Britmums Live 2015: The Ultimate Guide

I am ancient me. Well, not in years (I just feel ancient and look it too at the moment down to the scary grey hair), but in blogging years I am ancient.

A fair few of my contemporaries have long since hung up their blogging boots and I do miss them quite a bit. As a result of how long I’ve been knocking around, I have been to lots of meet ups and Britmums Live weekenders. So, I have a few tips for the new or the nervous.


There are many things you will think you’ll need to bring, but actually, the less weight you have to lug through the streets of Moorgate the better.

Top of your list, after a change of clothes for day two is a camera, with lots of space. Also the charger.

There will be a lot of photo ops with other bloggers, companies and of course the odd Celebrity speaker. You’ll also want lots of images for your blog posts in the days after the event too. If your phone has a good camera then that’s all you’ll need.

Camera phones are handy as some brands often hold competitions over the weekend where if you post a picture at them, you may win a prize. And these prizes can be bloody impressive too- last year you could win a trip on a cruise liner, as well as food and toys.

I met Elmo last year. Best celeb meet ever.

I like to bring some snacks for day 1, its a long day and although there are cupcakes going round, there is also a lot of free wine. Its nice to share sweets with your table too. Alternatively, eat before you get there.

Business cards- every year there is a lot of discussion of whether you need these or not. I have always brought them. Whilst it’s true you can bring a pad of paper and pen (although there’s usually plenty of this on the tables in all the seminars for note taking, and Britmums also handily has a team of note taking bloggers who will upload all the details of the chats), its so much easier just to have a stack of these available to hand out.

Even if you aren’t interested in working with brands (and trust me, once you see all of them at the event you may have your arm twisted), I’m never shy of self promotion and have been known to place a pile on all the tables in the hall before the BiBs, on the tube, and in Wagamama last year too!

I recommend Moo cards (and if you click this link we both save 10%), but there are other options available that are a little cheaper. You can also sign up for Klout as most years they’ve had a free Moo card tie in where you pay for postage. Before you order though, check and double check your details as once you’ve ordered them, you’re stuck.

Bring a decent sized bag with you for all the goodies. On Saturday evening there is a kick ass, not to be missed goodie bag rammed full of bits and bobs (I basically get mugged by my kids the minute I walk through the door for mine). You also get the odd goodie from the brands too. So, its a good idea to bring a slightly larger, even if its near on empty, bag that you can put it all in and wheel along afterwards. You will be shattered so anything that makes life easier is worth doing.

Chargers too. Don’t forget them. You can bring them to the event as there are plugs and charging stations available.


You do not need clothes for a week. Seriously. Its over night, so bring a change of clothes and you’ll be fine.

You do not need lots of cash. The ladies from Britmums will feed you on Saturday with very posh food. They provide breakfast on Saturday too (not to be missed). All weekend there is tea, coffee, and water, as well as cakes and pastries. A few of us went to Wagamama last year and I think my large meal and drink came to around £15.

You don’t need lots of pens and the like, as each table has these available in plentiful supply.

You don’t need to over dress, if you don’t want to. Go for comfort. Its a long weekend, so anything you like to wear is great.

Overall, enjoy it. Its great fun, you will become firm friends with people, you will be inspired. You will probably cry at the keynotes (I do. Every year).

Make the most out of the weekend for learning, having a laugh and reminding yourself we rock.


5 thoughts on “Britmums Live 2015: The Ultimate Guide

  1. This is such a useful post for us Britmums newbies! Thank you for sharing it – hope to catch you there to say thank you in person and grab one of your business cards.


  2. You’ve made me so excited about this! I had no idea about all the food on offer- wow. I’m worried that I’m going to miss out on so much as I use crutches and can’t walk all that fast and where am I going to put goodies?! Aaagh! If you see me, say hi!


    • Don’t worry about the crutches, they have lifts up to the main hall, and a lift up to the break out rooms too. You’ll be fine, and they wont start without you x I’m so pleased to make you excited though, and I will indeed say hi- you can always pop along to the pre-meet at All Bar One from 12.30


  3. I love this post, thank you! I’ve been blogging for a year and a bit and this will be my first BritMums because I was 37 weeks pregnant last year. I’m so excited and am planning to buy a trolley bag for Saturday! Hehe xx


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