Is It Just Me: Who Thinks NBC Suck?

Ah, the Olympics. Such a great chance for us to show off the excellent sportsmen and women of around the globe. (Notice I don’t say “of the UK there? Cos we suck).

Did you watch the Opening Ceremony? I did, and, apparently, so did 27 million other people round the world. It’s nice to know that whether you were drinking a cuppa in the UK in your jim jams, or waking up in Oz and considering a swim, you could watch it in it’s entirety.

Except, of course, if you happened to be watching the coverage on NBC in America.

You see, NBC have made a monumental and quite frankly disgraceful error in judgement when it came to its decision of what to cut from the show. I know it was 4 hours long, but if the rest of us could deal with it (even the slower bits like the Industrial Revolution bit where Kenneth Branagh just grinned a lot and did the Shakespeare thing), then why on earth couldn’t they?

It’s not just the fact they cut a segment out though. Its what segment they decided to cut.

There were any other number of bits this channel could have omitted. Like the ironic love in to the NHS. I did fall about laughing on behalf of NHS staff everywhere when they put that bit in to a show which has cost shed loads, seen as that’s money most folk would be right in thinking would have been better spent on the NHS itself.

Or the bit with the flags of the nations competing. Seriously, could they not just mix any teams with less than 15 members into one handy team? I saw tweets from people asking whether certain countries had been made up.

No, the bit NBC cut from was a moving tribute to the victims of the July 7th Bombings in London, which as everyone knows took place the day after we were awarded the Olympics.

How dare they!

They cut to an interview with Master of cheese Ryan bloody Seacrest! 

Again, the bloody cheek!

Can you imagine the collective anger that would rightly be unleashed by Americans should, say, the BBC decide to cut from a tribute to the 9/11 attacks to interview Cheryl Cole? They’d go batshit crazy. You wouldn’t expect them not to.

I’m no big fan of Emeli Sande, or her musical stylings, but performing Abide with Me to those who lost their lives (due to us being in a war the American Government, specifically Bush started on his Daddies behalf and which we should never have joined in with as it was all a load of tosh in the first place  part of the Afghanistan war on Terror) was something which, in a high tempo and otherwise happy celebration, a brave but fitting tribute.

According to one of their mouthpieces, it was simply because “the tribute wasn’t tailored to a US audience“. 

Pardon me? That’s your excuse?

You may as well have said “if its not people from the US involved in epic horror, pain and death, we couldn’t give a flying feck”. 

In the UK, we watched your ceremonies to the 9/11 attacks, as every single name was read out during the years, right up until last years dedication ceremony. We Brits could have said “that’s not about us, its not tailored to us”, but we didn’t. We cried with those who had lost a loved one.

NBC- shame on you! 

I’d love to hear what they have to say by way of apology, not just to the UK in general but to those who lost members of their family in 7/7 and those who were caught up in the blasts too.

What do you think?


Is It Just Me: Who Would Definitely Sell Their Torch?

Every so often, the country goes so mad about a topic, you’d think that something really pretty terrible had happened. Something so far reaching and catastrophic that life, if not the world, will never be the same again. So many people are so incensed (and not just in a Daily Mail way), that you can almost see the steam coming from their ears.

Its that kind of moment.

Over the weekend, another of these “why do you get so miffed over something so petty” moments erupted as the Olympic Torch relay began in the country.

Now, to my mind, the whole Olympics, especially The Shard, is a joke, and worthy of moaning about. We are in a  recession, we can barely feed ourselves, the trains cost a bomb and you can never get a seat and there are not enough school places, nurses and houses to go round, but let’s spend billions on an Olympic Games which we will lose, as usual is a worthy whinge topic.

That, however, is not what has got the collective forces of Angry of Great Britain’s knickers in a twist though, oh no.

Some absolute scoundrels have been selling their Olympic Relay torches. On Ebay. For hundreds of thousands of pounds. In most cases for charity.

I’ll give you a moment to recover from the shock of that news there.

My view? So what. They got picked to do the relay, for services to their community and/or charity, they are obviously pretty sound people. The fact that they have done, or will have done, their bit to pass the flame (why can they not just light the bugger on the day with a Zippo? It is held in London after all), so after the limelight moves on, and they have a picture of them with the (particularly ugly) torch, its kind of theirs to do with as they wish.

Apparently, many have been scandalised by this lack of understanding for UK history and why they should keep the torch. They should show it to their grand children. Well, I’m sure they’ll show the grand kids a picture of them holding it right? What one earth are you meant to do with a torch once you’ve jogged down your local shopping centre with it? 

I have no idea what the fuss is all about, especially not after hearing some of the nasty and abusive messages sent to one woman who is selling her’s for charity on Ebay. A charity she set up, this being the reason she was picked for the task in the first place.

People sell War Medals everyday by auction, and no one bats an eyelid- that to me is worse than some torch which looks like Argos would sell it with a thick gold chain round it for chavs to wear round their necks. But no one sends nasty messages to these people, do they? The organiser’s don’t give a flying fudge what they do with them, there are no signed contracts saying they must remain on their mantel piece for 50 years and then be passed to the first born child of the first born child, so what’s the problem?

There are worse crimes you can commit than selling something you’ve been given, for lots of money. I only wish I’d have nominated myself now.

That, to my mind, lies the problem, the issue most have- that they didn’t get to own one and flog it for over £150,000. 

We have more important things to be miffed about than a gold torch being for sale on Ebay. 

Please, moaners, put your collective misery skills to better use and ask the questions that need answering. 

And leave people to do what they wish with their own class of junk.