Announcing my Britmums Live 2015 Sponsor!

I am very happy to say I am now sponsored for Britmums Live 2015.

To me, sponsorship is more than just not worrying about the cost of my ticket. To me, I love the opportunity it gives me to work with a brilliant brand for a year and give you readers some great opportunities too (as I’ve done in the past). I am incredibly excited this year to be working with a brand that the Brats already love and who make Mum’s life, lunchbox and day out wise, easier with a healthy option and great range.


Happy Monkey Drinks are brilliant for busy Mums and Dads who are conscious about what they give their children. Containing no sweeteners, preservatives, or sugars, they are 100% fruit and nothing more. My pair love them as unlike other healthy drinks, they taste delicious and have no nasty bits to put them off.


The company started out small, and using the combined food industry knowledge of two friends has gone on to win awards for sustainability, and are also approved by the Rainforest Alliance.

I love that the brand started out with great  intentions and big ideas and has never deviated from what they set out to do- provide healthy drinks for kids and do so in an environmentally aware way.

They have a range of milkshakes as well as brand new Fruit Splashie too. If you haven’t tried Happy Monkey, then you really should give them a go, it’s such an easy way of providing healthy fruit to kids, and much simpler than trying to pulp fruit yourself!

You can find out more about Happy Monkey Drinks at their site, or follow them on Social media at Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram too.

I am really chuffed to be working with them, so look out for updates on all my social media channels (and Mini is very pleased that she gets to drink nice drinks she loves and vlog review them too).

Thanks Happy Monkey! I’m not a Monkey but I’m certainly a Happy Mummy!