Bowie, Smugron and Shameless Like Whoring- Another Ordinary Day on Twitter….

I’ve fallen out of love recently with Twitter.

It used to be my go to for hilarity, and chats, and like minded, probably bored, social commentators.

In the last few years though, it’s all got a bit, well, dull.

Too much “me me me, look at my blog! Look at my video! Look at MEEEE!” All a bit desperate for likes for likes sake and not much actual social interaction to gain them. To old skoolers like me of years back, social interaction was why I’d read your blog in the first place, or why I’d go look at what cause you were fronting or supporting.

Many was the time when I’d have a good chin wag with someone, and they’d post a link later to a petition or post and I’d read it and retweet it too if it was similar to my own viewpoint. It was natural to do that as you’d kind of earned a respect enough for me to hear what you had to say.

Now, it seems, its just like shouting into a very big room full of other shouting people- and just as effective in gaining a readership.

Yesterday though, with the death of the uber legend, the God, the icon and genius that was David Bowie (how is it was? Still can’t believe he wont still be releasing albums into his 100th year as I always thought the space oddity would do), I went on to Twitter to see what the consensus was, and pay my own respect at the virtual altar.

I saw a tweet from our PM, you know, him who I loooooove with untold smushy feelings. Not.

That smug, Pig Head Sex Aide adopter (allegedly) formerly known as David Cameron (or Sgt Smugron as I usually like to refer to him for shits and giggles), had also tweeted a twee mention to Bowie too.

He and his aide who told him to tweet it (or did it for him) were probably feeling well smug for tapping into the social vibe of mass devastation and mourning for the David we all prefer (clue, it wasn’t Cameron- one Heart FM DJ even wanted it to be Cameron so much she announced his demise by accident, spoiling everyone’s morning. When she revealed she’d got it wrong and sadly he hadn’t departed to Pig based hell).

Ah, Davey boy. Davey, Davey, Davey. You’d think by now , in your second (well, the last one was half a rule as he had to get seldom seen these days Professional Tea Boy and scourge of Lib Dems everywhere, Nick Clegg in to shore up his last (not quite as rigged as the most recent election) 5 years) term, you’d know better than to try and be hip on Twitter.

I got in early and I was incredulous at his daring to try and use Bowie for publicities sake. The guy was barely even cold and this plate faced braying twat was using it to be “man of the people”.

The very people, you’ll recall, he successfully screws over on a daily basis.

So, I told him what for.


Short and to the point, right? And not likely to get me a knock from MI5 either.

Yep, except I’ve had every sodding nutty Tory lover spit out their Bacon in disgust.

One was about twelve (and later complained bitterly that his Mum hadn’t bought him the right packet of Rich Tea biccies for his tea so he felt like thrashing her- nice typical Tory Misogyny right there) and called me, and it has to be said, this is by far, in all the years I’ve been on Twitter, the best cuss I’ve ever received;


I like the “like whore” comment so much, I made it my Facebook intro. I did, however, have to look up what a SJW was though, being that I’m not down with the kids and know how to use proper English and have yet to resort to widespread use of Text speak (its Social Justice Warrior for the uninitiated).

I also got this great piece of well thought out debate too:


And to be honest, he got blocked as I’m quite happy to debate but not with someone who stands up for his chosen party via nasty tweets using the term “special needs.” (Happily, he got rounded on by many others for using that term. Its just offensive and likely to get most folk- whatever party they support- annoyed).

Then, the Huff Post waded in with this, and shit just got crazy.

I have never, ever had the likes of the views I’ve ever had on a single tweet. And I like to think somewhere, Bowie is sitting on a cloud, laughing his tits off at the anti Establishment feeling stirred up towards Cameron, when he himself was no fan whatsoever of the Establishment, at all (so much so, contrary to what he was called by the BBC, he turned down a Knighthood twice, and a CBE too).

The thing that makes me both chuckle and rub my eyes with disbelief is for every well thought out observation on why it was inappropriate for Sergeant Smug to tweet and bandwagon jump today, there were several from ardent and fevered Tory supporters who had to go to the lowest of the low and mention those who thought the PMs tweet inappropriate as mentally ill. Or benefit scammers. Or of Low IQ (got most of that shoved at me). Biscuit fan even commented, thinking he was clever, on the name of my very blog, until I mentioned that far from being lazy, I’d not returned his tweet as I have, amongst other things, two kids, a job, several blogs, PTA volunteering and god knows what else to be getting on with, ta very much.

The Tories and their supporters, never knowingly missing an opportunity to prove the rest of us all right on what a bunch of tossers some of their number are.

Thanks to all who retweeted. And long may Twitter return to its gloriously opinionated, bat shit crazy self.