RdgUK: Safari Supper Club Is a Must For Foodies!

I love blogging, me, I really do.

Yes, you get the odd lairy moment to deal with, as this weekend and phantom phonecam wannabe Paps, but then, you also get to spend an evening, stuffing yourself, with loads of yummy food. Its a hard life.

That’s exactly what I did last week in Reading, in The Oracle, my local shopping precinct.

Myself and some fellow local food bloggers all met, our mission to try out some of the mix of eateries in the Oracle, as part of the upcoming Safari Supper Club “SummerDine” app launching soon.

SummerDine will provide those with the app the chance to try out different cuisines, and offer shoppers discounts on dining throughout the summer holiday period. From 10am on Saturday 1st August, foodies and those wanting to try all sorts of lush dishes can enjoy savings by downloading and registering the PLUS app. Or you can collect anoffer booklet from the Oracel’s ever friendly and easy to find Customer Service desk (located near the escalators outside H&M near the riverside entrance.

The free app will regularly update users on the latest promotions and mix of offers available, which are redeemable from a mixture of retailers. The app will be downloadable from Google Play or the App Store.

So, what can you eat in Oracle on a balmy Wednesday in June?

We started off at an eatery I had wanted to try for a while, Jamie’s Italian.

We were treated to an amazing mix of starters, some traditional and other’s far more experimental, and better still, we were given an indepth chat telling us all about where everything was from and why Jamie and Gennero had chosen it exclusively to be shipped to us on and other diners on Reading’s Riverside.


Our sharing planks contained quality meats that cost £600 for a leg and are hung upstairs so you can see that you’re not told it’s really expensive and then given catering meat instead(!), beautiful cheese and yummy Music Bread. I cannot recommend the Planks enough as great for all the family, especially if you have fussy buggers who have perhaps not tried Antipasti before to dip into bits and bobs to ease them in gently.

Next was the main course so we took a quick tour to CAU, recently opened and who have really made their part of the river a great place to relax.

I love steak, seriously, it’s one of my most favorite meals and is beloved by Elder too, and he is quite good at cooking a good steak and pepper sauce.

WP_20150617_19_16_37_Pro WP_20150617_19_17_06_Pro

Well, I had to message him and tell him he had been beaten hands down by CAU and it’s chef. From the beautifully rare meat, to the dainty mini frying baskets of chips, and the posh truffle Mac and Cheese, frankly reader, I wanted to hide under the table and move in for life. God it was good, it was varied, the meat was complimented by several different accompanying sauces so every time you tried a new sauce with some of the tender beef it tasted like a brand new explosion every time. The staff are so keen on their wine too, which was smoky and full bodied, and we all loved the staff uniform saying CAU Girl or Boy on the back. The food is excellent and they deliver too.

With tummies almost full, we bid a farewell and headed for dessert at Ed’s Easy Diner.

I love the look and atmosphere of Ed’s, with it’s neon 50s diner set up and the mini jukeboxes on every table with old school hits ready to play for 20p. Every 20p goes to charity too.


I went for the KitKat Sundae, and it was just the best. I could eat one just because it’s a Tuesday it was so good, it was gooey, chocolatey and moreish, with tiny kitkat pieces hidden amongst smooth ice cream and whipped cream with chocolate sauce. Divine.


Reading is very lucky to have an amazing amount of taste experiences, its possible to travel round the world without leaving on a plane, and the SummerDine app gives you just the excuse to enjoy an evening where you can eat beautiful food and not worry about dishes.

If you are local to the area, then go download the app as soon as possible!