Is It Just Me: That Applauds the Princess Charlotte Pics?

Last night, Kensington Palace released the first in a series of Official photos of the new Royal Baby, Princess Charlotte.

Unusually, the photographs were not taken by one of the favored Royal photographers, but by the Duchess of Cambridge herself. Even more unusually, they were released on Twitter and Instagram.

I’m no Royalist (Scotland the Brave and all that), but I quite like Kate. I like that she’s kind of marking a new era of semi normality in the Windsor household.

There is much discussion though whether it is right or proper to use social media to show off the first photos of the future King and his new sister.

But why?

In the world we live in, if someone has a newborn, you can bet that you will be Baby Spammed to the nines by said parents. Nothing is off limits. There’s even a hashtag for it on both Twitter and Instagram in #BabySpam (I’m only miffed that Kate didn’t go for that herself).

Yes, we do generally expect a different level of decorum from the Royal family, but for too long they’ve had people speculate that they were old fashioned and set themselves completely apart from the rest of us.

I love the images taken by Kate- they are relaxed, they are posed of course but not in a stiffly sat in a chair, unsmiling way. They look similar to images I took of Mini and Littlest, and no doubt like other parent’s own pictures.

In fact, they are the sort of snaps that you would only see come from a Mum or Dad- if anyone is going to put a child at ease long enough to sit carefully with their baby sister, and smile, or give her a cute peck on the cheek, its the child’s parent.

I think this shows how much more with it the younger Royals are. I bet most folk will prefer them to the next official images which will be released after Charlotte is Christened at Sandringham.

I say well done Kate, give the girl a camera and let her share some candids of the Queen and the elder Royals too.

It’ll be far better for a new modern Royal Family if they do.