Is It Just Me: Sick of Non-Transparency in So Called “Web Authorities”?


Seriously, imagine the above with me about to launch my laptop through a freaking window.

As many know, I have blogged steadily for close on ten years, and worked with brands since 2009. I was one of the earliest bloggers to do this, and, rightly or wrongly (as I know the subject of reviewing is seen as a dirty word to some and blagging), I have worked bloody hard at my Family Panel blog.

It may not be all singing and dancing, with flashy bits and fancy titles. I prefer it to be the way it is as it’s not about the background, it’s the substance of my reviews- always 100% honest and thought out- that I feel should count.

I have never allowed Follow Links, paid or otherwise, and regularly check for broken links. I had a vanity url within the first year. Back then, I wasn’t sure whether I would even get to work with any brands as it was so new so held off for a bit, and, to this day I don’t believe a genuine blog like mine should need a vanity url anyway, it should be about the writing.

However, I’m not daft and know my views, old as they are of what blogging should be rooted in, is pretty old hat. Hence, I’ve cultivated my Page Rank over the years and got it to 3.

Inexplicably, Google gave up on Page Rank. It was something few of us were surprised about, as Google is not the biggest fan of blogs. It was swiftly replaced by Domain Authority.

DA as its known didn’t worry me, after all, my peers with a Page Rank of 3 all ended up with DAs of at least 30, so I felt that mine would too.

Except it didn’t. It was 10.


I read the guides and my blog, my hard worked on, paid for from my own pocket blog was well within it’s rights to expect a DA on a par with my peers.

I watched, month in, month out, as this DA stayed well below par, and saw, time and again, more and more people wanting blogs with a DA well, well above mine.

Suddenly, my over flowing inbox was as empty and unloved as a vegan in a steakhouse.

Had my ability changed? Had my blog stopped loading? Had I forgotten how to review?


A meaningless, non transparent figure had effectively killed all but a few opportunities for me (and, by default, the kids too).

I then noticed that my PA (Page Authority) was 29- and most people, again, those who I knew had had PR of 3 before with a PA of that level easily pulled a DA of 30+.

What could I do though?

I asked at BlogOn Win and found that, actually, I could email them. Friend’s suggested my DA was wrong, it must be to be that low (it has got no higher than 16, but most months falls between 15 to as low as 11).

I also noticed that last month, my blog’s domain age was completely wrong.

This didn’t make me cross, in fact, it gave me hope that as a company like Moz which makes itself out to be the go to for web knowledge and even asks people to pay a monthly subs for its tools, they’d realise they’d made an error and correct it.

Hell no.

They do not care.

They do not care that my domain age is entirely wrong. They say there’s nothing they can do about that. Despite my domain age being close to 5 and a half, nearly 6 years old, they have it at closer to two.

Will they sort that error?

No, they wont. That’s when they started to crawl so tough if my blog is older.

Also, they didn’t actually crawl all sites last month, so gave a number out of thin air to most sites. Or those who aren’t paid up members.

So, my whole blog, the work I put into it, has been fucked by a company who knows it makes errors but only cares if you pay for them to.

Do bloggers care?

Of course not. I got rounded on for daring to question Moz or DA scores. No doubt down to them having great scores.

The whole thing is a bloody joke frankly.

Clearly, my ability as a writer counts for nothing down to Moz and their shoddy practises. They are far from the only ratings network only doing it for the money and refusing to be transparent, but this one actually is one most brands take note of and think is untouchable.

Well, my advice readers is fuck it. If they feel they can make up a number from thin air and incorrect information, from now on I’m going to give myself a bloody DA score of whatsoever I see fit.

I say we ban all this and actually let PRs and brands work with those who actually have the ability to write a well written piece.

Moz Rank, you are officially the suckiest bunch of money grabbing arseholes I’ve met in a while.