Camp Bestival Countdown: Giant Astronauts and Celestial Dreams

Am I allowed to get excited yet?!

Camp Bestival kicks off in under a week’s time, but as usual that doesn’t stop Rob Da Bank from adding last minute attractions to the wonders on offer.

This year has a space theme, which should make for some great costumes during the parade on Saturday, and in honour of the theme, we’re promised giant astronauts.

Giant Astronauts!

Sure to please young and old, the Astronauts, made by Shipshape Arts, will be watching over the Magic Meadow.


Standing at a colossal seven metres tall, they will be bathed in cosmic lights and dressed in shiny space suits for an authentic look.

These should be great for photo opps for all who encounter them, and are the perfect way to celebrate Discovery and Exploration. They may even encourage spacemen and women of the future?

For a no less spectacular nighttime must see, Celestial Dreaming is a must see and something I’m definitely going to make sure is on our list of things to do.

Featuring an interactive installation of glowing lights, it’s been designed by And Now to take you on a rich visual path of discovery.


You can witness the infinite possibilities of the Solar System via the burnished light of 450 points of fire while you’re told stories of the galaxy on the way.

It is sure to be utterly breathtaking when the lights dim and yet again shows that from sun up to sun down, Camp Bestival keeps you entertained with art, drama and of course, a great lineup of bands and solo acts old and new.

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