We’re All Going to Camp Bestival 2015

We are so lucky in our house, I am utterly excited as are the Brats.

To be made Official Camp Bestival Bloggers for a second year is an honor and I cannot wait to bring you my Festival Diary and some live vlogs from the Brats too.


So, why should you want to visit a festival in the good old UK and with children?

I see Festival’s as camping plus excitement. Rather than just pitching a tent in a field and then playing Scrabble for a week before going home, and wondering why you didn’t just stay home instead, festivals offer fun on a grand scale.

It can be daunting, the idea of not just tent life but live music and the like with children in tow. That’s why Camp Bestival is such a great option as it caters for families no matter what age your kids are.

There is never a dull moment in the daytime, this year alone there is Dick and Dom for the tweens, CaInstagramCapture_8dba5f1e-fd81-4a3b-8c47-8c4e03ae4cf3_jpgt In The Hat Live for the littlies and the ever popular Den for the older ones. There is a real feeling of safety and camaraderie amongst your fellow campers too, and Mini and Littlest had made firm friends of a large group of campers in the same row as us.

Even at night when the headliners are on until later, we stuck a pair of ear defenders on our two, brought a blanket and they fell asleep in the middle of De La Soul, right on the grass! In fact, people walked past, never once tripping over them, and a few took photos of them! InstagramCapture_37667ef4-d942-422c-af23-eb239d6297a9_jpg

Most parts of the festival don’t kick off until midday so you have plenty of time to have a lie in, a good breakfast and then stroll to the fields for the days events.

The costumes element is always good for a giggle too. You don’t have to dress up but we saw some amazing costumes from the sublime to the ridiculous, including Morph suits last year.

This year’s theme is Go Wild, and you can interpret that in any manner of ways whatever your age. You can go for the obvious, like a warm onesie in an animal style (onesies are great for kids as they can wear them everywhere, tuck them into wellies and then there’s no issues with changing them back at your tent at night if it’s a late one). You can go as Tarzan, or perhaps Wild Boys like Duran Duran!

The setting for the camp is breathtaking, being watched over by Lulworth Castle at its heart. You’re also just a short drive from Wool for any last minute essentials, and 5 minutes drive from Lulworth Cove.


Meeting Rory Mcleod last year was a top moment for Elder

We were lucky enough to get amazing weather last year, so make sure you bring water bottles for the kids, and plenty of snacks too. There’s nothing worse than being half through a must see act and needing to leave to forage!

The acts themselves are diverse as ever, with old faves The Buzzcocks and Cymande playing alongside the likes of newer acts like Ella Henderson and Pro Green. I am most excited to see Soul II Soul though, I absolutely love them.

If you don’t fancy doing a whole camp and festival experience but don’t want to miss a great act, then you can buy Day Tickets from tomorrow at 10am 

For the full line up, and trust me, it will knock ya socks off, head over to www.campbestival.net, and remember to follow them on Twitter and Instagram for the latest news.

I will be blogging more news from Camp Bestival in the next few weeks, as well as sharing some of my fave memories of last years acts over on Vinyl Problems too.


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