Elder and the Sudden Interest In Instagram

One thing that Elder and I don’t have in common is a love of social media.

He also doesn’t have a love of listening or remembering to take his phone out with him, or my nagging him when he annoys me. But it’s social media we are discussing today so we will move along from those topics for now.

I am a self confessed social media addict. You may have noticed I have fully embraced the medium, I have taken it to my bosom, and have wholeheartedly joined up to everything whereby I can shamelessly self promote, well, me.

Narcissistic tendencies, probably (before my troll, god love her, brings that up), but I have a liking for being online and interacting in any way possible. I love G+ when many hate it. I have at least 4 blogs on the go at any one time. I find twitter fun and sometimes gain some inspiration from random late afternoon chats on there. To my mind, there is never a dull moment in social media land.


If social media was a speaker set, or a piece of hi fi, or a record, he would sink into addiction as easily as I have. However, he doesn’t get twitter. He uses Facebook for nothing more than actually speaking to Real Life mates from school or the past. He wont allow me to tell him about blogging or blogger related gossip, however juicy or scandalous that has been in the past. He thinks blogging is a women’s exercise in widespread bitching.

As for going to an actual blogging event? He did once, many moons ago, and he couldn’t wait to get home on the train, back to the safety of his blissful social media related ignorance. He can’t even text, or read texts either ( he just denied this, although now I wonder if he did read the texts I have sent him previously and then ignored them. The sod).

So, when he started to gain an interest in my posting album covers on Instagram, and later even suggested getting a basic phone which allowed him to do the same on Instagram, well readers,you could’ve knocked me over such was my shock.

Until it died, Elder had the most oldest, clunkiest Nokia phone ever produced. It still pulled down to get the numbers up. It was not touch screen. It had no apps and you could not put apps on the phone.

He had the same number for at least 10 years, maybe more.

When it went kaput, I gave him my very old HTC. This was old enough that you couldn’t actually put Instagram on it.

To Elder, if it works, if it rings and you can answer it, he’s happy.

He referred to my shiny new Nokia with it’s fancy touch screen and it’s apps and the like as a mini PC.

I got a new Microsoft Lumia last week, finally getting my first actual contract phone as we kept running up ridiculous phone bills on the house phone (he may not like social media but he can make a phone call last for over an hour to certain mates).

My old Nokia which I expected to hand to Mini who had her eye on it since I got it, went to Elder.

I set it up for him, showing him how to use Instagram and the wonders of the hash tag so other vinyl lovers can find you and praise your taste in music.

He has had it a week and to start with I had to put the hast tags in for him.

However, one week on and he gets it.

I expected him to be interested for all of a day and then get bored.

It has shocked me how much he has gotten the hang of it and how he suddenly uses the phone several times a day. I used to get banned from having my phone at certain things but now I can see him using it as a camera like a pro.

What is next reader? Selfies? A twitter account? An actual blog?

Its quite disconcerting.

Does your Other Half love or loathe social media?

Let me know in the comments!

Oh and if you’d like to see what he get’s up to, you can find him at Strictly_Vinyl69