Is It Just Me: Questioning Whether Gove Has Been in a Modern Classroom?

The gits got in then.

And by gits I am of course referring to the Toff Tory party. And before I see any more epic unfriending for having an opinion differing to others, can I please smilingly order cease and suggest its far better to have friends with their own intelligence to form an opinion than a bunch of robotic morons.

In the 30 day grace period after the election where the losing sides will be not just licking their wounds but finding new leaders, we have to watch the toads like hawks awaiting a mouse based dinner.

Amongst cutting disabled help further, and bringing back fox hunting (bloody toffs), Gove, an insidious little troll of a man who cares little for the children he’s meant to sort a decent education for, has decided that the best way to cut corners costs is to remove Teaching Assistants.

He says we didn’t have them in the 80s, so why can’t teacher’s do without them now?

Mr Gove, I ask you, when was the last time, bar pre-election photo opportunities, that you sat, unnoticed, in a classroom and saw what happens within it?

When I was a kid, class sizes were much smaller than now. Our class had no more than 22 in it. Schools, pre-Ofsted and league tables, didn’t deal with different attainment levels and lessons were pitched at everyone, not just small groups.

When I was a kid, if you failed to learn maths, even basic maths, like me, tough. No one noticed.

I have, on and off, volunteered in schools for years. I have seen widespread changes and think school life now is so much better. You aren’t a nuisance if you find things tough.

ID-100217983Mini has found maths hard going, but, unlike me, she knows she can ask either her teacher or the teaching assistant for help and they will duly sit and go through it until she gets it. She even got a certificate last week for trying her hardest and doing better this term. Its not such a scary prospect for her at 8 now as it is, still, for me at 33.

When I was at school, 99% of us spoke English as a first language. Now, its very different as we have opened our borders ever wider and you are just as likely to hear a wide range of languages as good old English in the playground.

That’s fine, but imagine joining a school, in a new country, which doesn’t speak your language and then sitting trying to gain an education with no help. The teacher’s know now that they can have extra help and before long the child or children in their class can join in and are bilingual.

In classes that go as high as 35 or above, how on earth can one teacher, with no help, look after the issues and attainment levels and health requirements and language barriers of all those kids, single handed?

Teachers are brilliant people, I’m not suggesting that teacher’s back in my school days were better and could handle kids, but they aren’t super human at all. I can’t imagine trying to look after all those children alone.

Frankly, their education, as mine did, will suffer. And a parent I don’t want to think that the government sees my children’s education as a cost cutting exercise.

I can’t help but think that Gove thinks this is fine to sweep in because no doubt the Tories kids already have a great education via Private schools. Its another case of we’re all right, sod the rest of you plebs.

I really hope this stupid idea gets thrown out, as its not just kids who will suffer but imagine the job losses too. Way to improve those figures, Gove.

If you feel the same way, sign the petition and say no.

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