Is It Just Me: Horrified After Question Time?

Again, we all know I voted to leave the EU. I stand by it, and I always will, I’m not someone who has changed position, ย in fact the more the rabib Remain angry committee (not, of course, the sensible remain voters who took the decision on the chin) got cross, the stronger my position became.

So, yes, I am bloody pissed off that Article 50 now can’t get going until we have an undemocratic, pointless and rather irritating debate from the Commons. Especially when these out of touch, over compensated prats didn’t have a clue that a lot of the electorate would vote leave at all. It was the smugness of them that we would never leave that annoyed me the most, they are so unaware of the realities of life in the UK for the underprivileged that they just expect us all to vote how they tell us to without question.

However, whatever way you voted, however smug any side is, I would never, hand on heart, ever decide to throw scorn, and indeed, wish ill health on any children.

Unlike Nicola Gorb, who decided to get right on a rant on last night’s Question Time live.

She thinks it’s quite fine and dandy to wish ill health on the children of Brexiteers. You know, kids like mine, who have no idea what politics is properly yet (although we do involve them more and more in child friendly political discussions and Mini did rather jump around whopping like a loon when Smugron resigned).

What makes this all the worse, as if it could be any worse that to wish ill health on minors, Nicola Gorb is employed by, go on, if you’ve not seen the news on this- where’d you think?

She is employed by Great Ormond Street Hospital as a Speech Therapist. Working with children. For a wage.

Great Ormond Street have, quite rightly, distanced themselves from her comments, and people who saw her ranting and raving commentary last night have, once again quite rightly, called for her to be sacked.

How on earth does Ms Gorb think a parent today who voted to Leave feels knowing they have an appointment with her soon? Someone who is paid to do her job but yet thinks their child should be ill by default of a vote they had no control over?

What intelligent person, in her position or otherwise, would think it was wholly normal to go on live TV, hell to voice it in the comfort of their own home alone even, and suggest illness is fine if your parent’s voted an opposing way to her?

That, people, is why the Government and Theresa May have a duty of care to follow through with Article 50 and the leave the EU now, and ignore these disgusting half wit bullies from the nuttier side of the Remain campaign.

If your only response is to damn the very children you are employed to look after, then you really are a sub-human moron.

And I for one hope May does the right thing, orders you to be sacked, and launches us on the path to EU freedom at her earliest convenience.





2 thoughts on “Is It Just Me: Horrified After Question Time?

  1. I agree her comment was horrible and glad to see she’s since apologised for it.
    I’d like to know your thoughts on the reason she was saying it ie-
    -research will be impacted (due to lessened collabarotion and lesser budget) affecting tests, cures etc
    -a high proportion of NHS staff and specialists are from abroad. We’ll be bu55ered without them.

    Yours, a remainer x


    • OK, my views on her other comments are based purely on the fact that, Brexit or not, we have no idea what would happen as a country outside the EU until we are outside it. And from the fact that, until Article 50 is launched, no discussion can take place on the status quo regards any involvement we could keep with the EU or what the terms of us leaving are. As I understand it, it’s not simply a case of submitting the Article 50 and then that’s it, we’re instantly no longer part of the EU, there would be two years of discussion between May (unless she does indeed carry out her threat to launch a GE if parliament blocks Brexit) and the rest of the EU. So, it’s hard to know for sure what will happen.
      From my viewpoint, I don’t see there to be a big issue and feel that it’s yet again Project Fear at play. And Project Fear have been very wrong regards a few of their previous statements on what would happen should we leave.
      I think we have to think of the money we will no longer have to contribute towards other EU states as part and parcel of our membership. I also think we could financially do more to help prospective Doctors, Nurses and scientists in this country if we didn’t constantly have to pay for the EU NHS tourists to be dealt with. My niece is currently studying to become a Doctor at Uni in this country. She is lucky that her parents are supportive and can afford to pay her fees, not to mention her other costs outside of her education. We should make it far easier for everyone born in this country to take up higher education, if there was not a constant battle against our students- such as the removal of Bursaries- we would not have to rely so heavily on outside help from foreign national healthcare workers. And not to be rude, I have found time and again that some of these foreign nationals do not have the same basic good manners and bedside manner as our own, I have had the worst the NHS has to offer for my family and I and I am almost ashamed to say I am looking into a monthly private healthcare subscription as a result of a constant stream of disappointment.I’m not suggesting that all of the staff from outside the UK are not up to scratch, but after having one speak at me in her own language and then slam a door in my face I’m not a fan.
      We can, and I think should, access collaborations with countries outside the EU. Obama may have had a snotty attitude towards us leaving and still being in a relationship with the US, but he’s at the end of his tenure very shortly so again, discussions will have to be had. It’s a strange time, an unforeseen situation for sure, but to suggest that we won’t have XYZ when we have had no formal discussions with the EU or outside countries is all speculation and hearsay.


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