Is It Just Me: Wishing the Misogynism at the Daily Mail Would Do One?

Apologies for the Fail link but they really get on my tits sometimes. Although for the process of keeping them and their jealous, appalling comment leavers happy, my tits are very much covered up.

I was alerted this week to yet another bit of blogger shaming by the Mail, after one of our number was asked to take part in a beautiful gender reveal of her pregnancy. After the event, enjoyed by all, and not seen as over the top by anyone but the snide paper, they reported back, misquoting the Blogger, getting her name incorrect and displaying the sort of airhead journo approach that us blogger’s manage to shy away from.

As for the comments? Bloody hell. They were disgusting, and what’s worse, it appears the Fail encourage bad behaviour and downright nastiness by not printing positive comments or comments correcting the mistakes made.

You do have to ask why they don’t just employ writers who can do a job properly, report facts and not make up quotes.

By far the worst bit of gutter journalism favoured by the rag though is the Misogynistic Woman Slating. It can be against a celeb- minor or major, or someone off the street, if it means they can write some psuedo witty title they cannot wait to twist the knife.

Today’s victim is Amanda Holden.

At 44, she is a-flippin-mazing. Seriously. She is literally perky everywhere, and yes, she has admitted to a bit of help with that but so what? At 44, she looks as hot as a 24 year old any day. She’s also immensely funny and talented, and despite at one time being known as Les Dennis’ arm candy, she has emerged as a presenter and actress in her own right.

Frankly, if my arse looked like Mandy’s, I’d have been posting belfies too. Good luck to her.

Not if you’re the Mail though.

They suggest she dresses inappropriately for her age. They call her a “Shameless attention seeker”. Note to the Mail: She’s on TV, of course she’s an attention seeker, that’s practically part of the job. They slate her for wearing low cut tops, and shorts and anything which, presumably is not from the OAP section of M&S.

What should she wear then, Mail? Aran knit sweaters up to the neck? Sensible below the knees skirts? Or would you prefer that TV stations had a glowing gem on the hand of female actresses and presenters, and should they dare reach over 35, they get replaced, a sort of Logans Run for TV?

They even dare to say that Judy Finnigan would not have posed for a Belfie. Well, not to be rude, but a flash of the Finnigan Chest was enough for the masses, you cannot compare Amanda with Judy as they are very much a different kettle of fish. Even so, if Judy did decide to flash us again, so what?

I just showed Mini, who is 8 and rather opinionated on anything (as she’s been raised to be) a picture from that article of Amanda and her reply “I thought she’d look older, but its not really up to me to say what she wears as its none of anyone’s business but hers”. My daughter is 8 and knows better than the Fail!

For too long, women are made to feel that, up until a certain point, we are simply window dressing, there to provide the odd giggle whilst the men get on with the proper reporting. Then, they are older, and the minute a wrinkle appears that is not immediately botoxed, its off to the nags yard they go.

We are a modern society, yet in some ways we are so backward it hurts. You can’t post pictures of breatsfeeding, or cancer survival or stretch marks, or you face being slagged to death. Likewise if you look like Amanda at a certain age, and celebrate that you still look bloody good in a thigh slit outfit, you get slagged off for that too.

The only middle ground is to be a perky, childless, blemish free girl in your twenties. Unless you are someone like Kendall Jenner and then even someone as flawless as her is open to public flogging.

Frankly, anyone brave enough to say “This is me, I have on a dress that certain shit journo’s will slate me for, but so bloody what?” should be celebrated, not told to run off home to her hubbyΒ and retire.

Its not feminism folks, its just self preservation and self respect for our fellow selves.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you haven’t, do it bloody regardless!

Fight the power bitches.