#BlogSchool- Originality Or Damned

Or how NOT to piss off other bloggers.

Now, this BlogSchool is a biggie.

If there is one thing, one major thing, that will get a hell of a lot of bloggers pissed off with you, whether you are a brand, an SEO or a blogger, its pinching stuff from their blogs or feeds.

Last year, just as the kids were all going back to school, a blogger, like many of us, took a “First Day Back” photo of her children. She posted it online and thought nothing of it.

Until a company- I forget which- suddenly used her photo, without permission along with other parent’s images. It was titled, in a condescending manner “Happy Stand In Front of the Front Door Day”.

Did they ask to use the images in their mockery of the practise?


So, it’s bad enough that they nicked her photo- amongst others- but to then use it to take the pee out of something many of us do now, well, that really did take the utter mickey.

Now, it’s sometimes more simple than that, you’re a newer blogger looking for ideas, and you wake up at 3am having a light bulb moment, a grand linky, or series, or conference that will make you the best known thing in blogging ever!

That’s all well and good, and we’ve all had flashes of genius at 3am that we think will make us the best thing since sliced bread. However, there are flipping loads of blogs around, here, and abroad, all of which, at some point, are someone’s pride and joy, or even their main source of income.

With that in mind, it’s best to check your wonder idea wasn’t already someone else’s idea before.

How do we do that?

Well, it’s easy, you can either google the idea name you’ve had, or, if that’s going to take you ages or you want to double check, then it’s always a good option to ask on Facebook blogging groups or on twitter. Search the hashtags on Twitter too, as some bloggers, myself included, often use these to maximise the reach of linkies or series type posts.

Recently, a blogger posted on one such Facebook group about a Link up she’d thought up. It sounded brill, I’m not going to lie (or nick it, I’m a nice blogger), it was based on music you like and in all honesty would work well.

Yes, in fact, I knew it would work marvellously, as it’s been done, and is still being carried, by another blogger. Now, that little slip up was dealt with before it went on the blogger’s site, but it shows how good it is to ask around of us old bloggers who remember these ideas the first time around and avoid a disaster!

As someone who has had their work pinched, it’s really infuriating, and trust me, I’ve had it done by well known bloggers who should know better. It will create a storm of annoyance from other bloggers, and unless you sort out an apology pronto, you will not be flavour of the month.

So, if you do accidentally slip up, don’t try and ignore the issue or deny all knowledge. Yes, it is hard to prove any liability of copyright on an idea- and some nastier types will know this- but in blogging community circles it is a big no no and people take a dim view on behalf of the wronged individual.

So whether you’ve seen an image on Google that would be great for your blog, or an idea has sprung to mind for a new name, check, check and for God sake check some more, because failure to do so could see you in the blogging doghouse or worse- up before a Judge for copyright infringement.

Yes, really- it’s happened, so don’t turn your little blog into a massive financial cock up, and do your research before launching an idea.