Is It Possible to Find the Right Words When They Seem so Useless?

I am writing this after I joined a comment thread on a local Gossip site.

Now, this group, until just prior to the election was announced, was very much a group like any other, where locals could ask for recommendations of plumbers, or nursery places. They could sell the odd item, or arrange meet ups for Mums. There was a running joke regards the large squirrel population in the area. It was mundane, to be specific, but not in a rude way.

Sadly, the minutiae of the local Duck pond being overgrown has given way to politics, to discussions on the current wave of terror attacks, and, frankly, it’s got really quite nasty.

This morning, I once again woke up to the news of a terror attack- because lets be honest, this wasn’t an accident and the div responsible, although clearly as mentally disturbed as the rest, knew what he was doing when he drove a van into people- and of course I am despondent that now it’s seems we have idiots who are going to fight attacks with attacks.

Which is not the way to deal with it, I condemn them for it whatever race they are. How we do tackle it, well, I’ve said previously I actually don’t know, but it’s not by seeking “revenge” on innocent people who probably were as angry as we all are that Manchester, Westminster and London Bridge have happened.

What has caused a massive discussion this morning on the residents group is that despite when there is a Terror Attack perpetrated by Islamic Extremists there will be a sympathetic post on the board swiftly. This time- none was forthcoming.

It has caused a massive debate actually that leaves a few of us shame faced that we could be called out on it. After all, as the original poster said, is it not so sad or deplorable if the people targeted are not white?

I have seen a few idiots post outrageous responses that actually made me respond with an apology and an assurance they aren’t speaking in my name.

But I also now wonder if we have reached a point where words seem useless? Where we don’t know what to say? Or, worse still, that we really have just become so immune to it as its so regular now, that we just carry on and breath a sigh of relief that we weren’t involved?

Is it down to the amount of recent tragedy- we are only a mere few days since the Grenfell Tower fire, which is set to have killed many, mostly poor, mostly immigrant or mostly poor immigrant residents.

We seem to be living in possibly the most uncertain of times this country has seen since the War.

There is political unrest in that we still don’t officially have a parliament, coalition or otherwise. The fact remains that even if we do end up with one it wont be what many of us want to see, and I count Conservative voters in that as I’m sure many wont be happy to join up with the DUP who want a hard Brexit and no rights for most at all.

People who aren’t the well to do few are disillusioned and waking up to the reality that their government really doesn’t care what happens to them, as long as they don’t have to view the poverty that is under their noses. The people are angry and are ready to march, or have marched. They may have always harbored a possibility that they were of little importance to the Government, but now the Tower stands as an eerie monument to that fact and its an uncomfortable thing to realise.

When I have found myself having to justify myself to the “angry white people” who blame Labour “hippies” and “bedwetters” (two of the politer things thrown at many of us) as well as the angry ethnic people too for saying I feel that the guy responsible for last night’s attack is clearly mentally unwell, and being told I am daft for saying that is the case for the Islamic Terrorists. But if these people- whatever side they are on- are carrying out these attacks whilst fully aware of the destruction and death they will cause without a care, then that truly is even more unpalatable.

I do not even know what to think anymore, and, as is constantly pointed out to me as a g Blogger- one who was previously seen as the mouthiest in fact- then we are screwed.

If we apologise, we seem to cause offense in that we are acknowledging the system is screwed against people.

If we acknowledge that the people we voted in- and thats Blair, May, Cameron, even further back- have caused this by interfering in things they did not understand, is that an acknowledgement that we are all partly responsible for not doing more, for being sheep who let out politicians guide us. Are we gullible? Are we too caught up in the media and what it tells us to believe and ignorant of what it doesn’t tell us? Is it blissful ignorance?

I truly wish someone could tell me.

I ache that this is such a constant thing now, that it’s unusual to wake up to a day not filled with horror of some sort of another.

But then again, horror is something that is a daily event in the countries that some of these terrorists feel they are sticking up for.

For all the songs, the candles, the posts on twitter. The condemnation. They are words, gestures.

They do not stop the flow of these attacks, and now the revenge attacks have claimed a life too.

I feel we should dwell on the simple truth that, either side of the cultures, we do condemn, we are horrified. The media may not report it but the Million Muslim March against terrorism happened and shows that the majority are united with us like we are with them in condemning this attack.

Do we ignore it and carry on, in the hope the lack of reporting and sorrow makes it pointless to carry out attacks if they don’t get a reaction? Who knows?

And there in lies the problem. We are not like these people. We do not behave as they do. For the most part, we go about our daily lives, we live in the same towns, and we may have differences in the way we dress, or worship. But we fundamentally agree that these attacks must stop.

Please feel free to comment, I am happy for debate but please be aware any racist comments will not be posted.



Fuck This, It Needs to Be Said.

There are lots of things that need to be said people.

Lots of shit that I don’t usually say for fear of the namby pamby snowflakes who believe the garbage churned out on behalf of Theresa and her useless lot by Murdoch moaning and pointing the finger and bitching at me for voicing what even they probably deep down know is spot on.

When did it become OK to bomb, stab, drive at and create fear in the entire country, if not Western Society? Because looking at my twitter feed last night, and the excuses made for the lacklustre, half arsed, soft approach, it’s deemed worse to speak out that something really does need to be done now of some actual merit.

How dare you say that, actually, I am sick to back fucking teeth of hearing yet again that people, going about their daily business, going out for a drink, with their mates, have been ruthlessly and sickeningly murdered. That its not even two weeks since the last atrocity, we’ve not even had the bloody benefit concert for it yet and they’ve struck again.

And by they, no, before you right on twats finger point and call me racist or liken me to an EDL member, or a skin head or any other such bullshit you want to throw (personal fave last night- I’m self important and a twat- for saying bloggers really should think before they tweet out fluffy shit before we’ve even heard the murdering scum have stopped). I am fully aware that this is not all Muslims, all immigrants, all male or female or old or young.

It is fucked up, crazed, mentally unbalanced fucking scum who does this.

What would you rather we call it? Misdirected?

Or would you rather- as again was chucked at me last night- shrug and say “life goes on” (until clearly it doesn’t and then watch when it hits one of their loved ones or an area they have mates or they actually grow a sense of reality and get their heads out their arses and realise this is not fucking on).

I am sick, of apologizing, for wanting to being able to take my kids to concerts, to days out, to anything, without feeling like it’s not a good idea. I want to be able to not have to dive across the living room before they turn the TV on and hear about atrocities happening an hour from our front door where their Dad grew up. I want Mini to have tuned into the Manchester Concert today without me fearing the worst after last night and bare faced lying to her that there has been a technical fault and it’s not showing live, so I can record it, just in case.

And frankly I am disgusted that in a country where we have battled in some of the worst World Wars there has been, that our Agents, our Police and our Government will no doubt say all three of these animals was “known” or one of the 25,000 (so you can almost certainly double that figure) on the Terror Threat list, that they watched and did nothing and have now killed 7 and injured many more.

They call this law the “Prevent” law. Pardon me, but doesn’t prevent mean we, Oh I don’t know, fucking stop shit like this from happening?

It should be at this rate be renamed “well, we sat with binoculars and watched them plot and fuck off back and forth to a known Terror training country, but hold on, now you’re burying innocents again, we’ll go and catch some others so we don’t look completely fucking redundant”.

At this rate, these little “oh you’re a racist” brigade would have balked at what people like my Grandfather did in World War Two- they’d have asked us to just sit tight and wait and see how many death camps Hitler had erected before asking them nicely and gently to stop.

Christ people.

None of you, none of you, like living like this, do you?

Yes, it’s an uncomfortable truth. But in previous times when there was a threat against our country, we interned people who could be a threat. The difference is these days we actually know who is a threat– there are fucking lists, actual lists, of these wankers. And those with dual nationality who hate us so much they plot against us, all whilst using our free NHS, our schools, our benefits and what have you- you know- the best of Britain- should be told times up and sent back.

You are either with us or against us. And when I see what boils down to white apologists bemoaning even other Muslims who say this is not in our name, this is not what we stand for, then the whole system really is cocked up.

Stop making it easy for the Government to pussy out.

I am British.

And I am ashamed to say I am afraid.

Enough is enough.

And to close- love and respect to London once again.

Stay strong.




Is It Just Me: Who Thinks the Brit Bunch of Jihadi Fighters Should Be Refused Entry to the Country?

You remember, dear readers,  those poor little mites who felt this country which has, and let’s not forget, offered them homes, security, education and jobs (what wicked, terrible folk we are here) was not worth bothering with and who, stupidly thought running over to incite racial hatred abroad was OK?

Well, apparently they have, en masse, thought it was a very silly mistake to do this. And now, humorously enough, they want to be let back in to this formerly terrible, wicked country to resume their cushy lives, no questions asked.

They are no doubt crying into their rifles to go back to a life of cars, westernised clothes and Mcdonalds. 

So, the question we now have to scratch our chins over is- shall we let them back?

There are two ways of looking at this.

No one made them go over there. No one forced them, guns in backs, and made them go over to the dark side and, as I previously mentioned, to a country that probably they have never been to and has not seen their family in for several generations. Unlike those who they have no doubt stuck a gun in the back of in Iraq and made convert to a religion they don’t believe in. 

They are criminals. Pure and simple. Whether they never actually shot anyone, they endorsed it. They join in. So, sorry they are guilty by association- as are any of those who have sent money to the cause and continued to live in the rest of the world.

Do we really want to invite- UK national or not- a bunch of criminals into this country? 

Well, no, no we don’t actually.

Also, they have broken a trust, a trust which suggests that you behave in a civilised fashion. I’m not suggesting for one moment that anyone, from any religion, doesn’t have the right to a say in how the country is. But baring arms and setting off to join terrorist organisations is a whole new ball game. A game changer if you will.

We only have limited intelligence into these terror cells. We can only speculate on what they’ve been told to do when they do, eventually, come home.

How do we know that for every 3 who genuinely are pissing their pants and crying for their Mummies, there are 4 who have been told to act like they’ve had a change of heart, get back in, and then start the same type of crap here?

We just don’t know, and in light of the horrific scenes of 7/11, 9/11 and Lee Rigby’s cruel, and public murder, its a risk I feel is just not worth taking.

Yes, there will be those who argue that they are young, foolish, they have been brainwashed and were born here, so they have to return.

Then in that case, they should be stripped of their passports, and those who do go around Brainwashing impressionable idiots people need to be dealt with accordingly.

It just feels like this country needs to stop being the rest of the worlds doormat frankly. We put up with so much crap that we shoudln’t have to put up with. Our government is letting us down.

There are good and bad in all races and religions, don’t get me wrong, but when it comes to the point where an 82 year old Gran is beheaded in her garden and the Police have to straight away reassure us its a nutter and not a terrorist (although there’s a seriously thin line between the two if you ask me), then the whole laws on how we deal with behaviour like this needs updating.

I am sick of living in a culture of fear, and I doubt I’m the only one.

So, its time to lobby our Politicians to stop pussy footing around and get some balls. No, we don’t want you back, simple. 

If nothing else it will deter other idiots from going and joining them.