Is It Just Me: Who Actually Thinks Breastfeeding in a Pool Is Simply Not On?

I am going to start this post by reminding any breast feeding trolls that I too was a breastfeeding Mummy. I breastfed Mini for a whole year, despite being knackered constantly and even gritting my teeth when she developed hers (my poor lady lumps sill bare the scars). 

So na na na na na.

Whilst I love breastfeeding and would recommend it to anyone, I would have to draw the line at where certain breastfeeders think it’s OK to feed their baby.

There are sensible limits, after all.

So, the Midwife currently in newspapers crying discrimination after being asked to leave the local pool is, in my opinion, one of those ladies who feel that because she is doing what nature intended, and breastfeeding, that she should be able to do it where she jolly well pleases, with scant regard for anyone else’s needs- including that of her child.

I took Mini swimming when she was breastfed, and whilst I fed her in the changing cubicle, I would never have pulled my baps out in the bloody pool. 

As the clearly more sensible life guards and manager suggested, its just not hygienic, both for the baby and the other swimmers.

Babies do tend to be sick after a feed. Would you want to swim in sick? Or much worse, as Mini was fond of, exploded nappy and its contents?

Hell. No.

On the flipside, from the point of view of the baby, children, and some skanky adults, tend to pee in the pool. 

You would never consider whacking a bottle back in a babies month after it fell in a pool, so why stick your nip in its mouth after its been in the exact same water? Not to mention the chlorine.

Yes, breastfeeding is great (for a start I lost 2 stone breastfeeding, had massive tits for the first time in my life, and oh yeah, I bonded much better with Mini than with Littlest who wasn’t breastfed), but for goodness sake, use your brains and pick and choose where.

I don’t care how indignant and cross you can look in the Mail, if someone has to tell you what is and isn’t healthy for your child, no amount of breastfeeding will cancel out that wrong doing. 


Dear Lauren: Ignore the Media

I have to start this by saying I’m not a TOWIE watcher. I think I may have watched about two eps ever, and only as I couldn’t find anything else and wanted to see what the fuss was about.

Despite not being someone who catches the show, or got the point of it either (same for Made in Chelsea and the rest of the copycat shows), but you seem to see the stars(?) of it in the media and discussed online and on TV.

One such face is Lauren Goodger. 

Now, I don’t know the whole story, I’ve never met her, but I’ve seen her be taken the mick out of in the press and on TV, and I’ve read interviews with her.

What worries me is the headlines I read yesterday afternoon, suggesting that, due to all the nasty comments Lauren receives about her weight, she has decided to stop eating until she is “industry standard”. She hopes, according to her Twitter feed, that should she be the perceived level of weight to “industry standard” , the press will leave her alone.

Even more concerning, she admits that she hasn’t eaten for three days.

Now, discounting that Lauren was on TOWIE, discounting the fact that she has been a bit silly with guys, and discounting anything else with regards the media, this woman has been made to feel so appalling in her looks that only starving herself will work to end it.

And then what? What is the next course of action if not eating until she wastes away doesn’t mean the bullies will stop? And by bullies I mean the twitter trolls, the media trolls, the people who have seemed to hone in on Lauren and love to rip the piss out of her.

The thing is, Lauren is a naturally pretty curvy girl. She has a bum, she has hips. Yes, like me, she has a bit of a tummy, especially after drinking a bit.

So, bloody, what?

Is it fair that down to being a part of a TV show, she is fair game? 

As usual the media will loiter on the negatives they perceive a person has, picking and picking until they get a reaction and then, despite knowing they are responsible for it, they then nod their heads in condemnation of the outburst. 

Despite Lauren being a successful businesswoman, despite her being someone who doesn’t look like they’d disappear if they turn to the side, despite her being all sorts of things, they decide she isn’t good enough if she’s not stick thin so put the boot in. Or so it appears to Lauren.

No, it bloody well isn’t.

My advice to Lauren is stop caring what others think. Move away from the limelight. Back away from the gossip columns.

Yes, sometimes she doesn’t help herself, wearing bandage dresses is never a good idea for us curvy girls. Ask most guys though and they’ll tell you that its not about stick thin girls with no boobs and no bum. You only have to look at the Kardashian sisters to see that bums and boobs rock and you can, when dressing for your shape, look amazing.

So Lauren, please, don’t let a bunch of narrow minded, no life idiots, or the self important fashion police bother you to the point you make yourself ill. 

Just like every other women out there, whatever her size, her shape or where she is from, you are worth so much more than that.

Dear So and So…It’s Been a While

I know it’s Wednesday and traditionally one is meant to partake of Dear So and So notes on a Friday, but well, I need to write some.

Dear Mini.

Sweetheart, do you realise the untold joy I had when I found out that I was to get my very own living dolly to dress up to make up for not playing with dolls as a kid have you? I imagined shopping trips, nail bar visits, and girl related laughs at films like Clueless and the like from my youth. 

It has started so well. I like watching you watching me when I am brushing my hair, or putting on my make up, taking notes from future reference. I like that we have girly days over to Slough on the train, and trips to the coffee shop. I quite enjoyed our help when I was dying my hair (and no, you still can’t nick the leftovers, no matter how cute you are or how many “but Perrie from Little Mix has it” excuses you give me).

I also love your individuality when it comes to having an opinion on what you wear, whilst not being bratty about it. Or not often anyway.

Until today. When I asked my Mini Fashionista, you who usually offers positivity on whatever I wear, even my “childish” moustache Nerd pyjamas, about a trouser suit I am eBay stalking for a posh event I’m off to. 

And you turned around and told me how you “utterly and absolutely actually hate that and don’t think you should ever wear it, ever”. 

You know, whilst I love your honesty, I would prefer it had you just said, “you know what Mummy, perhaps not, perhaps that dress you had for Aunties 50th but didn’t wear cos you bought that other one that ended up nearly flashing your boobs all evening”. But no. You just told me exactly what you think in a manner that joan Rivers would have saluted you for.

I do love you though sweetheart. 

Love Mummy, off to eat Jaffa Cakes to console myself 

Dear Littlest

Oh you are a one you.

From your ability to steadfastly refuse to read in front of your teacher, despite being able to do so at home, to your superhuman strength of knowing exactly what network is on what channel and what number it happens to be, you really do make me laugh.

And silently cry when you act like a bugger down to your meds. But thats cool

But please, my love, the new show you love. Its Phineas and Ferb.

Not, as you keep calling it, despite me telling you constantly, Penis and Ferb.

Why would a TV network call a programme after a willy? 

By the way, while you’re reading (or Mini is if you are refusing to), it was very cute how afraid you were of the storm. I’ve never seen you run in my bed quite like that and hide under my armpit before. Was sweet.

Love you too Baby


Dear Elder

I have had that flu too. I still didn’t go to bed though.

Man flu.

Get better soon though.

Love me

Dear Storm

You suck. I couldn’t get to London.

Bog off and annoy someone else next time


What are your notes this week? Let me know below 🙂 

GBBO: Why Are Us Ladies So Mean To Ruby?

I love a bit of Bake Off.

Personally, I’m not one of the women who unfeasibly fancy Mr Hollywood, I do heart Mary Berry and her kick ass for a Granny wardrobe though. That and I love to sit back with some cakes of my own (or like last night when I caught up, with a bowl of doritos and dip), and draw inspiration from the baking.

One thing I cannot get my head around this year? The venom, the spite, the sheer pitchfork waving anger directed towards Ruby.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Ruby should win. If she wins, though, she does, its no biggie. Its not like she’s an X Factor contestant who will clog up our radio airwaves for at least 1 year. 

The thing is, TV is edited, heavily so. If a recipe on the show is filmed over two hours, it’s not going to be shown in its entirety, it just wont fit.

So yes, we do get lots of panicked side head motioned puppy dog eyes and frustration from Ruby. But I don’t see this as her using her looks (personally, I think she looks a bit weird, but then I think that of Lara Stone and a few other models anyway, that androgynous thing they have going on. That and her nose is a bit wonky, quite like my own). I see it more that she wants to be as good as she thinks Paul and Mary want her to be. We get to see what the production team want us to see. If they all stood there, cooking, without a bead of sweat or a frustrated look, it would make for a boring show.

Perhaps she has been given a leg up in the view of some into the final. Again, I think the judges, who lets face it know their stuff more than us arm chair critics, are going on not just that week for the final, but all the weeks. 

It can’t be argued that Ruby has pulled off some great bakes. Yes, she’s down on her abilities sometimes, but I do the same in my own kitchen, and if something goes wrong it doesn’t half piss me off too. Its not because I’m up my own arse. It’s just that I know I can do better.

I hate to utter it, but it does strike me that people, especially women, are down on her because she’s considered pretty, because she is good in the kitchen and has paraded around in front of a camera. I saw some amazing shots of her time as a model, but the show has her listed as a student, not an ex-model. 

As for when she has gotten vocal on Twitter against criticism, good for her. I love a girl with balls. It also doesn’t tally with this supposed needy behaviour we see on the show.

So, whilst I hope Kimberley wins, as she’s by far been the most stylish and accomplished baker this season, I wont cry foul if Ruby triumphs.

Is It Just Me: Who Thinks the Sins of One’s Parent’s Should Not Be Used Against Us?

See, I may be one of a few people here, but I like Ed Milliband. I’m not a Labour voter, never have been, nor were my parents growing up. I wasn’t a fan of Blair, I did like Gordon Brown as he seemed like a tragic character (and Sarah was lovely too), but vote for them? No, I never did.

Why do I like Ed? Well, for the reason most voters don’t like him, regardless of his frankly obvious ideals on how to help those who actually need help without bankrupting the country (something the Tories will never do).

There is no razzamatazz. No showiness to him. To my mind, its about the politics. Not that my PM could at any moment host the Lotto gameshow at the drop of a hat whilst decked out in a spangly jacket. We seem to have lost sight of the fact that the leader is a political one, what with the charisma of Blair and now Smugron appearing in Wand Erection videos. Its no  way to run a country. 

But I digress.

This week, much has been debated on whether the Fail were right to publish a headline and article suggesting that Ed’s Dad “Hated” Britain, and was a marxist. 

As electioneering goes, it’s just a tad that side of completely and inexcusably out of order. 

Yes, they can support the Tories if they wish (they would, their owner is disgustingly wealthy and probably does well out of the lack of interest the Tories pay to the idea of Mansion Tax and paying one’s way fairly through taxation *cough* offshore account *cough*), but feeling that it is legitimate reporting to slag off a man who died several years ago, and to try and suggest Ed may be about to go Marxist too is a disgrace, and one I sincerely hope the Press Complaints Commission brings them to task for.

Which brings me to my question: Should we, as the offspring, be held accountable or even complicit in things our parent’s do?

Another instance of this came to light when Amanda Hutton was sentenced for the shocking way she neglected her child and then, on his death left him to slowly mummify in his cot.

Yes, she deserves everything she gets. She is the epitome of why some people should never be allowed to raise a child.

However, I read further that her eldest child has been given a suspended sentence for failing to bury his dead baby brother.

Yes, he is a grown man. Yes, if the world was right and things like this didn’t happen, he should have reported it. He told the court that the reason he didn’t was simple. His evil mother, capable of starving her own child to death, a nasty, evil drunk who God knows what she did to the rest of her kids, threatened that should he shop her, she’d set the home on fire and kill the rest of the children- his siblings- all 5 of them.

The photos from that hell hole do nothing but show a woman who allowed her family to live in squalor. An absentee father- convicted of beating his ex in front of the children- who voiced concerns yet didn’t go to the house after not seeing his child for two years. Social workers and health professionals who did nothing. 

So why pick on her son? Why taint his life further with a criminal record, making him almost semi involved on purpose for his brothers demise?

Its frankly disgusting and I hope he has the wherewithal or support to appeal. Regardless of age, who knows what that man has witnessed, what long-term damage has occurred. Prosecute his father. Or others who yet again shake their heads and look sad and decree lessons will be learnt.

So, no. We are individuals and we don’t choose who are parents are. 

We don’t play a part in how they raise us or what they believe. They shape us, not the other way round.

What’s your view?