Is It Just Me: Thinking the DM Should Focus on the Real Issue of Lily’s Stalking

I’ll fess up- I like Lily Allen. I have liked her since her first album as she was quirky and a bit of an antidote to the usual high heel and boobs out style of females acts of that time.

However, I feel that no matter whether you like or loathe her, you’d agree the recent news that Lily had been stalked for seven years without much help from the Police was shocking and you felt sympathy for her.

It has all been a bit quiet since the guy responsible has been indefinitely sectioned, and no doubt Lily could sigh a big relief fuelled sigh and get on with her life.

Except, despite it all dying down, and people moving on, and hopefully the lacklustre response of the Police shaming them into not being so ignorant again, the Daily Mail has run an article today bringing it all up again.


Well, it seems the same misogyny I have called them out on previously is at play again.

The headline screams this:


Now, notice, if you will, as I did, the big point they are making here. It’s not the stalking for seven years despite begging for the Police to do something. It’s not in big capitals about the stalker getting not just into her flat but into her sodding bedroom.


The point the DM feels is most important to its readers (and those like me who like to shake me head in scorn at some of their comment leaving weirdos) is that she happened to be in bed with her boyfriend at the time, whilst married.

Why the bloody shock, the horror, the utter strumpet! She deserves everything she gets!

*Said no one (other than twattish DM readers) ever.

Why is it necessary to bring this up if it hadn’t already made any difference to the court? The judge quite rightly threw shade at the Police and the Stalker, not Lily and her boyfriend/bed guest. The judge didn’t throw the whole case out down to Lily not being in bed at the time in her jamas alone or with her (as we all know and have done for ages) estranged husband, did he?

My first thought on hearing that Lily had Danny London with her was thank god for that. Imagine if she hadn’t?

This stalker was an angry guy who had frequently turned up pissed off with Lily, accusing her of stealing a song from him, taking millions of pounds from him, and, even more screwed up, killing his father! This was not a guy who wanted to innocently fan boy her and snuggle up with her for a hug, he was bloody murderous at her and would not leave the poor woman alone.

If she had of been alone, with only her two very young daughter’s Nanny in the house with her, it does not bear thinking about the tragic outcome of this guy breaking in.

What is bloody wrong with the DM?

They should be agreeing with Lily that the Police fecked up big style. It just makes me cross that the fact she happened to be in bed with someone other than her husband was of far greater significance to the DM than anything else, especially in light of Jo Cox’s murder this week by a mentally unhinged male.

All the while newspapers like the DM are printing headlines like this, almost in justification of the Police ignoring stalking, women are going to be raped, attacked and driven round the bend by mentally unwell people making their lives miserable by following them.

It’s almost archaic and frankly beggars belief to dwell on the love life of a woman other than that someone could have killed her, her daughters and their nanny.

Personally, I hope Lily sues, and that the DM apologises and pulls the article pronto.