Is It Just Me: Who Wishes Women Would Love Themselves More?

Another day, another article published that has woman slating themselves.

Take this article published in the Mail where a handful of 50 year olds extol the virtues of cosmetic procedures and decree that all of us should fight back from nature and stick as much shite in our faces as we can afford.

For goodness sake. Shut the feck up ladies.

Now, I could see things about my face, at 34 (near 35), which I think would be nice to improve. I have a few lines on my forehead, I’m not a massive fan of the nose I inherited, and I’ve always thought one of my eyes is lopsided compared to the other (another inheritance from family).

However, am I selling everything I own, not buying clothes for myself and the kids, or taking out a loan to have it all plumped, pulled and tightened?


This is my face. All its little crags and things are part of who I am, I can look at my face in the mirror and can see elements of my Gran, I have the same face as she did you see, it served her well for 87 years, and I can safely say that even if I won the Lottery, the most I would do is have a brace fitted on my teeth.

I wear make up- cheap stuff, I don’t know the difference between the Macs and Bobby Browns and really cannot be arsed to bother to, I put it on once a day and may occasionally touch up my tinted lip balm.

I did go through a stage of dying my hair, but it went all dry, and started falling out so I felt it was better to have a few grey hairs than no hair at all due to vanity.

One woman even states in the article how she doesn’t let her skin get in the sun, she doesn’t drink and doesn’t smoke either. This, she believes, is why she looks young at 50. These are all things we should or shouldn’t do for our health, of course.

However, this same “health conscious” lady has been pumping her face full of Botox and zapping her jowls with lasers since she was 37! So, it’s not OK to drink and smoke as these are “bad” chemicals, yet injecting poison into one’s face is OK?

Ironic or what?

According to this same lady, her cosmetologist (presumably whilst cashing her next cheque for botulism inserted into said womans face) suggests there are- and I quote- “no ugly women, just poor ones” in the world. She continues to add that we no longer have the face, as Coco Chanel famously said, we deserve in middle age, but the one we can afford.

When I had finished choking on my coffee, I just felt sad that a female could be so nasty and callous about her fellow female folk.

We already have to face daily adverts for lifting this and firming that.We get paid less. We have contracts written for Junior Doctors that are sexist against us ladies, and don’t get me started on rights once you go off and have a baby. As a couple who is unmarried, I have very few rights compared to a married women, despite us having children and having been together for 16 years.

Its only recently that companies like Nivea have started to target the “Beckham Generation” of metrosexual men with moisturisers for the opposite sex. It is fine for guys to be grey, and to have wrinkles, but women? No. We should slather ourselves in so many creams, so much make up, so many tightener pairs of pants and corset waists.

Fuck it.

That’s what I say.

If we all just said, look, men, this is our face now, take it or leave it, what would be the worst that could happen?

I’m not suggesting we all stop shaving our legs or brushing our hair. I’m in awe of those who can be arsed to work out how to do proper flicky eyeliner and fake lashes (I can just about do eyeliner, but lashes, not a chance).

What I do think has gone too far is sticking goodness knows what in our face to stop lines, as young as in our 30s.

Let’s all remember that once upon a time, smoking was seen as a health benefit, and pregnant and new Mums were told we should drink Guinness for the iron it contained!

We all know now that this was all wrong and both drinking and smoking is not a healthy pursuit at all. How do we know that these fillers and botox aren’t our generation’s nicotine?

Implants were said to be safe, yet these started to age and burst- we all remember the scandal over PIP implants after all.

Something that seems safe now could end up haunting us as we age further.

We should all embrace our own- and our mates- aging faces. Its life after all, and we are hardly the first generation who hope for good genes and then feel slightly shortchanged (as I said, my nose is hardly cute and button like).

Lets all tell each other what we love about each other’s faces, and stop this critical, nasty, “I have botox so my face looks better” bullshit.

We need to realise that all freezing Mother Nature does is make us look like plastic dolls.

And we all know we are better than simply objects of sex, after all….