Taking Back Control: Why I’m Voting to Leave the EU

Unless you’ve been living on the moon for the last few months, you couldn’t have failed to notice Brexit, in, out and in-between being everywhere.

I have read up on it. I have watched all the videos, both official or otherwise. I have watched the debates and seen all the leaflets.

After all that, I can wholeheartedly say I am voting Leave first thing tomorrow.

Considering the people I find myself agreeing with, from Boris to Gove, who personally I cannot stand- they’re Tories for a start, it has not been easy for me to support the Leave side.

However, my reasoning for voting Leave is this:

We are a tiny island.

Yes, we are responsible for the current refugee crisis. Despite my Labour beliefs, I wholeheartedly believe that Tony Blair should be tried for War Crimes, as we all know that he and Bush lied through their smarmy teeth about Weapons of Mass Destruction. They made the situation in Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries worse.

The problem is, if we had a country the size of America, we could be more open to allow free movement and those who need help.

However, we’re not that big. The population has grown.

We cannot chose to help those who genuinely need it, when we allow European Free Movement.

I don’t believe we benefit from this Free Movement clause. I think the Eurozone is in massive crisis, and thus, if I happened to be in any of those countries that were struggling, and knew I could go over to the UK, with free healthcare, free school places, free everything, I would be on that plane in seconds.You’d be mad not to.

I also don’t believe that we have a sufficiently safe way to vet who is coming here. With Germany opening their borders without our say so, we have no idea who is claiming to be European when they are not European at all- the people responsible for the Paris attacks had European passports, but they were not from Europe at all.

It’s a hard thing for those of us who wish to Leave to admit- we have been called racist, we have been accused of being bigots, and even had some say we are partly responsible for the death of Jo Cox- but we have to protect our borders in the current climate.

I also feel that being governed by people we haven’t voted in- most of whom were rejected when they did come forward for election in our country and others- makes a mockery of us having a democratically elected parliament of our own.

I may think differently if these people were voted in. But that’s not the case and never has been.

What right have these election failures got to tell people who are voted for that what they wish to implement is incorrect? How do we know half of it is not sour grapes? There are 10,000 Bureaucrats who earn more than our own elected Prime Minister who we’ve never even heard of and never voted in.

I am not happy that whilst our NHS fails, whilst schools are underfunded, whilst our core industries have died and whilst unemployment and homelessness sores, we are legitimately expected to fork out around £350 million a week to Europe.

Then, when a country’s economy fails, through no fault of us in the UK, we are expected to fork out even more. Where are Europe when we need help?

I am sick of hearing that parent’s cannot get their child into the school a few streets away due to there being more children than school places. We had to fight tooth and nail for Littlest’s place. Some people are forced to take their children to different schools often miles apart. How can we expect parents to gain employment, and not clog up roads in the morning, when we are expected to go to schools nowhere near our homes? It never happened in my school days and it shouldn’t happen now.

The promises and doom and gloom laden rhetoric of the Remain camp is shocking. Just last night, after the BBC debate, the Remain camps “facts” were torn apart. We cannot trust a group of people who use the death of a Mother for publicity for their cause.

We have no respect in Europe. We are not listened to. David Cameron can promise he is going to demand change, but he hasn’t managed to bring this about in the previous 6 years of his rule, so why would he be able to afterwards?

To vote Remain lets Europe really slaughter us, we will have no hope ever of getting our voices heard.

Let’s remember, we joined the EU thinking that Free Trade was coming to an end and financially we would suffer.

That never happened. Plenty of countries outside the Eurozone trade with Europe. They get the benefits of this trade without the added hangover of no say on movement, possible dangers of Immigration allowing terrorists to gain free access to an EU passport, financial ruin from shoring up other countries- the list goes on. Why would be any different?

We buy more from European members than they buy from us. Germany for starters would suffer a massive hit to it’s already struggling economy if it refused to trade with us, as would France. It would be economic suicide.

We could then trade with America, China, India, Japan, the list goes on and these countries have had the biggest trade growth compared to the economic stagnation in the last ten years of the Eurozone. Why is that not attractive?

Why should our fisherman not be allowed to fish in our waters? We have to gain permission from Brussels to fish in our own seas, and as a result, 100,000 fishermen have lost their livelihoods as a result of the European enforced fishing quotas.

If we no longer have to pay to a zone we have no benefit from, our NHS can be the pride of the country like it once was. No child will have to leave school without the ability to read and write. Our students can go to University and not pay.

Why should someone like my niece have to pay thousands of pounds for her studies and accommodation, when once she is a qualified Doctor she will be a benefit, an asset to this country?

Why should we have to continuously beg for healthcare for Littlest? At nearly 8 years old we still have no firm diagnosis , no action plan, no adequate medications, for him.

Why should anyone who is disabled have to be told the country can no longer pay for them, help them, and treat them like scum? Just under 10,000 disabled people have died after being taken off PIP, either through dying due to the stress or being forced into work that they could not do.

Osbourne doesn’t want us to leave, because then all his lies, all his screw ups over the budget, there will no longer be any excuse to penalise the poorest, the sick and the vulnerable in this country.

The Remain campaign keeps suggesting we who wish to leave are anti multiculturalism. We don’t care for workers rights. Why would voting out remove workers rights unless Cameron uses the vote to revoke these rights afterwards? We were Multicultural before we joined Europe, and we still will be afterwards too. We opened our borders to people in the 50s, and they helped rebuild our country at it’s lowest ebb after the war. They still live here happily to this day, and long may that continue.

We cannot trust Cameron to be truthful or act in our best interests, just a day ago we find that he lied that he would put a cap on Free movement when he knew full well this was not possible under the terms of our membership. Saying that we feel we are full and our country is suffering as a result does not make you racist. It makes you aware.

Our country needs to take back control, it’s that simple.

All the while we have to bow down to the wishes of unelected people who don’t have any respect for us apart from as a never ending cash machine at the detriment of our own economy, we have will have a country that is on it’s knees, financially, socially, and in every other way you can think of.

I hope we wake up on Friday to a new dawn. To a better Britain. To freedom from the EU.