#BlogSchool: Let’s (NOT) Talk About Crotch Rot

Flipping Nora.

You know gang, I thought I had seen it all when it came to blogging.

Bad backgrounds. OTT feminism.Blatant stupidity.

Yes I’ve seen so much in ten years, and some has led to fall out in a massive way enough to make the newspapers and some is just a topic for us bloggers.

It seems now that a lot of folk are dying to go viral. Personally, I don’t see what difference it makes. If I was to go viral, I would like it to be for something cool, like making a genuine difference to the world. Or for egging a Tory.

However, the levels of desperation to hit the heady heights of, well, featuring in the Daily Mail (who seem recently to get all their “wimins issue” Femail column shit from Mumsnet) have reached a new low the last 24 hours.

I give you, crotch rot.

No, not me personally, I don’t actually give you crotch rot, I mean a blogger has decided to post- with NSFW (Not Something For Any Sane Person Who Wishes To Keep Their Lunch actually) images of their latest Crotch Rot offerings.


I’ll let that sink in there.

Now, if you’d like the link then please God, why would you want the link, but I shall offer it if you ask on Twitter (@TheLazyGirlBlog).

The thing is, I can understand why they would blog about the subject, in a way. There is currently a rather daft hashtag called The Panty Challenge which, yes, does make some females think that having a little reminder of where the pants have been is disgusting.

But for goodness sake, do we really need that level of TMI on either side of the argument?


We know what it is.

We know what it looks like.

Men probably do not want to know what it looks like.

We do not need to get to the level where the last thing left, the last barrier to jump, the last line to cross, is photographic evidence of your dirty undercrackers.


I’m all for female solidarity, I am all for freedom of speech. I am also all for normalising something that the interwebs have made out to be disgusting or not normal so others can learn.


Disclaimer: Not my actual pants.*

Yet this whole sensationalist way it has been handled, it just doesn’t feel like anything done in a way to help or educate, but more so to go “LOOK AT ME” LOOK AT HOW FEMINIST I AM! HERE ARE MY DIRTY KNICKERS! ON THE INTERNET! I’M SO BRAVE! LOOK AT ME!!!!!”

The blogger involved even starts by admitting that their vagina and talking about it has taken over their blog. I have, in ten years, never talked about my downstairs. I don’t know why you would want to?

They have then got very pissed off when people have suggested to them, on twitter, that there really was no need to have actual photos on the net, it was fine without them.

What did they expect? A love in where we all took pictures and uploaded them? What hashtag would they have used? What filter on Instagram is appropriate for pictures of knicker stains?

It just smacks of doing something purely for hits. Not for any merit or good cause.

Please, we’ve had the blogger who admitted not washing in the Daily Mail. We’ve had bloggers who will slag off a company for not giving them enough freebies. We’ve now had this.

Just stop.

I beg of you.

What’s next?

Going viral for the right reason is great.

But doing it purely for notoriety?

Just Say No.

(And buy some Vanish. That shit gets everything off).

*Photo credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net/Tuomas_Lehtinen