Stocking Up For Your Spring Arrival?*

Ah, spring! 

Its that time of year when we all think of new baby lambs, chicks and the start of better weather to come.

In 2007, it was also the start of a great adventure for me too- as we welcomed Mini to the world in April.

So, with that in mind, are you currently looking at fitting out your home, car or life ready for your own spring bundle? It can be a nightmare of lists, books and people telling you what to buy or not to buy (with each knowledgeable friend contradicting the other!).

Its now easier thanks to some great online retailers where you can pretty much buy everything you need whatever your budget in one place.

Baby&Co is one such retailer that has a vast range of items for every possible need your bundle may have, and deals with items from birth onwards in a range of prices.

One must have item is the car seat. Its the first item your baby will need on leaving the hospital, and its something which every parent must buy due to regulations- which of course make perfect sense as we all want to keep baby as safe as possible at all times.

Personally, when I had Mini, we opted for one of the range of Britax Car Seats, as we found these fitted our budget and Britax was the brand we were constantly recommended. They range in price from £59.99 for a newborn stage 1 car seat to £39.99 for the next stage. Both practical and safe, they are very easy to use (something you must consider when buying your first car seat is how quickly you can fit it to the car when placing a hungry or tired baby in the back seat during a rain storm!) and comfy for baby too.

Of course, you’ll need a pram, travel system or pushchair too. There are many different styles, brands and sizes available, and it can be tricky to work out which one is right for you and baby too. A travel system is often practical as it includes the car seat and clicks off with ease, but they can be too big to put in the boot of smaller cars. Prams are lovely as they offer a comfy place for baby to sleep without having to remove them at home if they’ve nodded off on a walk, but again, they do tend to grow out of these quickly meaning more expense for a next stage pushchair. Do you want three wheels or more? Shopping basket or lightweight frame?

I went through many options with both children from a three wheeler with Mini to a double buggy from Phil and Teds once Littlest came along. By far my favourite was the Phil and Teds buggy as it was practical, didn’t tip and the stylish three wheel design was trendy and made walking up hill a breeze. It also had the option to turn it from a two seater to a one seater for journeys to town with one child only.

Baby&Co also sells extras such as foot muffs and new rain covers for most brands too, making it easy to style up your pram, pushchair or travel system for a reasonable price.

Whatever you are considering, Baby&Co are the one stop shop for all your nursery needs and beyond, they have budget buys and a sale section too for Thrifty Mums and Mums to be, and have a phone line for queries.

So, get ready for your spring arrival and let Baby&Co take the stress out of parenthood!

*Prices correct when posted, other websites are available