stuff than alter clothes.

Until I started to become hooked on Kirstie Allsopp’s Homemade Home. 

I like Kirstie, she’s proper kick ass in the sense she has defied the TV norm of being super skinny and botoxed to within an inch of her life. She rocks a 50’s vibe and curvy girl figure with aplomb, and she’s game to have a go at most things, despite them not always going to plan, and does it all on camera without making it edited to look like she’s amazingly good straight away.

I’m terrible at craft things, I was banned by my sewing teacher from using a sewing machine as she felt I would cause everyone injury, and my cooking teacher despaired of my ability to burn hot water. For years, I’ve let it put me off, which is silly as with a bit of practise anyone can pretty much master anything eventually.

And since I’ve learned to absolutely love cooking, and its become something I turn to to relax and distress  I decided I’d had enough of just watching TV shows on home made home improvement and have decided to give it a go myself. 

I’ve managed to hand sew the odd item before, mostly buttons! I did go all out though for the Jubilee and Mini’s teacher’s thought I’d sewn lots of things before. It was the first skirt I’d ever made, and I’d tried really hard over it too, changing the colour of the stitching depending on which bit of the flag was being hemmed. 

Now, I have a sewing machine.

I think it’s very possibly older than me, but it works. 

I had no idea how to thread it, but Elder did. 

First project is two covers for my Ikea Poang chairs.

We got these last year minus their covers and have been using throws on them, or in the case of the one in Mini’s room, a kids Duvet cover which doesn’t fit exactly but worked.

I have got an old duvet cover which is the same as my living room sofa, and its big enough to make two chair covers easily. Its a good project to start with as its one long hem to put in, but I don’t want to run before I can walk and get disheartened.

I would love to be able to make my own skirts, tops and dresses, I’m not a fan of the kinds of fashions in stores and find sizes differ from store to store. I already have a dress makers dummy ready and waiting (used up until now to display my Ebay sales!). 

I am so excited! How silly!