AXA PPP healthcare Bowel Cancer Awareness Month- Are You Bowel Cancer Aware?*

Cancer is something most people wont like to think about, but something that will touch most of lives or the lives of those closest to us, at some point . That’s why awareness-especially of the more “embarrassing places” cancers is so important in the fight against it. Many cancers can be dealt with if caught quickly enough, but men, especially, are not keen on taking concerns to their GP.

One such cancer is of the bowel. A staggering 41,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer each year, and rates amongst men have increased by 29% in the last 35 years. 

Bowel cancer has touched Elder’s family- he sadly lost his Dad to it before we met- so its now something his siblings all have regular screenings for. However, if it’s not a cancer which has affected most people’s lives, they wont be so cautious against it, and can miss the early warning signs that need to be reported to your GP as soon as possible.

Getting active can help prevent Bowel Cancer

The World Cancer Research Fund estimates that 43% of cases of bowel cancer in the UK can be prevented by undertaking a healthier diet, exercise, and keeping your weight at a healthy level. Simple changes such as drinking 2 litres of water per day, cutting down on alcohol, and eating less saturated fats can all lower our risks of developing Bowel Cancer.

With this 43% in mind, AXA PPP healthcare is dedicating the whole of April to making us all more Bowel Cancer aware, including giving healthy tips to lifestyle improvements at their website, and hosting one of their ever popular, expert led Webchats from 2-4pm on Tuesday 30th April. They also have a competition running on their Facebook page to win a Colon Health check, worth £520.

Professor Nicholas Stuart, Professor of Cancer Studies for Bangor University and honorary consultant medical oncologist will be leading the webchat and invites you to leave your questions at the AXA PPP healthcare website on the 30th April or before this at Facebook or Twitter.

You can easily enter the competition to win a Colon Healthcheck at Facebook too, simply log on to the AXA PPP healthcare Facebook page and complete the very easy (if you’ve read the tips on the AXA PPP healthcare website!) multiple choice questions, and enter your details.

So, don’t be shy, leave your question for Professor Nicholas Stuart, and think about what you can do to lower your chances of developing bowel cancer.