Is It Just Me: Who Wants The BBC To Rehire Tom Jones?


If you haven’t heard the news, Sir Tom of sexy Welshness and Name Dropping Jones has been sacked from the next series of The Voice.

Now, I’m not a massive fan of the programme itself. But I do watch it, purely because Tom is in it.

Tom Jones is a freaking legend. There is not a major celeb in the last 50 years the guy hasn’t met or been friends with. Elvis, The Rat Pack, The Beatles, you name them and Tom, has probably rasped in his sexy Welsh Tiger voice to them whilst casually removing the pile of pants thrown at him by women.

The BBC has denied actually sacking him for the fifth series, saying his contract ran out and wasn’t renewed. So, what did Tom do?

He acted just how a true professional and gent would in these modern times when fans started to ask why on earth he was being replaced by Boy George. He wrote a very calm post on his Facebook page.

Poor Tom. He had cleared his schedule ready for the series, he said. And then without even a discussion, they get Boy George in instead.

I have no issue with Boy George, I like Karma Chameleon. But that’s about all, other than Dads across the land not realising in the 80s he wasn’t a she and then getting weird feels when they found out they’d fancied a fella, he’s known for.

He’s flamboyant, I’ll give him that, but then, so is Paloma Faith, who¬†they’ve also just signed (good call and she would have so interacted well with Tom), as is Will.I.Am too. Too much clashing personalities, is not going to end in what I think the BBC is hoping for- a mid era X Factor panel of opinionated water throwing, but a noisy wrangling of sequins and shrill voices.

The great thing about having Tom Jones on that panel was that he was an epic talent. Every era has a song of his which is still a great listen- from Delilah to the Reloaded albums. He appeals to every generation across the board, hence why he used to get a good cross section of people in his group.

He could listen to someone sing and point out every tiny little crack where it slipped. The guy is a class act.


Not to mention he is still, as old as he is, a raspy voiced sex tiger.I have album covers from back in the day of Toms where the stare is so penetrating and hot that I’m half scared to hold it without some form of contraception lest I end up pregnant. Knicker elastic has been known to ping and snap as a result of Whats New Pussycat.

You would never have sacked Barry White (God rest him), and Tom is our UK Barry.

You’d think the BBC would be chuffed to find an old school act not caught up in Operation Yewtree and thus keep them in their employ.

Come on BBC, get Tom back, The Voice has had people come and go and no one cared half as much. Or here’s an idea- Simon, sack Grimmy and get Tom in instead.

Its not Unusual, but Tom really was the life and soul of that show.