Is It Just Me: Agreeing With Sharon Osbourne on the McCanns?

I start this by saying that I am not, and never have been, a fan of Mrs O. In fact, quite the contrary, I found her irritating as hell on The X Factor.

However, Sharon has made the papers for all the right reasons in my view with her comments on The Talk, a US based show similar to our Loose Women, regards the McCanns and the events surrounding the disappearance of their daughter, Maddie.

Sharon was part of a discussion stemming from a thread on Mumsnet asking whether it is ever acceptable to leave a child on their own at home. According to this thread, a Mum had admitted to leaving her ten month old alone asleep whilst she popped to the shop nearby, and wanted to ask whether anyone else had  ever done the same.

Sharon was very much in the no camp with regards ever leaving a child alone, and I have to say I agree with her 100% on this- there is never an excuse to do this.

She didn’t name the McCanns but one of her reasons for not agreeing with this practise was to mention a UK couple who had left a child alone in Portugal whilst they went off for drinks some distance away, which led to their daughter being snatched.

She is, quite frankly, spot on, and it’s about time we all stopped pussy footing around what we really think and privately admit- that the only people responsible for Maddie ever being taken (if, in fact, this is even what happened as the Portugese police very much doubted this claim) is her parents.

The media have said that Sharon has faced a backlash- from who?

All I’ve seen online and in comments sections is that, whilst Sharon possibly isn’t a candidate for Mum of the Year herself, she’s hit the nail on the head with her views on the disappearance.

The only people with an opposing view to Sharon is, surprise, surprise, spokespeople for the McCanns themselves, who have branded her ignorant.

To brand someone who quite rightly has denounced you for being ignorant in your duties as a parent as ignorant for speaking out, is not an irony lost on many.

The fact is, all us parent’s would love a night off. Parenting is hard work. I’ve personally not had a night off with Elder for a year as my sisters in law have been ridiculously busy with work and their own lives, so whilst I have been out with my fellow school mums and Elder has been to concerts with his mates, we have been dying for a night out together.

We have a pub the same distance away from our house as the McCanns and their fellow shameful parent friends were that night (and others) from their villas. The very idea I would say “here, Elder, Brats are asleep, lets bugger off round the pub and we’ll pop back every thirty minutes to check on them” is a notion that I find laughable. It just wouldn’t happen.

My two are 9 and nearly 8, but even when all their mates were running round in a big group last Saturday, in broad daylight, with lots of other parent’s watching, and with sealed exits, I still, still didn’t want them to leave my sight, and ended up doing the DJ tent on my own so Elder could keep a discreet, two steps behind, distance from them both at all times.

The very fact that they still maintain that, although they feel guilt at what happened, it was not their fault at all, is disgraceful. Talk about lacking in self awareness! The holiday resort they were on had Baby Listening services. It had in room babysitters available with qualifications up to their eyeballs. They used them during the day, so why not at night? Why, in fact, take the kids with them at all as it seems they barely spent two minutes with them.

I say, well done Sharon for finally and publicly denouncing these people who should, quite frankly, have faced an inquiry into their parenting skills the minute they schlepped back to UK soil. The only fact they didn’t was more down to their social status than their parenting ability.

Apparently, Sharon will upset the twins who were not taken- I think the realisation that their parent’s put their own selfish needs first and left them open to whatever fate befell their older sister will upset them a whole lot more.

Its about time we all pointed the true finger of blame at the McCanns and stopped sympathising with the very people who left her open to abduction for a cheap meal and a bit of peace.