Is It Just Me: Thinking The Metro Needs to Exercise Some Goddamn Chill?

Did anyone catch the London Marathon yesterday? Even better, did anyone run in it yesterday? I didn’t run, owing to the fact I am unable to run a flight of stairs in my decrepit state these days, but I knew quite a few who did this year- well done them!

And well done to all the helpers too, because without their hardwork, you couldn’t have a tonne of eager folk belting through most of London for hours on end.

To me, the Marathon is a constant thing in the UK, one of few left actually, that makes me a little proud to be part of the country. Forget your Brexits, forget your terrorism, for a day at least, you can watch people who have signed up to run over 26 miles, in joggers or funny cossies, for charity.

Why then, why why why did the Metro, admittedly a free to pick off after another commuter has discarded it rag on the underground, decide to post possibly the most sneering, ill judged, utter crap about one boy who watched and a had a little childish, innocent fun?

I’m talking about this article, with it’s headline “This Kid May Be The Worst Person on the Planet”.

Now, this isn’t a slightly tongue in cheek, hair ruffling finger wag of an article. There is no sense of it being written in irony, or with fun. Nope.

This small child, no older than my pair, is singled out for pretending to high five runners and then poking out his tongue.



Lets start by considering the “worst person on the planet” tag, especially when associated with a marathon. I would think, if we’re going on a crusade of worst people connected to the enjoyment of a marathon, I’m pretty sure the Boston Marathon Bombers rate higher on most people’s list over a cheeky kid.

Or how about any of ISIS? David Cameron? Jeremy Hunt as he is just a tosser who needs to forget for a minute that we all can’t swan into a Private hospital and do, in fact, know that the NHS relies on Junior Doctors?

How about, take note of footage of GROWN ASS ADULTS on mass, nicking loads of crates of water that had been donated for the actual people not too damn lazy to take part in the marathon and thus deserving of a bottle of water.

Yes, I shit you not, Deptford, oh Deptford, your people did you proud, if you happen to be proud of people acting like animals, stealing trolley loads of charity water.

Why were these cretins not photographed and put under that really ill thought out article instead?

Is a boy being, well, actually, being a kid worthy of opening the floodgates of abuse against him on twitter and other comment threads? Some of the comments are disgusting, and forget that no one was hurt by him, if you watch the footage everyone he did it to either carried on running or laughed at the joke. No one was offended, no one complained, so why on earth should the Metro behave in this way?

Its the sort of stupid snooty journalism one expects from the Mail, but even they ignored the boy having a giggle and concentrated on pouring scorn on the bottle thief’s and the idiot who knocked the winning female runner over instead.

Frankly I hope the parent’s of our little comedian sue The Metro, and I hope they apologise for this joke-worthy piece of gutter reporting.

Stop finding the negatives where there are none, and consider that fun is, thus far, not illegal. Kids will be kids and good on them in all their cheeky, harmless glory.

Rather that than running in gangs.

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