The Annual, “I Went to Britmums Live and Here Is What I Did” Post

Its June so that means it was Britmums Live weekend again, and  I set off to London on Friday morning full of excitement to see some top bloggers, brands and the odd famous face over the two days.

I was very well behaved this year, I got to Paddington early and had lunch first (whereas last year I didn’t eat until 9pm and carnage ensued as a result) then got on the slowest Tube train, ever.

Since I’ve been going to The Brewery, due to Crossrail, you have to get on the tube at Paddington as far as Edgware Road- one stop- and then on to Moorgate. It takes about ten minutes tops.

I got on at 11.10, feeling smug I would get to Travelodge nice and early before 12pm. The tube had other ideas though, and stopped in a tunnel seconds out of Paddington for ten minutes, then changed to go straight to Moorgate. It caused quite a bit of hilarity on the tube- which was mad as no one even maintains eye contact usually, even more so when the tube became confused and kept announcing our next station was Paddington and then Edgware Road on repeat.

I finally stepped out of Moorgate station at 11.55! Madness!

I was very happy to see the Travelodge and get some fresh air at that point.

Special mention straight away goes to my roomie for the night, Kirsty of Hijacked by Twins who sorted out my Damsel in Distress lack of room at the last minute situation. Thank you for the laughs and the much needed coffee in the morning (knackered as I was after waking up wondering why I’d not heard Littlest and realising it was because I was in London).

Then it was off to All Bar One for the pre-meet up- thank you to everyone who came along and took over the pub as usual, hope you all managed to meet up with at least one blogging Buddy for the weekend.

It was very nice to see the extremely healthy these days Laura from Life Unexpected. Although she doesn’t half make me feel like a very unhealthy cake shoveller these days but actually, her healthy eating is pretty easy to follow if, unlike me, you aren’t a lazy old so and so. She looks amazing! It was also lovely to have a gossip with her as usual.

With two pm fast approaching, we walked down to the Brewery meeting more bloggers in the process, and then the doors opened- it was on!

It was lovely to see Kate from Striking Mum looking absolutely gorgeous- what an inspiration you are to us cake lovers darling- and Michelle from Mummy From the Heart.

I then saw bestie chum of mine and glowing Liska, who I had a massive and well needed hug after not seeing her for ages! You looked amazing Lis, and I am soooooo excited for the next year (she says, not saying anything else and being shifty, nudge nudge wink wink).

It was lovely to chat BlogOn and other blog related shizzle with Laura from Tired Mummy of Two (Happy Birthday for today Elizabeth!) who always has very good tips for old and tired bloggers like me.

Then we found (as its hard not to being she is six foot) Alice of Life as Alice. You know fun will always happen when Alice is around, from posing for suggestive pics to allowing my other half to flirt with her (and willy straws. Yes, really), it was a pleasure to see her mad self again. How you can drink that much and still look human, well, you are clearly a robot.

There were so many of you I loved seeing, including:

Mel, Afra, Emma (my now very healthy mate, I am keeping everything crossed you get sorted soon x), Julie, Ally, Karen, Hayley amongst others (and if you dont have a mention I am sorry but I am crap).

I have heard folk say it was slower this year with less brands but actually I think that worked well as usually you rush around to meet everyone and throw a business card their way. I liked the fact I could chat to brands for  a bit longer this year as in my experience having a friendly relaxed chin wag helps immensely more than a faceless card.

Speaking of brands, hello to the ladies at Beattie Communications who I swear now need to tell Huggies to bring out  Hipster Wipes for cleaning records (and give me millions when they see lots), Carnival (I wanted to pinch their insta cam), and Aaron Huckett from Publicasity who I wish myself, him, Laura and Alice could all live together and do a really messed up sarcastic UK version of Friends (he does, after all, work with Lindemanns and Homesense, so thats the booze and sofa sorted right there).

Yes, I was pleased Butlins were not there, but I was very pleased to see Merci Maman there instead and I love my bracelet lots.

All in all, I really enjoyed the relaxed pace, there has been one twat who has to act like a knob end (Best Buggy, taking images of people’s babies to slate them without permission and then pretending to be concerned for said babies for hits is a sham, may you be kicked to the Brewery curb next year) but we dealt with that shite pronto (us bloggers, we can be twits, but actually  we do stick up for each other when the need arises).

Thank you as ever to the Britmums team, and of course my wonderful sponsors Happy Monkey Drinks for making my attendance possible, now bring on Blogstock and BlogOn……


17 thoughts on “The Annual, “I Went to Britmums Live and Here Is What I Did” Post

    • I think we may have done but I too am utterly rubbish with names. I just smile and nod at everyone and refer to everyone as babe and and lovely. Glad you enjoyed it and found it relaxed too, I know some found it dull but I thought it was much nicer atmosphere


  1. Wow – that is a very lovely thing to say. I think I am still coming to terms with the new me whilst also knowing I have more work to do on myself. For me every since my first year at BritMums Live, you and Liska have always been the ones I have felt comfy with and this year I resolve to visit both your blogs more often. In fact, was sad not to get chance to spend more time with you both this year but room monitoring does tie you down a bit. Lovely post


    • No need to be sad lovely, we know you are vital to the smooth running of Britmums whilst we are just room dressing! I joke, it was amazing to see you looking so happy and no doubt you will reach your goals x You are indeed a Striking Mum x


  2. I agree, I found the quieter aspect better for talking to brands, although it might have helped that there were less than usual that I wanted to speak to. It also felt a lot less manic and stressful. I think having the craft space helped spread people out more as well.

    Nice to meet you there


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  4. I too liked the brand space this year, it didn’t feel too manic, there was time to talk to people and prs on the stands. And catching up with bloggers you talk to online is so special. I am lucky in Brighton there’s a few of us who blog but sometimes it feels isolating as not many understand blogging. Lovely to read about your weekend. 🙂 Claire


    • Thank you and glad o hear you enjoyed it too. I do hear tales of an inter Berks/Bucks/Oxon Bloggers meet up soon so we’ll try and be as good as I know Brighton Bloggers always have been


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