Old Tat? Maybe Not!*

Do you look around your home and think you have too much stuff? Fancy a home makeover but don’t have the cash and thunk you’ll have to hire the team behind Hoarders to clear it all?

Maybe not!

Some things in your home can be worth more than you think, but where can you go to find out?

I found there were several online sites from Antique Valuers to modern collectables buyers, and my personal favorite was Value My Stuff.

Value My Stuff is an easy to use site housing valuations experts and specialists who previously worked for well know auction houses Sothebys and Christies. Such is the popularity of the site they’ve already given 100,000 valuations between them!

If you’re asking how you can possibly receive a proper valuation over the net, well, its very simple. You upload an image to the site, Value My Stuff assigns you an expert, who will look over the images you have uploaded and appraise your item. Then within 48 hours you’ll receive a valuation.

You’ll also receive a comprehensive amount of history and detail of your item and seal to use on Ebay to prove your items provenience. It costs from £5.99 but its worth it and will make your ebay buyers confident in the authenticity of your item.

With online testimonials from previous users you can be reassured your item will be valued with professionalism and honesty- their 69,000 current customers will back that up!

And it’s not just your Moorcroft and Susie Cooper they’ll value either- Value My Stuff will also value stamps, wines, coins and Sports Memorabilia too.

If you’re looking to cash in your collectibles and clear out your clutter, think what it could be worth! And for under £10, you can find out online!

Why not try it yourself, and you too can have the knowledge to sell your unwanted antiques and collectibles, and get the home you want. Visit ValueMyStuff.com to find out more.

*Other websites are available