Camp Bestival Bloggers Part 2- Music and More

I’ll start this post by saying RIP to Mr Nice himself, Howard Marks, who we had the pleasure of meeting at Camp Bestival in 2010. He was a massive part of Camp Bestival, and was a great bedtime story reader. We literally bumped into him, via a very little Littlest, and Howard was rather taken with our boys flat cap. He was a true gentleman, and very much deserved to be nicknamed Mr Nice.


Littlest in 2010, with his flat cap

Onto 2016, and this year’s highlights.

As with Howard Marks, Camp Bestival are never afraid to think outside the box, not just in bedtime story readers, but in the mix of acts, arts and stalls that they have on offer.

As they say, the kids are King, and for anyone unsure of taking children to a music festival, they have you covered.

There are two fields dedicated to the enjoyment and inclusion of children no matter how little they are. From the Breastival Mother and baby tent for the truly tiny, to The Den for 13-17 year olds, there is never a dull moment from morning to late at night.

Camp Bestival 2016 1

The view from the Big Wheel in 2015

If you fancy fun and excitement, then pop over the fun fair, for traditional thrills and delights including a big wheel that gives an amazing view of the whole festival site, to the Helter Skelter, or try the slower pace of the merry go round in the Lower Kids Garden.

You can have your face painted, jump on a bouncy castle, or watch an Insect Circus too. If arts your favorite, then bring your pencils and paper and make a beeline for Art Town. Or take a stroll through Dingly Dell.

camp bestival 2016 dingly dell

In amongst the colour and noise, Dingly Dell offers a slice of woodland tranquility

There are plenty of theme related (space, in case you didn’t know) options for the kids too, with West End production “Aliens Love Underpants” making an appearance based on the book of the same name, and a special, and no doubt mind blowing whatever your age concerto from the Royal Albert Hall’s “Albert’s Band” with their Space Symphony.

Old faves Dick and Dom and Mr Tumble will of course be there too and will be just as popular as always.

With the kids covered, what’s there for us adults?

Well, for me, it’s all about the line up, and this year they haven’t disappointed.

I thought the likes of Soul II Soul and Cymande last year couldn’t be beaten (and they weren’t even headliners!). I thought you’d never improve on the stellar booking of De La Soul in 2014.

Oh, but you can!

Fatboy Slim, oh God, Fatboy Slim, I cannot wait to finally see Mr Cook- I missed out on the Brighton concerts of a few years ago, and have always been really miffed (especially since both my brother in law and sister in law went and said how amazing it was), so that is a must see for me (and no doubt all of us over the age of about 25- the guy is a legend.

I’m also, for the nostalgia angle, looking forward to Bananarama, who no doubt will have all us ladies dancing to Venus and Cruel Summer in their 37th year of entertaining audiences.

I’m also keen to see a more modern act in the hugely talented KT Tunstall, whose album Eye to the Telescope saw me through my entire pregnancy with Mini!

Tears For Fears, Turin Brakes and Jesse Glynne are also on the list of all four of us to watch too.

For me, July cannot come soon enough, I’m off to look for costume inspiration for the parade!

You can find out more about Camp Bestival, including line up details, ticket sales and the rest at their website, or find them on Twitter and Facebook




We’re Camp Bestival Bloggers!

I am very pleased to officially announce that the gang and I are off to Camp Bestival once again, we are so chuffed and actually I wasn’t sure if we’d be lucky again so am doubly pleased.

I am looking forward to so many things this year, I have always said it gets better each year and the guys behind it really listen to those who come along once or every year.


One thing you can always count on with Camp B is the range of food on offer as part of The Feast Collective.

Camp Bestival does its upmost to promote and support some of the best, most groundbreaking collectives that the Street Food movement has to offer, and this year is no exception.

This years Feast Collective Ambassadors are headed up by DJBBQ, or Christian Stevenson to his mates,who says the festival is “the perfect combination of fun people, exceptional location, phenomenal food, great music, and good times. I’ve been hosting the Feast Collective for the past couple years and it is the most carefully curated food tent on the planet. We love to throw a party and the Feast Collective is the best party at Camp Bestival. Rob da Bank himself told me that we are always one of the best sound systems at his festival.

Come by for super delicious food that’s cooked with care and provenance. We look forward to cater-taining you.”- DJBBQ, Feast Collective Ambassador

His fellow Ambassadors have been scouring the country for fresh takes on modern classics, new styles, twists, and everything else besides. They include Feast Collective Producer, Gemma Thorogood, whose top tips include “British Street Food celebs Seadog, bringing their seaside popcorn to the fields, plus Bánh Mì from Pho Sho, buttermilk chicken from Butchies, and sweet potato pancakes from the Chocolate Bear Kitchen. Not to mention the extraordinary Eritrean tacos carefully crafted by Lemlem Kitchen, oh and Polar Pops ice lollies made only from real fruit and vegetables (with NO added sugar)! I just hope I can get around it all in one weekend”

We are also promised delights from River Cottage Meat Smoking Expert Steven Lamb who will be bringing a decades experience in the sustainable kitchen, and BBC Cook of the Year  Jo Ingleby who heads up the Children’s Feast Collective too.

A local to us and known to everyone from his show, Luke Thomas, of Cookham was the UK’s youngest ever Head Chef at 18 years old, but that doesn’t limit his knowledge at all things tasty. For the Healthy Living amongst Festival Fans, you’re covered by Le Cordon Blue trained chef and Healthy Eating Ambassador Tess Ward, who will no doubt continue her efforts to make clean eating a mainstream concern for us all.


So, on to the lip smackingly lush menu of delights, and the Feast Ambassadors have certainly done us all proud once again.

From Best of the Best 2015 of Street Food winners Seadog, to Ghanian food with a twist from Zoe’s Garden Kitchen, and Pimp My Ramen with their take on Burgers, there is something for everyone.

My top pick though has to be Pho Sho as I love the sound of their Vietnamese street food menu. I also fancy Coco Labelle as I do like having a go at Jamaican food myself and I would love to get some tips and ideas for at home.

For kids with a sweet tooth and parent’s who want to get them eating more fruit and veg, Polar Pops is definitely going to keep you happy with their secret veg and fruit lollies that are sure to be a hit.

I am definitely putting the Feast Collective high on my must visit list, Camp Bestival really is a fun filled and wide reaching experience that is so much more than just the bands on stage.

“One Love. One World. One Tent: The Feast Collective Tent.”

Although, talking of which- Fatboy Slim! Bananarama (goes and finds stone washed dungarees and cap sleeved white top)! Squeeze! Tears for Fears! Eek! And more of my top tips for tunes coming soon….

So, once again, Camp Bestival looks set to be a feast for the eyes, ears, and tummy too!

Off to dust off the tent!


Let me know if you’re coming along, and look out for lots of #CampBestival highlights on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube too

And if you fancy a Festival experience that the kids will love as much as the adults, you can grab tickets now and find out more at the Camp Bestival website.


We’re All Going to Camp Bestival 2015

We are so lucky in our house, I am utterly excited as are the Brats.

To be made Official Camp Bestival Bloggers for a second year is an honor and I cannot wait to bring you my Festival Diary and some live vlogs from the Brats too.


So, why should you want to visit a festival in the good old UK and with children?

I see Festival’s as camping plus excitement. Rather than just pitching a tent in a field and then playing Scrabble for a week before going home, and wondering why you didn’t just stay home instead, festivals offer fun on a grand scale.

It can be daunting, the idea of not just tent life but live music and the like with children in tow. That’s why Camp Bestival is such a great option as it caters for families no matter what age your kids are.

There is never a dull moment in the daytime, this year alone there is Dick and Dom for the tweens, CaInstagramCapture_8dba5f1e-fd81-4a3b-8c47-8c4e03ae4cf3_jpgt In The Hat Live for the littlies and the ever popular Den for the older ones. There is a real feeling of safety and camaraderie amongst your fellow campers too, and Mini and Littlest had made firm friends of a large group of campers in the same row as us.

Even at night when the headliners are on until later, we stuck a pair of ear defenders on our two, brought a blanket and they fell asleep in the middle of De La Soul, right on the grass! In fact, people walked past, never once tripping over them, and a few took photos of them! InstagramCapture_37667ef4-d942-422c-af23-eb239d6297a9_jpg

Most parts of the festival don’t kick off until midday so you have plenty of time to have a lie in, a good breakfast and then stroll to the fields for the days events.

The costumes element is always good for a giggle too. You don’t have to dress up but we saw some amazing costumes from the sublime to the ridiculous, including Morph suits last year.

This year’s theme is Go Wild, and you can interpret that in any manner of ways whatever your age. You can go for the obvious, like a warm onesie in an animal style (onesies are great for kids as they can wear them everywhere, tuck them into wellies and then there’s no issues with changing them back at your tent at night if it’s a late one). You can go as Tarzan, or perhaps Wild Boys like Duran Duran!

The setting for the camp is breathtaking, being watched over by Lulworth Castle at its heart. You’re also just a short drive from Wool for any last minute essentials, and 5 minutes drive from Lulworth Cove.


Meeting Rory Mcleod last year was a top moment for Elder

We were lucky enough to get amazing weather last year, so make sure you bring water bottles for the kids, and plenty of snacks too. There’s nothing worse than being half through a must see act and needing to leave to forage!

The acts themselves are diverse as ever, with old faves The Buzzcocks and Cymande playing alongside the likes of newer acts like Ella Henderson and Pro Green. I am most excited to see Soul II Soul though, I absolutely love them.

If you don’t fancy doing a whole camp and festival experience but don’t want to miss a great act, then you can buy Day Tickets from tomorrow at 10am 

For the full line up, and trust me, it will knock ya socks off, head over to, and remember to follow them on Twitter and Instagram for the latest news.

I will be blogging more news from Camp Bestival in the next few weeks, as well as sharing some of my fave memories of last years acts over on Vinyl Problems too.

Camp Bestival Diary Part 3: Saturday Evening

You join me back in the field by the crochet trimmed Castle Stage!

Sophie Ellis Bextor, someone who I have never really thought good or bad on in the sense that I wouldn’t buy an album but am not offended if she comes on the radio, stormed the sunlit stage.

I would love to ask her how she still looks about 19 at this point, she looked fab compared to us by now weary festival dwellers. And dear Robbie is wrong, she definitely does not have legs like his Gran, unless she was blessed with an enviable pair able to dance for some time in sparkly heels. I was pleasantly surprised by her act, I loved the disco styled melody she did at the end of her set, throwing in Moloko was a good call. Everyone in the crowd danced like loons including Littlest. I am now left wondering both where she got her vintage first stage costume from and how I can look good enough after children to wear a spangly leotard with ease.

Next it was time for tea and back to the camp where dinner was served in the tent whilst the Brats joined their new found Yellow Camp mates from next door.

It was still hot most of the afternoon and well into the evening, but knowing how open the field is we wrapped the Brats in onesies and brought their blankets ready for the evenings entertainment. We briefly stopped around the field to admire the scene of a wedding party going into the blow up church and so Littlest could wave at more Policemen, then took our spots in the middle of the crowd for Laura Mvula.

Now, I like Laura, I find she’s a bit like Amy Winehouse in that soulful mixture of old and new she conjures into your ears with her velvet voice. I’ve seen a few people suggest she was a bit dull for later in the field and they’d prefer something to dance to. But, after an afternoon full of high energy, it was quite nice to sit back and relax whilst she whispered in our collective ears.

A consummate professional not at all bothered by technical niggles, Laura was a cool breeze on a hot day, and I am now in a rush to download as much material as I can find.

By now, the Brats were yawning and, up until earlier today it would have meant rock, paper, scissors between Elder and I over who got to see Headline act De La Soul. But, no, they now have ear defenders-yippee! So with blankets on the floor, warm and cosy as they were, they nodded off.

At this point, things got a bit tense as those technical buggers had reared their goblin like heads again, and the start time moved further and further away.

Too Many Ts, acting once again as Compères did a marvellous job of trying to keep an increasingly concerned crowd happy with jokes and songs, and I would not have liked to have been them.

Finally, at just before 10.45 instead of 10.15, the mighty and frankly unbeatable De La Soul stormed onto the stage and the crowd went bloody wild with joy (including myself).

I utterly love their brand of hip hop, I have the vinyl original of Three Feet High and Rising twice as I love it so. I also didn’t mind Little Mix in Hyde Park so much due to their (not quite as good unless you are Mini) version of Ring Ring Ring.

They smashed it, I liked their newer stuff but did jump far more over such classics as Saturday, Ring Ring Ring and Me Myself and I.

However, the set was meant to last an hour and sadly, it came to an abrupt halt at 11.15.  I’m not going to moan too much, but it was disappointing for me and many others in the crowd, and many thought they were possibly taking a break before coming back, but it was not to be.

Amidst chants of “Say No Go” using their much loved classic song, we made our way back to the tent.

It can’t be helped that tech issues arise in a field full of people, but I would have thought letting them stay on for their full hour wouldn’t have been an issue when other fields carried on into the small hours (in fact, we were at the bottom of the hill in Yellow Camp but could hear everything going on at the big top and in the Soul Park quite clearly).

That’s not to say we didn’t enjoy what we did see, it was everything we had looked forward to and more, but it did make it a little more annoying that it was cut short.

So, we woke the Brats up and took them tent wards still half asleep, discussing how next year we will definitely buy a trolley and transport them!

Camp Bestival Dairy Part 2: Saturday Day Time

Hello from a now very sunny and hot Lulworth and Camp Bestival where we’re lucky enough to be having a ball.

Saturday started off with scary levels of rain and cold, at points from 5.30am I was convinced the tent would blow away. We’re in yellow camp at the bottom of a steep hill, so we definitely pitched in the wrong place.

Happily by 10am it was starting to clear and after a jaunt for a breakfast must haves in nearby Wareham, it was back to wander round the camp.

We took in the Upper Kids field, the beautiful cathedral and then off we went to the Roald Dahl museum.

The Brats love Roald Dahl so enjhoyed the exhibit, albeit a small one, and loved dressing up as Oompa Loompas and Willy Wonka.

We then popped by to see an old fave of ours in the shape of multi talented  Rory McLeod, who treated a large crowd of devotees in the Big Top to a brilliant performance of his brand of personally penned folk songs. There is not a single instruments he can’t play, including the spoons. The song Mum certainly brought a tear to the eye. We were lucky enough to meet him afterwards amongst a big crowd of fans, and finally Elder got to ask for a signed CD for a close friend.

Next up was the group Too Many Ts, who were good at getting the crowd ready for the next big act, Sophie Ellis-Bextor. They put me in mind of Rizzle Kicks actually, and I’m pleased I got see them for the first time.

Sophie is on now, and look out for the next part of the diary, which will include Sophie, Laura Mvula and De La Soul (so excited!).

Camp Bestival Diary: Friday

Camp Bestival- yippee!

We arrived around 5pm yesterday and set up base camp in the Yellow Zone, straight away Mini and Littlest had made firm friends of our next door neighbours and after a dinner an early(ish) night was declared.

How many Family Panel Men does it take to put up a wonky Wind Breaker?

Of course, the Brats were raring to go by 7pm, and so we took a brief detour for supplies (including waterproofs for us adults who had managed to forget ours- doh!).

We took our lucky pit seats for Horrible Histories which Mini has helpfully given her view on below:

We were then treated to an amazing performance by Courtney Pine. All I can say is, wow. If you haven’t caught him live (as Elder did 20 years ago) or heard him perform online, what are you waiting for, you need this guy’s music in your life. If you can find it look for his version of Happy. Best. Version. Ever.

We had wanted to all see James, but I had designated this Elder’s definite one to watch alone if the kids moaned about how late it was, and true to form they did. So off we went back to the tent, stopping off to look at all the lights of the camp at
night time.

Elder did report back though, and good news for James fans is that there is a new album coming, and it’s set to be a good one. They of course pleased the crowds with some old favorites, although down the maximum capacity no one could do the sit down bit of Sit Down, due to a lack of room (or old age? Perhaps!).

We are now looking forward to day 2, which promises Rain but also Laura Mvula, Rory Mcleod and De La Soul.