This Is When It Sucks to Be a Parent

This is when it sucks to be a parent. In no particular order and in no particular timeline. Feel free to add your own.

When your child is once again the target of a nasty, persistent group of children who punch them to the ground for fun, and then grin at you whilst the teachers turn a blind eye,  That is when it sucks to be a parent.

When your child has done as much work as possible on a project, or a competition and worked so hard towards the end goal, and they get overlooked or a rubbish mark compared to the kids whose parent has clearly done it for them, That is when it sucks to be a parent.

When your kid tells you they feel let down by adults who are meant to care, about their safety, or their health or their well-being in general, That is when it sucks to be a parent.

When you want to go out to a really cool party, or day trip, and not have to plan stuff months in advance ensuring there is a babysitter available who definitely can make that date in x months time, That is when it sucks to be a parent.

When the children expect you to have an answer for an infinite amount of possible questions on everything as far removed as the offside rule or why someone at school called them a name and you could swallow an encyclopedia and still never have all the answers, That is when it sucks to be a parent.

When the weather is shite and the last thing you want to do at 8.30am is walk in it of your own free will whilst two small people bitch you as if it’s your fault its pissing down, That is when it sucks to be a parent.

When you are literally dying of ill health (or so it feels), you can no longer be certain that you haven’t coughed up a lung or are being sick, but the small one or worse ones, are ill too, so you have to forego a duvet day to look after them (and do umpteen piles of washing if it’s a D&V Bug), That is when it sucks to be a parent.

When once upon a time you could survive on a diet of vodka, 20 B&H, and a pot noddle and thus was a size 8, when now you have to have at least 8 cups of strong coffee to get the wherewithal to brush your hair of a morning, and cannot refuse cake, or a leftover chip, thus are a size, ahem, cough, That is when it sucks to be a parent.

When you have to make small talk with other parent’s  who the only thing you have in common with is you had sex around the same time hence why you’re in a playground, although thank god for the small group of “normal” parent’s who aren’t annoying and are as disillusioned as you, That is when it (sometimes) sucks to be a parent.

When instead of being in a kick ass nightclub, or having a lazy pub session of a Friday night, you are instead stuck listening to Let It Go, One Direction and other chart shit at a school disco, wishing it was socially acceptable to sneak in gin, That is when it sucks to be a parent.

Parent’s evening, good or bad, ditto school reports and sports day, These are when it sucks to be a parent.

Losing the beloved bear- the child’s or the class one (actually, the class one is just bollocks, no one really takes a mini break for the school bear’s diary, surely?), That is when it sucks to be a parent.

When the idea of Tom Hardy reading the bedtime story on cBeebies is meant to make up for a day of forced watching of the saccharine irritations of (fucking) Night Garden and (arsing) Charlie and Lola, That is when it sucks to be a (Mum) Parent.

Horrid Henry. The shite, That is when it sucks to be a parent.

And finally, it sucks to be a parent when you know that after the bumps, the homeworks, the disappointments, the questions, the shite TV and music they love, the ill health, the laughs and the good and the bad, before you know it, just like Mini is now, they are wanting to grow up and for you to not hold their hand or hug them in public, and soon after that they are young adults and don’t need you at all bar the odd tenner or a lift home.

That is when it sucks the most.


Mini and the Christmas List of Hilarity

Ah, Mini.

God love her.

If one day my daughter is not rich and famous I shall be very surprised. Looking at her Christmas list, which appeared as if by magic overnight on the fridge door, she’ll need a considerable amount of wealth.

Mini went off, with Littlest, to her Aunt’s house this weekend. They had a great time, seeing the panto and feeding swans over in Windsor, and it meant a nice bit of peace for us too.

So, I was quite surprised that, having been here over this weekend from 3.30 on Sunday, she had time to put together her list of must haves.

They are, as follows, in the order in which she put them (spelling mistakes are her own)

  • New Ballet Costume

Now, this I could see coming. I have to mention straight away that Mini does not have ballet lessons, as you would assume from the item being on the list. No, Mini is entirely “self taught”. She is never happier than when “doing her ballet” as a “performance” to whatever musical medium we are playing at the time. Be it Funky House or prog rock, she is quite happy to jump and spin round the dining room.

  • Temple of Air Jitsu Lego

Mini has become a massive fan of Ninjago, a Lego TV tie in about Ninja’s looking for some such nonsense or other. It started off as something Littlest liked and through the process of him watching this or Pokemon during the school holidays she got into it too. I like Lego toys, I had a selection as a kid, back when it was either a decent box of different coloured bricks, or Lego City which was more expensive. I had the former cheaper option but enjoyed making houses and penguins from it throughout the holidays.  The set that Mini (and Littlest) wants though is way over the £150 mark. Ridiculous. That and it will cause arguments as they won’t be able to work out how to set it up, and then bits will be lost too.

  • Dolls House Furniture
  • The Game of Life

No idea why she wants this, it’s like she read my Christmas list between 1988 and 1993. I’m not even sure they still advertise it?

  • Treehouse

We have no tree in our garden, or at least none whereby you could put a treehouse in it, we have a big old wobbly fir tree but it’s a) not ours and b) wobbly. I blame the Simpsons for this list item.

  • Books
  • Chalk

No idea why she wants chalk? We have a bucket in the kitchen of it. She has forgotten I bought it.

  • Clothes and Shoes

In Mini speak, this means “please may I have 95% of the current offering across the girl’s department of Primark and H&M”?

  • Stuff from Lush

She is still driving me crackers on the whole pinching my bath stuff, my make up and my perfume. She forgets she is 9 going on 10, not 18. See also the make up listed further down.

  • My ears pierced

Not a chance. There is more chance of her getting that bloody Lego set for £150 than there is her getting those done. I still think she’s too young, and anyway, they are banned outright at her school.

  • Make up
  • pencil case
  • Staitionary (written as she per her list)
  • A handwriting pen

This one is down to her getting enough Golden Handwriting tickets to mean she gets a Berol red Handwriting pen. She has been after one since September, and has joined 14 others in her class who have won one.

  • Pads of paper
  • a laptop and phone

Ha! No chance Mini. She had a very nice Nokia Lumia. Which she broke, having an argument over putting it away to do her homework and basically throwing it in a fit of angst at her dad, who promptly didn’t catch it and thus, crash. As for laptop, mine is getting a big black line across the screen from dead pixels, so she’ll get one when I get one (in about two years by my usual reckoning)

  • Colouring books
  • Money

The last bit of her list is the most hilarious. She starts off with £45 written with a crossed out line through it. She then put “£100 would be nice”.

As I said, I hope she’s rich when she’s older, because if I buy her everything on her list between now and when she leaves home, I shall be broke and in need of a loan from her!

We’re yet to have a formal list of wants from Littlest yet, but all he’s mentioned so far is Pokemon, Ninjago and Beast Quest books, so will be a happy chappy with those.

When I was a kid, I was much more reserved, although I do recall taking a felt tip pen to the Argos catalogue. I think I knew though that however many times I hopefully circled a Mr Freeze maker or a Yellow Teapot family, I wouldn’t be getting them. I certainly didn’t ask for make up or money until I was well into my mid teens.

9 is clearly the new 14 if my tween is anything to go by.

What is on your kids lists this year? Let me know in the comments.

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Is It Just Me: Horrified After Question Time?

Again, we all know I voted to leave the EU. I stand by it, and I always will, I’m not someone who has changed position,  in fact the more the rabib Remain angry committee (not, of course, the sensible remain voters who took the decision on the chin) got cross, the stronger my position became.

So, yes, I am bloody pissed off that Article 50 now can’t get going until we have an undemocratic, pointless and rather irritating debate from the Commons. Especially when these out of touch, over compensated prats didn’t have a clue that a lot of the electorate would vote leave at all. It was the smugness of them that we would never leave that annoyed me the most, they are so unaware of the realities of life in the UK for the underprivileged that they just expect us all to vote how they tell us to without question.

However, whatever way you voted, however smug any side is, I would never, hand on heart, ever decide to throw scorn, and indeed, wish ill health on any children.

Unlike Nicola Gorb, who decided to get right on a rant on last night’s Question Time live.

She thinks it’s quite fine and dandy to wish ill health on the children of Brexiteers. You know, kids like mine, who have no idea what politics is properly yet (although we do involve them more and more in child friendly political discussions and Mini did rather jump around whopping like a loon when Smugron resigned).

What makes this all the worse, as if it could be any worse that to wish ill health on minors, Nicola Gorb is employed by, go on, if you’ve not seen the news on this- where’d you think?

She is employed by Great Ormond Street Hospital as a Speech Therapist. Working with children. For a wage.

Great Ormond Street have, quite rightly, distanced themselves from her comments, and people who saw her ranting and raving commentary last night have, once again quite rightly, called for her to be sacked.

How on earth does Ms Gorb think a parent today who voted to Leave feels knowing they have an appointment with her soon? Someone who is paid to do her job but yet thinks their child should be ill by default of a vote they had no control over?

What intelligent person, in her position or otherwise, would think it was wholly normal to go on live TV, hell to voice it in the comfort of their own home alone even, and suggest illness is fine if your parent’s voted an opposing way to her?

That, people, is why the Government and Theresa May have a duty of care to follow through with Article 50 and the leave the EU now, and ignore these disgusting half wit bullies from the nuttier side of the Remain campaign.

If your only response is to damn the very children you are employed to look after, then you really are a sub-human moron.

And I for one hope May does the right thing, orders you to be sacked, and launches us on the path to EU freedom at her earliest convenience.




Mini and the School Trip (Sob)

Its been a fair while since I’ve written about either of the Brats on this blog. Don’t worry, I never did lock them in a shed, they are still their nuts selves, but slightly taller.

Mini is now 9, and in the second to last year of Primary school. Can you believe it, we went to look at Secondary Schools last week. Madness.

When I started blogging 10 years ago, I had only just found out I was pregnant with her. This blog really grew up with her and Littlest. He is fine too- little bit of a health scare in the summer but he prefers me not to write about him anymore so that’s why he’s been absent.

Anyway, Mini is off on her first school away trip tomorrow.

I have always been the Mum rejoicing on the last days of the 6 weeks holiday, always been the one who has pushed the two to be independent of us and each other and to be individuals.


What a fool I was when they mentioned this trip.

At first it was Mini who didn’t want to go. She was feeling a little negatively towards school at the time so said she was quite happy not to go off on the trip and we respected her choice.


Mini, the Selfie Queen (even with a digital camera)

Then, of course, as her mates- the gang of girls affectionately known collectively as “The Awesome Girls” (or the Annoyance Girls as Littlest secretly refers to them as)- all kept making plans for epic selfies and midnight feasts, she changed her mind.

Which, to be honest, is when I started to feel less than positive about it.

She has been away a few times to her Aunts in the summer over the years. She’s had the odd night away at the other Aunties houses too. Its not like she has never been out of my sight.

She has never though gone off with anyone not directly related. Not once.

She doesn’t really do sleepovers, we’ve never said she can’t, but I think there is a sense of her not wanting Littlest to feel left out. Its more difficult for him to go off to mates homes for tea, let alone a night, as his main illness is always at it’s worst at night time. It’s a lot of responsibility to put on someone.

I have chatted to the other Mums who I know well. I had hoped that at least one would feel the same so I didn’t feel like a total arse.


They are all well up for sending the kids off, and have reassured me that she will be fine, she wont even notice she’s away, and she will come back full of stories and adventures (and the aforementioned camera full of selfies).

All of which I don’t doubt. She has gone on the offensive in her attempts to show me she will not starve over two days. Suddenly, she is no longer fussy after 9 years of refusing to eat anything other than pasta and chicken, or pasta and gammon, or noodles, she has willingly eaten curry. She has eaten Chinese. She even ate her nemesis- a roast potato- without complaint.

She has shown how she can quite happily get her own hair washed and brushed, thanks very much Mum now bog off while I nick your body spray. She even- now sit down for this bit- tidied up her own room the other day. Without being asked. (Told you to sit down).

Elder’s way of helping my choking up with tears every time I think of her being on the trip (hence the sob of the title) is to call me a giant pussy. Arsehole.

I’m not going to stop her going, I’m not that bad, but I think I may be in need of a flask of gin tomorrow when she goes. She is all packed, we have hidden a magazine for her and we’ve not had the slightest wobble from her at all.

Littlest is not even slightly fussed, he already has plans to pinch her bedroom whilst she’s away (I’ve had to point out she is coming back after two days and will kill him should one bear be out of place).

I am going to cry at school and look like such a sad act. I need to get across the road and round the corner tomorrow. Or I shall never live it down.

From the fellow Mums or my daughter should my sniveling embarrass her.

Have you kids been off on a trip? Or do you dread it like me? Comments are open 🙂

When Will School’s Learn, the PARENTS Are Ultimately in Charge?

The title may suggest that I think school’s don’t have any say on our cherubs, and that they shouldn’t discipline the kids when needed.

No, that’s not the case, in fact, it’s the opposite and obviously, if you read this post you’ll see why that’s not the case.

It’s two fold, that title.

Parent’s like myself give every care to our kids. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t live through my kids, they are very much individuals in their own right, anyone who has read for years will know that.

I’m not alone, in fact I’m glad to say I’m in the majority, who feel that our job as a parent is to make sure they behave, have manners, and respect and grow up to be the same in adulthood with their own children.

I’ve taught mine that they do have the right to an opinion, but they also know that others do too, and at no point should you ever bully or belittle anyone- much less use violence against someone- for having a different way of life or opinion or attitude to themselves.

That’s the difference.

Sadly, there is a minority, for whatever reason, of feckless parents who take no responsibility and who don’t discipline their kids. By their attitude towards ignoring the school, ignoring what is the right way to bring up kids or by refusing to instill a healthy, polite attitude in their offspring, they basically give their child the impression that they can do no wrong, no matter how extreme their behavior towards others becomes.

In that respect, I feel the school needs to do more- not with the child, but with the parent.

School’s have the power to intervene, they can report situations to government bodies or the Police.

In the case of our school, the bullying from one child is actually so bad that one thing he has regularly told Mini is something that current DofE guidelines say should immediately be reported to the Police under current laws protecting our country.

Sadly, they have dropped the ball, using the excuse most of last year that his parent’s aren’t “visible” in school and they have language issues, so their hands are tied on what action they can take.

I actually felt for the Head in that back in my school days if a kid was being an arse, the Head could give the parent a call with no issue.

So, it was upsetting that I felt nothing was  really being done, and, as a result, my confident, bubbly girl of the year before who was coming on leaps and bounds, started to do worse at school again and had an entire year where she fell behind.

It can be infuriating. You are meant to feel confident that they are there to learn and their needs will be met. But I started to feel the same towards this school with regards their response to a serious, violent bully as I did in our last school.

When she went back after the summer, this child immediately started to be nasty again. He is in a different class, but with this child, it’s lunchtime when he is at his worse. No wonder when the dinner lady in their playground does not one thing to discourage his violence, even if he has punched a child (as it’s not just Mini he attacks and other parents have contacted the school saying the same) in front of her, she blames the child who has been attacked. It’s a blatant case of discrimination and frankly, the fact that myself and others have brought it to the school’s attention means it should have been dealt with via the handing out of a P45.

What makes it worse is that our school has worked very bloody hard to improve from a Poor rating from OFSTED. We had them visit at the closing of last year, and we rated Good. What makes it disappointing is that one reason we didn’t get Outstanding was due to the OFSTED team raising concerns on the Lunchtime provision. They witnessed bullying happening and they also witnessed the “can’t be bothered” attitude of the lunchtime team. That alone made me feel that perhaps they’d all get the boot, but no.

So, why this post?

It seems that, if you’re a good parent, who turns up for school on time, with kids tidy and in their uniform and who engage with staff, they will do everything in their power to drive you bloody nuts and undermine you.

It’s like because the feckless lot dump their kids on the side of a busy road, illegally parking on pavements every morning before zooming off, they need to get their fill of patronisation on those of us who do actually give a shit for our kids and their future selves.

As a result of my worrying about Mini’s safety, I decided that I didn’t want her to go on the two day school trip in October. Yet twice now, the Head and other’s have undermined me, going behind my back to get Mini to wangle her way on it.

I was under the impression that it is up to ME and her Dad if she goes away for two days, to decide if she is ready for that (this is a child that down to bullying sleeps with her bedroom light on all night, has nightmares and doesn’t like sleeping in her own bed if she can sneak in with me, and who ultimately would lie through her teeth that she is ill to get out of school).

Now though, if I don’t allow her to go, down to the staff filling her head with “everyone makes friends on the trip and you’ll be left out if you don’t go when they come back”, Mini worries that she- who lets remember already lacks confidence- won’t have any friends ever again.

I wouldn’t be pissed off if they practised the same interference in those who need it. But they seem content to not bother, which means these kids carry on into adulthood with the same nasty attitude and behavioral issues and no doubt produce the next generation of little terrors.

My sympathy certainly disappeared when, the Mother who apparently could not speak one word of English managed quite well in the playground to come up behind me telling me to fuck off and how her son has the “right” to be nasty to my child and others as he “doesn’t like them”. That is her excuse. It both amazed me that she suddenly managed to have such a good range of English that she could get quite a few impressive colloquialisms in too, and that she feels this is a fine and dandy excuse for her son being a git to the kids every day. I almost think she expected me to say “oh, that’s fine then, let him punch crap out my kids and others than, poor little cherub doesn’t like them after all!”.

What is wrong with these people?

Well, they’re clearly reprehensible wankers who should never been given the opportunity to give birth in the first place as they are that thick that that is an excuse. They clearly don’t know any better due to a basic lack of intelligence.

The real people who should be ashamed, because they do have the intelligence, they do know better, is the school, who seem far happier to make excuses rather than actually using the powers at their disposal.

And who suffers?

Yes, my kids, suffer. The other kids who are being bullied, they suffer too. The kids who are trying to learn in class who are unlucky enough to be in a room with the disruptive ones, they suffer as well.

But, more importantly, the school could actually try and right the wrongs at home and teach these kids what is seriously lacking from their parents. Basic discipline. They need to be shown at school that their actions have consequences, because in the longterm, these kids will suffer too.

Yes, the school is there to teach maths and English and all those educational studies. But, they can also foster a better behavior level on these kids, they can teach them that behaving in the way they do is going to cause them to be in trouble- actual real trouble- and make them responsible for their behavior with more than just a move on a traffic light behavior chart.

The school need to learn to leave those of us who can parent our kids to get on with it, and actually, for the good of all the kids, the bully included, deal heavily with those who can’t.

In other words, butt out unless it’s needed, and when I make decisions for my kids, know I’ve done it with much thought and discussion and parent those who can’t be bothered to.


Tories, OFSTED and How the Government Are Set To Ruin a Generation

Our school is pretty good in the grand scheme of things.

Compared to our last school, which was a sodding unmitigated nightmare, it’s like someone shined a light down on my poor pair and thought they deserved a good place after the shit they put up with before.

There are a few little niggles like all schools, but, for the most part, if a little slowly at times, stuff gets back to the Head and it gets dealt with. Yes, Mini has had a bit of a tough time with some older girls and some dinner ladies who for reasons I wont go in to side with them, but that’s lunchtimes and, after speaking with the Head, it has been noted.

I have a lot more faith in the school here than in the last.

The difference between the two though was our last school was rated Outstanding, and this one isn’t.

I have long since said OFSTED is a piss take.

I fail to see how the last school got that rating. They were very similar schools, both Church of England, both in middle class Berkshire.

However that was where the similarities ended, and sadly, it feels that like many traditional church schools, if you dare be English in an English church school you are doomed to be marked down for not being multi-cultural enough.

It didn’t seem to matter to OFSTED that many of us parent’s flagged serious failings to them. It didn’t matter that we felt teaching standards were atrocious, or that parent’s views within school did not matter. It did not even register when we said bullying was not just a simple case, as it was told to them by the school, of a bit of old fashioned playground teasing, but as serious as actual physical assaults on a daily basis. No.

What mattered was that the Head could smile and nod in the right way, and that they had practically cut all ties with the church. Even our Christmas plays were not allowed to be a nativity, but were a multi-ethnicity spectacular so as not to offend anyone.

They were commended on this!

However, since the last time OFSTED were in the presence of my pair, the goals have somewhat changed.

As we all know, the Tories are facing a big old budget shortfall after Osbourne the part man, part alien looking chief Silver spoon tosspot messed up his budget.

Schools cost a hell of a lot of money, and have seen budgets cut time and time again. Our current school luckily has parent’s that use their initiative and spare time, and our PTA, of which I am a member, work tirelessly to raise as much as we can (£31,000 last year) so the kids don’t suffer as others do.

Its no surprise then that suddenly, the bright idea is that all school’s should be made Academies and run by outside businesses. That way, problem solved, the government doesn’t have to pay for them anymore.

They are so convinced of this scheme that school’s already seen as failing by OFSTED are being fast tracked to become someone else’s problem.

Which brings me to my point.

OFSTED had been due to come to our school in December. They didn’t. And, at that time, we first heard of the Academies idea.

They are only here today, some near on 5 months later than planned.

So, we have two possibles here.

Either our school’s rating improves, and the Government still has to cough up the meager amount they have to now.

Or, we fail, and it’s one less school to pay for.

We all know this Tory Government has no care or concern for us plebs who can’t afford private health or education, the way they are behaving to our vital NHS support, the Junior Doctors, says it all.

They can happily go to a private hospital if they feel rough, no waiting on lists for them, no mad scramble at 8.30am to get an emergency meeting with the GP. No worries of whether the school their little one goes to can afford books or heating, or to actually pay good staff.

I feel now that, just as with Maggie in the 80s, a whole generations future well being, be that having the right to a good education over profiteering, and be that having a good rate of healthcare, is on a very small ledge.

They don’t care if this generation of kids passes or fails, as, if they are let down by this wonder plan and leave school with no possibility of getting onto the jobs ladder, they can become the next group to be hounded by the Tory spin machine in the press, and made out to be scum and layabouts.

We need to all, universally, stand up and say, this is not on. We all love our children, and we all want to see them do well, and a good education that comes from a caring school environment, not something set up as a money making tax break for friends of Dave’s is not it.

I for one hope that Cameron and his Eton boys club are forced out over the embarrassment this, Brexit and the NHS strikes will cause.

And let someone who actually cares about the future generation stand up and run the country instead.


Is It Just Me: Thinking The Metro Needs to Exercise Some Goddamn Chill?

Did anyone catch the London Marathon yesterday? Even better, did anyone run in it yesterday? I didn’t run, owing to the fact I am unable to run a flight of stairs in my decrepit state these days, but I knew quite a few who did this year- well done them!

And well done to all the helpers too, because without their hardwork, you couldn’t have a tonne of eager folk belting through most of London for hours on end.

To me, the Marathon is a constant thing in the UK, one of few left actually, that makes me a little proud to be part of the country. Forget your Brexits, forget your terrorism, for a day at least, you can watch people who have signed up to run over 26 miles, in joggers or funny cossies, for charity.

Why then, why why why did the Metro, admittedly a free to pick off after another commuter has discarded it rag on the underground, decide to post possibly the most sneering, ill judged, utter crap about one boy who watched and a had a little childish, innocent fun?

I’m talking about this article, with it’s headline “This Kid May Be The Worst Person on the Planet”.

Now, this isn’t a slightly tongue in cheek, hair ruffling finger wag of an article. There is no sense of it being written in irony, or with fun. Nope.

This small child, no older than my pair, is singled out for pretending to high five runners and then poking out his tongue.



Lets start by considering the “worst person on the planet” tag, especially when associated with a marathon. I would think, if we’re going on a crusade of worst people connected to the enjoyment of a marathon, I’m pretty sure the Boston Marathon Bombers rate higher on most people’s list over a cheeky kid.

Or how about any of ISIS? David Cameron? Jeremy Hunt as he is just a tosser who needs to forget for a minute that we all can’t swan into a Private hospital and do, in fact, know that the NHS relies on Junior Doctors?

How about, take note of footage of GROWN ASS ADULTS on mass, nicking loads of crates of water that had been donated for the actual people not too damn lazy to take part in the marathon and thus deserving of a bottle of water.

Yes, I shit you not, Deptford, oh Deptford, your people did you proud, if you happen to be proud of people acting like animals, stealing trolley loads of charity water.

Why were these cretins not photographed and put under that really ill thought out article instead?

Is a boy being, well, actually, being a kid worthy of opening the floodgates of abuse against him on twitter and other comment threads? Some of the comments are disgusting, and forget that no one was hurt by him, if you watch the footage everyone he did it to either carried on running or laughed at the joke. No one was offended, no one complained, so why on earth should the Metro behave in this way?

Its the sort of stupid snooty journalism one expects from the Mail, but even they ignored the boy having a giggle and concentrated on pouring scorn on the bottle thief’s and the idiot who knocked the winning female runner over instead.

Frankly I hope the parent’s of our little comedian sue The Metro, and I hope they apologise for this joke-worthy piece of gutter reporting.

Stop finding the negatives where there are none, and consider that fun is, thus far, not illegal. Kids will be kids and good on them in all their cheeky, harmless glory.

Rather that than running in gangs.

Whilst I have you here, I’m over being interviewed at DannyUK Blog as part of the Bearded Backchat series, so go over and show your support. And if you’re here after reading my interview, and I’m new to you, welcome! Hope you like what you see here.