CAMP BESTIVAL UPDATE! Friday Headliner and Acts Announced!

Oohhh it was a good morning this morning.

This morning at 7.30am Camp Bestival finally revealed a few details about who will be appearing next year as part of their “Popstars and Rockstars” theme.

It certainly didn’t disappoint either!

First up, the all important Friday Headliner, and Mark Ronson shall be kicking off the list in style.

I like Mark, he’s played before although not when I’ve been before, and I love his Version album. Littlest is quite chuffed too as he loves Uptown Funk.

For the kids, the cast from the hit musical School of Rock will be joining the Castle Stage daytime must see acts. This is an exclusive to Camp Bestival only appearance, and as someone who liked the Jack Black film I will definitely be checking it out.

As a nineties kid, I am happy to see All Saints will be performing- I loved their debut album and may have rather embarrassingly been in a school based tribute group to them back in the day (cringe). I’m starting to think one of my day costumes for the theme may have to be a white vest top, khaki cargo trousers at least two sizes too big, and a big pair of desert boots!

The usual gang are there too, Dick n Dom will be shouting bogies everywhere and this year will be taking over the decks for a no doubt hilarious take on the late night Silent Disco. For the pre-schoolers, the stage area will be rammed for Mr Tumble, and DJ BBQ is back leading the Feast Collective too.

If Soundsystems are more your deal, be sure to see David Rodigan, and ravers bring your glow sticks and white gloves for Rave pioneers Raindance.


Leftfield are causing me much excitement as I can just imagine how much the bass from the hits from Leftism are going to vibrate through the revellers when they take to the stage!

Finally I want to personally send out a request to Holly Johnson (of Frankie Goes to Hollywood infamy) to perform The Power of Love when he graces the stage. Love that song!

All in all, a great start to what will surely be an amazing line up from the Camp Bestival gang!

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#CampBestival 2017: Next Year’s Theme, and My Costume Picks

It’s been a few months now since the heady, hot days of fun we had as a family at this year’s Space Themed Camp Bestival (and you can still read our write up here) , and this week saw the announcement of next year’s theme.

I do love the thought that goes into each and every detail of Camp Bestival, so I’m sure lots of time was spent by Rob, Josie and the team picking through the countless suggestions and possibles.

Next year is, of course, Camp Bestival’s Tenth Birthday celebration, so I think there is even more to come from the team behind the multi award winning festival.

So, if you’ve yet to find out the theme, it’s



Image courtesy of Camp Bestival @CampBestival

Ohhhh the possibilities people, the possibilities are endless for next year!

First up, there are so many decades to choose from, do you go as a 50’s Rockabilly, or a 60’s Psychedelic Prog Rocker? How about a 70’s Disco Diva, or an 80’s New Romantic? And what about punks?

Blimey, even Elvis offers several different varieties to himself, as do the Beatles!

Mini has already decided she’s going to pay homage to Perrie of Little Mix fame in a cartoon dress (I did try and persuade her to go as Amy Winehouse but she wasn’t having any of it). Littlest wants to go as either Lukas Graham or David Bowie (I’m hoping he goes more for Bowie), and I’m feeling an 80’s Madonna during the Material Girl era.

As for Elder, he’s considering going as Mama Cass from the Mama’s and Pappa’s.           Yes, really.

There are so many different rock and pop celebs past and present to go for, there are sure to be countless incarnations of Freddie Mercury, Kylie Minogue, Prince, Michael Jackson, Bowie and Adam Ant amongst others.

In tribute, Lunchtime Live will be having a Camp Bestival special show on Wednesday from 12-2pm UK time. The music will be some of my top picks from past Camp Bestivals, and our topic is “what would YOU choose for the theme?” I also would love your fave Camp Bestival memories to read out too!

You can listen live over on Radioactive FM UK or tune in again over on my Hear This page.

What do you think of the theme? Are you coming along? Who would you love to see play next year?

Comments are open or find me on Twitter!

And if you want to come along, tickets can be bought from the Camp Bestival website


Camp Bestival Bloggers Part 2- Music and More

I’ll start this post by saying RIP to Mr Nice himself, Howard Marks, who we had the pleasure of meeting at Camp Bestival in 2010. He was a massive part of Camp Bestival, and was a great bedtime story reader. We literally bumped into him, via a very little Littlest, and Howard was rather taken with our boys flat cap. He was a true gentleman, and very much deserved to be nicknamed Mr Nice.


Littlest in 2010, with his flat cap

Onto 2016, and this year’s highlights.

As with Howard Marks, Camp Bestival are never afraid to think outside the box, not just in bedtime story readers, but in the mix of acts, arts and stalls that they have on offer.

As they say, the kids are King, and for anyone unsure of taking children to a music festival, they have you covered.

There are two fields dedicated to the enjoyment and inclusion of children no matter how little they are. From the Breastival Mother and baby tent for the truly tiny, to The Den for 13-17 year olds, there is never a dull moment from morning to late at night.

Camp Bestival 2016 1

The view from the Big Wheel in 2015

If you fancy fun and excitement, then pop over the fun fair, for traditional thrills and delights including a big wheel that gives an amazing view of the whole festival site, to the Helter Skelter, or try the slower pace of the merry go round in the Lower Kids Garden.

You can have your face painted, jump on a bouncy castle, or watch an Insect Circus too. If arts your favorite, then bring your pencils and paper and make a beeline for Art Town. Or take a stroll through Dingly Dell.

camp bestival 2016 dingly dell

In amongst the colour and noise, Dingly Dell offers a slice of woodland tranquility

There are plenty of theme related (space, in case you didn’t know) options for the kids too, with West End production “Aliens Love Underpants” making an appearance based on the book of the same name, and a special, and no doubt mind blowing whatever your age concerto from the Royal Albert Hall’s “Albert’s Band” with their Space Symphony.

Old faves Dick and Dom and Mr Tumble will of course be there too and will be just as popular as always.

With the kids covered, what’s there for us adults?

Well, for me, it’s all about the line up, and this year they haven’t disappointed.

I thought the likes of Soul II Soul and Cymande last year couldn’t be beaten (and they weren’t even headliners!). I thought you’d never improve on the stellar booking of De La Soul in 2014.

Oh, but you can!

Fatboy Slim, oh God, Fatboy Slim, I cannot wait to finally see Mr Cook- I missed out on the Brighton concerts of a few years ago, and have always been really miffed (especially since both my brother in law and sister in law went and said how amazing it was), so that is a must see for me (and no doubt all of us over the age of about 25- the guy is a legend.

I’m also, for the nostalgia angle, looking forward to Bananarama, who no doubt will have all us ladies dancing to Venus and Cruel Summer in their 37th year of entertaining audiences.

I’m also keen to see a more modern act in the hugely talented KT Tunstall, whose album Eye to the Telescope saw me through my entire pregnancy with Mini!

Tears For Fears, Turin Brakes and Jesse Glynne are also on the list of all four of us to watch too.

For me, July cannot come soon enough, I’m off to look for costume inspiration for the parade!

You can find out more about Camp Bestival, including line up details, ticket sales and the rest at their website, or find them on Twitter and Facebook