Is It Just Me: That Hopes We Can All Shut Up About the Second Referendum Now?

Well, for a while there, I honestly thought the hooray majority would win and we’d have another, unwarranted, undemocratic and pointless Referendum on Brexit.

Thank goodness that once and for all this nonsense has been put to bed, and no matter how many people wave placards, we won’t be going down that route.

The thing is, I don’t think that a fair few of those who were incensed enough by other’s having a democratic right to vote the other way to them, had thought it through.

I mean, what would have happened if they’d have gotten their way and got a new referendum after all?

We’re not talking a few people here voting Brexit. We’re talking 52%, around 17 and a half million people.

How do you think they will feel? Pretty incensed? Disillusioned?

I think there would be a fair few who would be quite rightly bloody angry that their vote suddenly isn’t as “important” as others.

We all remember the London Riots.

I remember them as friends were burnt out of their flats, simply by accident of living in Tottenham. They had nothing to do  with anything that made those type of folk go out and smash up large parts of London, Birmingham and other flash point areas.

Those who did get involved are now, for the most part, amongst the more sensible type of people who voted Brexit.

The people who feel, in some cases, that the UK, via being part of the EU, have been let down.

They are the some of the most disadvantaged in the UK- I’m talking the large swathes of Wales and the North of England who have begged for fairness when it comes to the distribution of wealth, education and employment opportunities and who have- for the most part, been ignored.

Those like in Kent where there was once a thriving Dockyard, and industry. And now, there is vast debt, unemployment and underfunded, failing schools.

Only in the UK would you have a system that advertises just how shit schools are in the area, and expect you to put up with it whilst they pump more money out of the UK and keep the rest for the likes of London and Berkshire, and to fund vanity projects like the Olympics and Millennium Dome. Or to fund, as we now know thanks to the long awaited Chilcot Enquiry, an illegal war. £20 million for a statue of Thatcher that we’ve never seen down to the handbag being wrong.

All whilst our NHS crumbles under the weight of underfunding.

Do you honestly think, that these people, who voted in their millions. Who have been called Bigots, and Racists, and vile (just a choice few of the lovely names I’ve been given for being a vocal Brexiter), would just take it on the chin and shut up?


Why should we be the “silent majority”?

We took our voting cards, and we went to our polling station.

It was our Democratic, long defended right to do so.

But it would now appear that some people, by arguing for the second referendum so adamantly, would, by default, like to revoke this right for some of us.

The media keep quoting the “4 million signatures” on a questionable petition to host another referendum.

They’re less vocal of the fact it came out that the whole petition was hijacked by 4Chan, and a large amount of that 4 million signatures are from outside not just the UK, but the EU too!

I know it is disappointing for some. However, that is the very nature of a vote. I was gutted when the Tories got in in 2015, but I didn’t go placard waving and demanding a revote until I got my own way. Granted, considering the widespread investigations for electoral fraud which have since gone quiet after Cameron’s resignation and the Brexit madness, I possibly should have done.

I think Remainers should be more incensed by the lies spouted by the likes of Osbourne. Project Fear has hardly come true, has it? Yes, there was a period of adjustment for the Pound, but the Bank of England had already put a plan in place no matter what way we voted, and some amazing companies are already voicing the possibility of coming back to the UK, such as TVR who have shown an interest in moving production to Wales.

Tata Steel is now more likely to be saved as we can negotiate with who we want and those buying it can be assured they aren’t restricted to just trading with the EU.

You bring in a system where the voice of the majority is sidelined, and watch as all the anger, and annoyance online is suddenly out in your town centres and taking the form of rioting across the country. Most of us-myself included- would keep it peaceful, but not everyone would as they would feel let down, lied to and stamped all over by the minority yet again, and for some, it would just be a let down too far.

What would become of democracy after that? You cannot pick and choose when you take the first vote, so that would be out the window too, leading to what, mob rule? I certainly don’t want to think of the kinds of groups we’d be joining if we ditched democracy over staying in Europe.

Let’s stop voicing anger for not getting your own way, and put our efforts into voicing just how confident we are as a country that we are going to do well.

No matter how many times people sulk, we’re going, and that’s that.




Dear (Some of the) Remain Camp: Shut the F Up

I voted Leave.

This does not mean I, or anyone else who voted this way is necessarily:

  • Racist
  • Anti-British/Scottish/Welsh/Irish
  • A UKIP voter
  • A massive fan of Boris
  • Uneducated/Under-informed

I don’t doubt, that some people, who voted yesterday to leave the EU, did so without the full facts. I don’t doubt that some people voted leave because they are under the impression that we won’t be able to be attacked by Terrorists. I also don’t doubt that some voted leave purely to get rid, once and for all, of David Cameron.

However, I also have not one doubt in my mind that the same can be true for some people who voted Remain too.

Yes, we don’t know what may happen next.

That was true no matter what way we voted.

To see now that there could be other European member countries taking their lead from us and demanding their own referendums says a lot for the klout that Europe now possesses. It is a joke, an autocratic system run purely for the profiteering and perks of those unelected, almost self appointed “MEPs”.

But you knew I thought that anyway!

As my inspirational mate and fellow Blogger Alice puts it so well (no really, go read her post here), the usual bullshit wars have started the minute the first vote was counted.

But why?

Yes, Leave won.

That, my friends, is called Democracy.

We all had the same right to register, go to our local polling booth, make an X in the box we believed in, and change history. We all had ample opportunity to read, research and ask questions from either side. There were plenty of debates on TV.

We all made our minds up, we all had that choice and that is what makes us bloody great in my view. What’s the alternative?

From many weeks ago onwards, throughout the In/Out debate, the Remain side has almost been smug in the assurance that their side would win. Not everyone on the Remain side I hasten to add, but quite a few.

Some had even started to refer to Leave voters as almost on a par with Hitler, Terrorists and jackbooted racists, just for daring to suggest they felt the EU was no longer working in our favour.

It’s little wonder then with this smug sense of self assurance that the end result has hit some hard.

However, it’s the will of over 51% of the UK who voted, so why the need to be so bloody nasty?

How is this going to help anyone? If you are so sure we have made such a massive mistake, surely the best thing to do is to unite and work together?

Surely, with everything being so uncertain, with the Pound briefly falling, and companies like Morgan Stanley realising they can no longer scam us and thus pulling their workers out of London, the last thing we should do is fight amongst ourselves?

Show some bloody respect!

Some of the behavior on Twitter I have likened to the Hunger Games or Game of Thrones. I have been unfollowed by at least 30 bloggers. And for what reason?

I exercised my democratic right as a UK citizen and put a different cross in a box to them.

I did not grow an extra head and turn racist overnight.

In fact, immigration was the least important reason why I voted Leave. The financial reasons were of far higher importance to me.

The way some Remainers are talking, you’d think I had personally seen to it that their children’s children would be flogged in the future by Farage Clones in the Badlands formerly known as London, in ragged clothing.

Almost on a par with a storyline from Planet of the Apes.

I was told I was once again disrespectful to the memory of Jo Cox (with no more understanding that actually, if we needed a reason to think out was best it was the death of a woman who should have had full Police protection caused by a man who begged for psychiatric help and got nothing the day before). I was told I had let my kids down. I was called every type of UKIP voting, anti immigrant bullshit you can shake your stick at.

I will mention the people who voted differently to me who had a very classy way of dealing with the outcome, but for every single one of those intelligent people there were many more acting like utter idiots, being rude and making a sorry show of their fellow voters.


These two were pretty ecstatic about Brexit and Cameron going too.

We had every right to celebrate. I honestly thought that we would lose. I literally couldn’t sleep last night and still haven’t, as I watched the results slowly come in.

I am happy as larry that Cameron fell on his sword, in fact it’s probably the classiest act he’s performed in 6 years of governance. He backed the wrong side, and he clearly did not know what the will was of a large amount of the country and that made a mockery of him as Leader.

Who and what is next?

Who knows.

The Pound has already started to regain momentum, despite the doom laden anger of this morning.

Other countries are already suggesting they are happy to trade with us.

Like it or not, Trump is very likely to be the next President of the USA and he’s happy for us all to have left and taken our country back, and whether we’d been in or out it’s always better to keep America onside.

We will survive this and we will be better for it.

For now, the best thing to do is stick together, stop acting like utter twats and weather whatever comes next, united, and with confidence that we can succeed and we will be as Great as we once were.

Europe is about to implode and I for one am happy we have got out early.




Taking Back Control: Why I’m Voting to Leave the EU

Unless you’ve been living on the moon for the last few months, you couldn’t have failed to notice Brexit, in, out and in-between being everywhere.

I have read up on it. I have watched all the videos, both official or otherwise. I have watched the debates and seen all the leaflets.

After all that, I can wholeheartedly say I am voting Leave first thing tomorrow.

Considering the people I find myself agreeing with, from Boris to Gove, who personally I cannot stand- they’re Tories for a start, it has not been easy for me to support the Leave side.

However, my reasoning for voting Leave is this:

We are a tiny island.

Yes, we are responsible for the current refugee crisis. Despite my Labour beliefs, I wholeheartedly believe that Tony Blair should be tried for War Crimes, as we all know that he and Bush lied through their smarmy teeth about Weapons of Mass Destruction. They made the situation in Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries worse.

The problem is, if we had a country the size of America, we could be more open to allow free movement and those who need help.

However, we’re not that big. The population has grown.

We cannot chose to help those who genuinely need it, when we allow European Free Movement.

I don’t believe we benefit from this Free Movement clause. I think the Eurozone is in massive crisis, and thus, if I happened to be in any of those countries that were struggling, and knew I could go over to the UK, with free healthcare, free school places, free everything, I would be on that plane in seconds.You’d be mad not to.

I also don’t believe that we have a sufficiently safe way to vet who is coming here. With Germany opening their borders without our say so, we have no idea who is claiming to be European when they are not European at all- the people responsible for the Paris attacks had European passports, but they were not from Europe at all.

It’s a hard thing for those of us who wish to Leave to admit- we have been called racist, we have been accused of being bigots, and even had some say we are partly responsible for the death of Jo Cox- but we have to protect our borders in the current climate.

I also feel that being governed by people we haven’t voted in- most of whom were rejected when they did come forward for election in our country and others- makes a mockery of us having a democratically elected parliament of our own.

I may think differently if these people were voted in. But that’s not the case and never has been.

What right have these election failures got to tell people who are voted for that what they wish to implement is incorrect? How do we know half of it is not sour grapes? There are 10,000 Bureaucrats who earn more than our own elected Prime Minister who we’ve never even heard of and never voted in.

I am not happy that whilst our NHS fails, whilst schools are underfunded, whilst our core industries have died and whilst unemployment and homelessness sores, we are legitimately expected to fork out around £350 million a week to Europe.

Then, when a country’s economy fails, through no fault of us in the UK, we are expected to fork out even more. Where are Europe when we need help?

I am sick of hearing that parent’s cannot get their child into the school a few streets away due to there being more children than school places. We had to fight tooth and nail for Littlest’s place. Some people are forced to take their children to different schools often miles apart. How can we expect parents to gain employment, and not clog up roads in the morning, when we are expected to go to schools nowhere near our homes? It never happened in my school days and it shouldn’t happen now.

The promises and doom and gloom laden rhetoric of the Remain camp is shocking. Just last night, after the BBC debate, the Remain camps “facts” were torn apart. We cannot trust a group of people who use the death of a Mother for publicity for their cause.

We have no respect in Europe. We are not listened to. David Cameron can promise he is going to demand change, but he hasn’t managed to bring this about in the previous 6 years of his rule, so why would he be able to afterwards?

To vote Remain lets Europe really slaughter us, we will have no hope ever of getting our voices heard.

Let’s remember, we joined the EU thinking that Free Trade was coming to an end and financially we would suffer.

That never happened. Plenty of countries outside the Eurozone trade with Europe. They get the benefits of this trade without the added hangover of no say on movement, possible dangers of Immigration allowing terrorists to gain free access to an EU passport, financial ruin from shoring up other countries- the list goes on. Why would be any different?

We buy more from European members than they buy from us. Germany for starters would suffer a massive hit to it’s already struggling economy if it refused to trade with us, as would France. It would be economic suicide.

We could then trade with America, China, India, Japan, the list goes on and these countries have had the biggest trade growth compared to the economic stagnation in the last ten years of the Eurozone. Why is that not attractive?

Why should our fisherman not be allowed to fish in our waters? We have to gain permission from Brussels to fish in our own seas, and as a result, 100,000 fishermen have lost their livelihoods as a result of the European enforced fishing quotas.

If we no longer have to pay to a zone we have no benefit from, our NHS can be the pride of the country like it once was. No child will have to leave school without the ability to read and write. Our students can go to University and not pay.

Why should someone like my niece have to pay thousands of pounds for her studies and accommodation, when once she is a qualified Doctor she will be a benefit, an asset to this country?

Why should we have to continuously beg for healthcare for Littlest? At nearly 8 years old we still have no firm diagnosis , no action plan, no adequate medications, for him.

Why should anyone who is disabled have to be told the country can no longer pay for them, help them, and treat them like scum? Just under 10,000 disabled people have died after being taken off PIP, either through dying due to the stress or being forced into work that they could not do.

Osbourne doesn’t want us to leave, because then all his lies, all his screw ups over the budget, there will no longer be any excuse to penalise the poorest, the sick and the vulnerable in this country.

The Remain campaign keeps suggesting we who wish to leave are anti multiculturalism. We don’t care for workers rights. Why would voting out remove workers rights unless Cameron uses the vote to revoke these rights afterwards? We were Multicultural before we joined Europe, and we still will be afterwards too. We opened our borders to people in the 50s, and they helped rebuild our country at it’s lowest ebb after the war. They still live here happily to this day, and long may that continue.

We cannot trust Cameron to be truthful or act in our best interests, just a day ago we find that he lied that he would put a cap on Free movement when he knew full well this was not possible under the terms of our membership. Saying that we feel we are full and our country is suffering as a result does not make you racist. It makes you aware.

Our country needs to take back control, it’s that simple.

All the while we have to bow down to the wishes of unelected people who don’t have any respect for us apart from as a never ending cash machine at the detriment of our own economy, we have will have a country that is on it’s knees, financially, socially, and in every other way you can think of.

I hope we wake up on Friday to a new dawn. To a better Britain. To freedom from the EU.