Is It Just Me: Wondering Why It’s Still Socially Acceptable to be Derogatory Towards Travellers?

OK, I am cross guys.

Like most folk, I’m a member of a local “Residents Discussion” group on Facebook.

For those of you who haven’t discovered one locally to you yet, it’s a place where locals will ask about local events, or bus timetables, or request the details of a good plumber. You get all sorts of topics on there, our local one seems to have a running joke regards squirrels. No idea.

It can be really handy when you are new to an area, and it can be just as helpful when you’re checking whether it’s just your bins the local dustman haven’t collected.

However, I can’t speak for all groups on this topic, mine seems to be quite happy to allow, encourage even, derogatory and frankly racist commentary on Travellers.

Every time, every sodding time, someone sees a caravan between April and October, some utter tool will come in the group to give, and I hate this term but it’s what is used commonly, a “Pikey warning”.

Fuck sake.

It just winds me up that in a world where we are all so much more socially aware, and where we are supposed to be kind to our fellow man no matter what colour or creed they are, it’s still OK though to forget all that and go back to the dark ages of racism as long as we’re discussing travellers.

Just recently, one member of the group- herself a person of Ethnic Minority- posted that she had come home from her holiday to find she’d been burgled.

Now, that is not something anyone wants to happen, of course. It means that there are toads in town on the rob, and obviously alerting the neighbourhood to this fact means we all lock our doors and windows and don’t just leave the house unlocked whilst we run to the shop.

That’s fine people. Public service right there and what makes these groups so handy. In fact, when our old house was nearly broken into at school pick up time, and Elder managed to see the van with the would be thieves, I put the details on and lo and behold, two similar burglaries were avoided as locals saw the van hanging round outside other people’s homes and rang the Police.

I had lots of sympathy for this lady until she posted that, as no electrical items were stolen, and an Irish Claddagh Ring was one of the items pinched, it must be Travellers.

Yes, you read that right.

I was quick to ask how on earth she’d managed to add two and two and make Travellers responsible, and this modern day Nancy Drew- with backing from other tits on this group who moaned at me for questioning her on this- suggested that Irish people wear Claddaghs, and Travellers are Irish and don’t need electricals in a caravan, so hence that was why it was definitely them.

OK then.

I was swift to point out that, whilst Irish people do indeed wear these rings (and, once she posted images she had of said stolen jewellery, it turned out not to be a Claddagh anyway), so do Chavs. So do other people who frequent the Elizabeth Duke section of Argos cheap shit jewellery.

Another tech guy backed me up, and said no one nicks electricals like iPads and phones anymore as they can be traced and locked so are quickly worthless.

It didn’t stop the majority though suggesting it was definitely travellers, end of.

They get really into it too.

There has been a funeral for a local Traveller, a rather prominent one too, and Travellers love and respect their fellow person and will, quite rightly, give them a very good send off.

Even though a lady who knows the Pub they have been in, even though she has said a number of times there was no trouble, they were respectful, they bought everyone who happened to be in the pub regardless of whether they were there for the wake a pint or two, there are those calling them filthy, scum, and other disgusting terms.

I questioned these unintelligent racist arseholes.

Would they be so happy to join in with this “Pikey Warning” if the warning was changed to a “Pakki Warning”?

You know, someone comes on the group to bemoan a group of ethnic minority folk coming into town, say for a two day wedding instead of a wake, if they were from any other origin other than Traveller?

Course, they would be up in arms, they would be up for reporting to the Police. It would be dealt with under the Malicious Communications act and racism laws.

Yet, it’s fine to do whatever you like, slag off Travellers, call them thieves, say they are dirty, and no one bats an eyelid.

The Police don’t care either, in fact, they join in by behaving disgustingly the minute a NIMBY moans about Travellers using land none of use or give two shits about usually.

They have as much right to live how they like as any other social group in this country. I would rather a bunch of Travellers moved in near me than a bunch of Junkies.

I got told what for by the same sort of people who usually come across as the most normal person in the land, who would usually offer advice on local issues with good grace.

Chuck someone in the mix actually making them question why it’s fine to slate Travellers and ask whether they’d do the same to other ethnicities and they suddenly get very cross indeed, suggesting it’s a different matter.

Racism is racism.

The fact is, like any other group, you get good and bad, yet we don’t all suggest that every Muslim is a terrorist and every white, lower class teenager is a teen Mum waiting to happen. It would be laughable to.

Yes, there are some Traveller groups who don’t show respect, but there are just as many non Travellers who are criminals, who treat people without respect and who deserve as much finger pointing as all Travellers seem to get.

Enough already.

Don’t sit there and judge one group based on half arsed bullshit.

Travellers are people too, and they generally keep themselves to themselves.

Yes, they live a little differently to you, but so what?

In a world where we are expected to live and let live, let them be part of that too.

And stop this outdated Racism now.



Is it any wonder that the casual racism of Travellers continues, when FACEBOOK allows it too?

As I mentioned above in this post, I commented to the racist moronic tool who wrote about Pikey Alert, suggesting that, should he write “Pakki” instead of “Pikey”, everyone would- quite rightly- be up in arms, reporting him and getting him banned from our Community page.

However, I said, it’s a bit two faced to allow him to write Pikey and all join in like kids in a playground.

I have often reported uses of words like Pikey and Gyppo on Facebook groups, and have been told it doesn’t break their Terms of Community Guidance.

I reported the words used in the thread I mentioned from today, and am yet to receive word from Facebook that these are going and those who have written them will be given a warning.

Yet, they’ve managed to threaten ME with removal, for saying that using Pikey is as bad as using Pakki, and neither has a place in the vocabulary of modern society. All because someone- probably one of the unintelligent moron racists I called out- reported ME for breaking community guidelines. I didn’t get right of reply, I just had to agree that I won’t break their shoddy, one sided, pick and choose rules or face removal.

Why is it that even a company like Facebook picks and chooses what is and isn’t racist, and decides that derogatory, disgusting and outdated terms towards Travellers is OK?

You cannot pick and choose what is and isn’t racist. If it’s directed towards a minority group, hell, any group, sex, creed, colour or religion, whether it’s an outdated term or not ITS NOT FUCKING ACCEPTABLE FACEBOOK!

I am going to give them the right to reply that they declined to give me over on Twitter so feel free to Retweet my tweet guys.