#BlogSchool: Check Yo’ Privilege (When It Comes To Brand Engagement)

Oh you guys kill me, seriously.

We’ve covered working with brands before, the do’s, don’ts and what the actual fuck were you thinking’s. However, I see the same mistakes when it comes to being polite to brands and it really grates with me personally.

As a pioneer of old age when it come to blogger’s being able to be part of outreach campaigns, I have had to deal with a lot of scorn in my time. Scorn from non-review bloggers, scorn from non-bloggers who think bloggers are a bunch of entitled, grasping, freebie hunters and blaggers.

For the most part, Bloggers who review are epic people, who will receive a product, go and photograph it for Instagram, write their review, and be polite and professional at all times. They also know, like me, that an email about a product, sponsor post or opportunity doesn’t always equal the end we’d like as sometimes, inexplicably, the lead goes cold.

If I had a quid for every time I have been contacted, on days out, holidays, products or anything else of all budgets that didn’t materialise, hell, I’d be that rich I could be like Katie Price and employ a Ghostwriter and go sun myself instead of slogging away at this blog.

Sadly, it’s not the same attitude adopted by some, and it’s a growing number as well. Which, to folk as vintage as me is a bit horrifying and irritating as it puts us back in the “blaggers” days and gives us all a bad name.

So to today and I won’t go into it too much for fear of being publicly hunted down and made to jog (seriously- one comment about this thought telling me to go jogging (ergo, I am clearly a fat burger stuffer compared to her svelte entitled self) as a reasonable argument to my shock and awe at the entitled bitch behavior being displayed).

Same old story- Blogger is approached. Blogger is offered item. Brand then, politely, and I cannot stress this ignored point enough as it was super polite, decides not to continue due to personal preference.

Nothing wrong with that. It’s up to the brand, however big or small, on who them work with. I can say this wasn’t a size issue, or gender or colour issue or I would so have joined in the righteous stamping and indignation over this one.

The blogger, inexplicably, screen grabbed this polite, innocuous message and placed it on a public, widely used Blogging group and then allowed others as mental as she is to publicly bitch the brand!

This, for the record, is the same group that, when I questioned the validity of the behaviour of a third party, frankly questionable blog/brand link up company who were not being open or honest with members, rather hoovering up as many names as they could to gain rewards from brands, I was rounded on. One of the third party was even given screen grabs of what I’d said then joined the group to harangue me whilst not making any attempt to answer my polite queries. That was OK.

However, no notice was given to the fact that:

  1. Plenty of times I have never even got a reason why a brand suddenly pulls out. This happens at least twice a month with products big and small.
  2. The brand person was super polite and apologetic, telling the blogger it was not her personal opinion.
  3. An email does not mean a contract. A collaboration only happens when you are in possession of the item/on the day out. An email is just putting the feelers out to see who is interested, however many are sent back and forth.
  4. It does not matter how many followers you have compared to the brand in question. If you’re not what they want, tough luck, move on with dignity.
  5. Slagging off a brand in public is not going to win other friends and influence people to work with you.
  6. The best course of action would be to be polite back and then, no doubt, another campaign would mean she would be top of the list for an item.
  7. My 9 and 7 year old are that savvy on brand/blogger outreach, they never question when an item doesn’t materialise.

I was told to calm down. I was told I was out of order. I was called all sorts. Admin, as is the norm with this group, told me off for saying that, actually, it was up to the brand, they’d been polite and perhaps some of the angry pitchfork wavers needed to educate themselves before attempting to work with brands.

I swear, the thing that made me laugh and then bang my head against a wall was when I saw someone, supposedly of intelligence, suggest discrimination was at play here.


No, ladies. Discrimination against women is rife, for sure. But it’s not discrimination to have a brand not send you a product for free! Discrimination is walking down the street and being called a fat cow by a stranger. Or being passed over for a job for having a child. Or being shipped off to a country to be married to someone you have never met. Or worse, being killed in the name of “honour” for refusing to marry. Or being a victim of FGM, domestic violence, rape or homophobia. Those are discriminatory practises.

Not getting a product is a bitch. Simple.

It’s disappointing, it’s a let down, but there will be other items, other things to try out.

No matter how many followers, no matter how big you think you are, if you don’t fit the remit, you don’t fit the remit.

Move on, behave, shut up, and don’t allow the attitudes of others to sway you. It’s called self respect. And it seems a fair few of the new breed of entitled, self important people who have appeared in blogging need to remember that.

One of my biggest brand engagements took me four years to cultivate before it paid off. The first time I reviewed them, I had gone off my own back and had simply reviewed it as I saw some constructive things which could be improved. That brand has now engaged with me for three years in a row, but, if they didn’t next year, that’s their call. Yep, I would be disappointed, but I would never go as far as to rubbish them on a group.

Things change quickly, and we can all learn that the best course of action is to simply keep on doing what you’re doing and wait for the next opportunity to come along.

If you get a rep for being a bitch, shit sticks, and you’ll find the work dries up. If they have less followers and decide to ditch you, that’s their loss, not yours, and the best thing to do is keep a respectful silence, or, at the least, politely email back that you completely understand and hope that you can work on another campaign another time. Bloggers who wish to bitch should learn they aren’t the only one’s who know how to screen grab, and no doubt this brand has already been shown this blogger’s anger, and others who joined in on bollocking them for daring to deny her an item, and I bet they won’t be high on their work with list from here on out.

Before working with brands, please, get a thick skin and know that not everything will appear in the post. You will be dropped without so much as a tweet.

It’s how you deal with that rejection that counts so much in an ever growing medium.

Suck it up bloggers, and check yo’ privilege.





Camp Bestival 2016: Wild Times, Weddings and Utter Legends

Oh. My. Gawd.

This was our fourth time at Camp Bestival (the third as Camp Bestival Bloggers) and I know I always voice that it cannot be beaten and this was the best year ever, this time, well gang, I do not know how they will top it.

The gang of Rob Da Bank, Sunday Best, and the PR Mega Team of Bruce, Stevie, Molly and Chloe need a Knighthood for services to raving, rocking and having the time of your life no matter what age you are.

The weather was grand, the food was delicious and varied, the fun was there in full force. They turned the dial up to 11 and they smashed it.

We arrived after a 3 hour trip ( we got lost, Littlest was a puking machine due to travel sickness and Elder seriously needs to understand Sat Navs know roads better than he thinks he does) on Thursday and were straight into the Yellow Field for General Camping.

We got a great spot this year, close enough to avoid last years “Hills of Death” situation ad on a flat bit of land too, and after getting our (shoddy, appallingly rubbish) tent up we went to explore.

Once again, the noise, colour and detail hits you the second you get to the Magic Meadow- it’s total sensory overload and the kids forgot how knackered they were and started jumping round straight away. We grabbed a sausage in a bun and spotted the I Love Camp Bestival sign for our pictures. It was, this year, behind a fence for Health and Safety reasons but it still shone in a silver glory in the field and you could still get a quick pic.


The new addition of the Giant Astronauts could not be missed and left you speechless- the helmets had screens in that lit up with colourful patterns throughout the weekend, and the children loved them. They went so far to reinforce the theme of the weekend and were so highly detailed.

BeFunky Collage1

Other new additions included the First Choice Holiday Beach- a great little meeting spot for families with a bar and actual sandy beach which all weekend was full of happy children building sandcastle whilst music played on stage. We loved the Karaoke, and the choices made by the folk lucky enough to have their three songs chosen for their DJ moment of glory were varied, and in some cases, hilarious.  It was also great to be able to soak up the sun, have a drink and not worry about the kids being bored or unimpressed by the aforementioned music choices as they were all too busy making a massive sandcastle to care. Definitely would have that back next year.

BeFunky Collage3.jpg

Last year, we loved the Bollywood tent, which by day pleased the kids with a massive version of a school disco, and by night played the best in rave classics. This year was slightly different, as the tent of years past was replaced with a far more heat friendly relaxation zone of huge, beautifully decorated umbrellas, and comfy squashy sofas. The big crochet elephant head- used on the Castle Stage for the last two years- was reused for the booth where the music played. We liked that this year, the kids were given the opportunity to show off their varied talents during the day, big mention to one young girl on Saturday afternoon who had written her own composition for a charity in aid of her Dad’s workmates daughter- a sure star of the future with vocal ability beyond her young years.

BeFunky Collage4.jpg

The removal of the tent also made it easier to chat to people, and to mingle, and we were lucky that one couple saw Elder trying to take pictures and kindly took a great family group for us.

Now, the bands.

A varied mixture with something for everyone, I was pleased to finally discover Turin Brakes, who I had heard of but never actually heard. They were great, definitely my new pick of the festival, which I always come away with having made a new band discovery (like Kitty Daisy and Lewis two years back). You could tell they were a group of many years practise in school halls and garages, not some XFactor put together crap, they were masters of crowd interaction and I wouldn’t say no to seeing them again.


Turin Brakes

Mini’s highlight was Jesse Glynne, who I was quite surprised to have enjoyed myself. I did recognise a few songs as I’m sure they have, at some point in the last few months, either been blasted through her door or at the school disco when I was on PTA duty. I do maintain this is the beauty of Camp Bestival, both introducing us to new acts and by having something for all ages and musical tastes.

Dawn Penn and The Brand New Heavies were the perfect mid afternoon/early evening addition, with soulful music and songs you could sing along to. Dawn Penn is a living legend of the Bob Marley era, someone I think is totally underrated in her class, and no doubt there will be a fair few revellers who came away wanting to hear more. I have fond school based memories of the Brand New Heavies, and their acid jazz stylings, they were another group who had great rapport with the crowd (I was complimented on my sunglasses at one point and they all happily posed when they saw a camera point their way).

BeFunky Collage6.jpg

KT Tunstall, Katy B and Bananarama were very good signings for the teens and those who were teens were they were first around. I did feel slightly ancient during Katy B, and was taken aback by the yoof snapchatting and instagramming throughout. I also loved one youngster who very rightly told off a much taller lad for standing in her way! Girl power indeed! KT Tunstall was someone whose album “Eye to the Telescope” was always on when I was pregnant with Mini, and she was just as good live as I thought she’d be. You couldn’t not love Bananarama, with song after song of eighties classics lighting up the Castle Stage. I want more crowd participation, as I missed being able to jump on stage with them at the end. The ladies more than proved that they still have it all those years later.

BeFunky Collage5.jpg

But my, my word, 2016 will go down in Festival Folklore as the year of Fatboy Slim.

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat- more like rave, rave, hits, amazement! I was asked how his set was, and summed it up simply- next year, can we just have Norman and his mad backgrounds and wicked sounds at all times of day on every stage please? That good!

I had fangirled hard over the idea of finally getting to see someone I had grown up with, but did harbour the fear every fan gets that perhaps it will never live up to your personal hype.

I shouldn’t have worried.

The field was packed, literally rammed, and, I know some have seen this as a bad point as obviously a lot of Day Tickets were sold for Saturday on the strength of Fatboy Slim, but I loved that atmosphere of thousands of people of all ages in a field, all raising their hands, jumping, and enjoying what has become my personal highlight.

I must give a massive shout to the couple who saw Littlest and Mini flagging, and who very kindly offered their chairs for them to nod off in, all whilst jumping around to the music with their sons! Another blessed part of Camp Bestival is the sense of friendliness of 99% of those there.I’ve no doubt we’d have had to go back to the tent otherwise, which would have been a travesty, although I do wonder how on earth they managed to sleep!

The attention to detail of FBS and his music and backgrounds, not to mention the little stage performance of him coming on in a space suit and teaching a Wookie how to dance, it was just goosebump worthy. More please!


We didn’t get a go on the Giant Bouncy Castle, so hope it’s back next time, as it proved exceptionally popular and my two are terrible at queuing, but they did get to revisit the Carousel of 6 years ago, and we managed to get a great “then and now” comparison of Mini and Elder!


Another new addition to the Lower Kids Field was- as Mini called it- the Dinosaur Tent. Full of facts on the Jurassic Coast locally, kids could search sandboxes for fossils, and the addition of dinosaur skeleton fossils went down well with Mini who would like to a paleontologist when she’s older.

BeFunky Collage7.jpg

Queuing is always part of any event this big, but we felt the food stalls handled this well, and the variety was great too. Elder particularly liked his Dirty Burger, and it was great to see some stalls bringing in Kid deals too. Littlest and I had a gorgeously authentic pizza, although having to order in one queue and then do so again to collect was a bit of a faff.

The toilets, again, something that always get moaned on, well, I didn’t think they were that bad. In a field with that many people, you will always struggle to keep the facilities to Royal standard, but there was only one all weekend that made me want to vom, and once warned, I avoided it. Yes, the queues near the Castle Stage were huge during the evening, but as seasoned Festival goers we expected this and a short walk over to nearer the Bollywood area proved the best option.


Carnival comes to Camp Bestival

Now, something we’ve seen before, but not taken part in was the Inflatable Church. Last year we got in too late but it was fun to watch a motley crew of people- kids, mates, and genuine couples, tie the knot legitimately or otherwise.

This year was our turn, and we booked for Friday at 6.30pm. I duly, signal permitting (damn you Vodafone, you still suck throughout Dorset) invited anyone who happened to be free at Camp Bestival to come along. At 6.15, we went and chose our outfits.


There were loads to pick from, from the sublime to the ridiculous with all era’s covered. Elder went for a bright pink suit and hat, and was given a glittery addition to his face by the lovely team of makeup fairies who doubled as our bridesmaids,  and I went for a vintage 80s corset with gold and silver detail, along with a bejewelled hairband veil. I kept my eye make up quite 80s smokey and wore a flower crown too. I was offered heels but as this was my day my way and I would probably have fallen over, I kept with my converse! Mini and Littlest got to chose too, with Mini wearing a tiered dress and pink wig and Littlest walked me down the aisle in a purple sequin jacket!

BeFunky Collage8.jpg

Ours was the Hip Hop wedding, and we enjoyed it immensely, lots of people came along and made it so much more fun by joining in. It was wacky, crazy and mad, but you know what, you can keep your traditional church wedding, as in my view everyone should go and get it sorted in that church!

Camp Bestival never ceases to amaze me in the attention to detail, the thought put into the acts, the fact that there is never a dull moment. You get a great group of revellers too, and we made great friends of one family- hello to the Bromley family!- and we will be back camping with them next year.

Dick and Dom are not new to us, but are someone who Mini has only really just gotten into, and I found their double entendre filled comedy great fun. It also instigated, my daughter, and her Dad (who clearly should know better) sparking a Yellow Camp wide fest of “Boggies” being shouted at 11pm at night. I would like to apologise on behalf of my children and their Dad for setting that off for an hour at least. It was bloody hilarious though! I blame Dick and Dom.

Any downsides? Not really, we were a bit miffed that some buggers pinched one of our sunloungers and rifled through our storage tent breaking the zip and putting curry sauce on Elder’s clothes. But that’s not the fault of Camp B, obviously. Yes, we were a bit miffed that the Yellow Security guys looked a bit lacklustre on our field, and they didn’t seem that bothered when we reported the incident, but hey ho, can’t win them all and 99% of the staff this year were on the ball and checking bags for glass too.

BeFunky Collage9.jpg

This year, the general consensus on the Facebook forum has been immensely positive, with only the usual toilet/queuing gripes. I think the guys behind the festival can relax safe in the knowledge that they delivered one of the best events ever.

Now, to next year and our “who we’d love to see” list.

Gary Clark Junior is a must for me, Elder got to see him at the Electric Ballroom and we love his albums, we’ve seen live footage and he rocks the stage.

For sheer indulgence factor I would like the 80s to be continued with Dexy’s Midnight Runners. Yes, I can name but two of their tunes, but would personally love to see the field go mad to Come on Eileen.

Littlest would like a vote for Lukas Graham, he loves his singer/songwriters and loves his song “Seven Years”.

I would like some past people as it’s the tenth anniversary next year, so would vote Florence and the Machine, Ed Sheeran, Basement Jaxx and Lee Scratch Perry amongst others.

Elder would like Talking Heads (oh yes people, please, let this be possible) , and Kraftwerk, but DJs wise, I have to give a shout to the RadioactiveFM crew (I am disgraceful biased though), and would love to see a balearic house set in Bollywood next time too.

For themes- Childhood heroes? Eighties? The Year you were born in? Or how about a Bowie Year???

Can we wait for next year? No! Do we want to pitch a tent and hide in Dingly Dell? Yes! If that was 2016, I am dying to see the line-up for next year! Keep a lookout on my social channels for updates as soon as we have them.


Camp Bestival Countdown: Giant Astronauts and Celestial Dreams

Am I allowed to get excited yet?!

Camp Bestival kicks off in under a week’s time, but as usual that doesn’t stop Rob Da Bank from adding last minute attractions to the wonders on offer.

This year has a space theme, which should make for some great costumes during the parade on Saturday, and in honour of the theme, we’re promised giant astronauts.

Giant Astronauts!

Sure to please young and old, the Astronauts, made by Shipshape Arts, will be watching over the Magic Meadow.


Standing at a colossal seven metres tall, they will be bathed in cosmic lights and dressed in shiny space suits for an authentic look.

These should be great for photo opps for all who encounter them, and are the perfect way to celebrate Discovery and Exploration. They may even encourage spacemen and women of the future?

For a no less spectacular nighttime must see, Celestial Dreaming is a must see and something I’m definitely going to make sure is on our list of things to do.

Featuring an interactive installation of glowing lights, it’s been designed by And Now to take you on a rich visual path of discovery.


You can witness the infinite possibilities of the Solar System via the burnished light of 450 points of fire while you’re told stories of the galaxy on the way.

It is sure to be utterly breathtaking when the lights dim and yet again shows that from sun up to sun down, Camp Bestival keeps you entertained with art, drama and of course, a great lineup of bands and solo acts old and new.

5 days cb.png


Is It Just Me: That Hopes We Can All Shut Up About the Second Referendum Now?

Well, for a while there, I honestly thought the hooray majority would win and we’d have another, unwarranted, undemocratic and pointless Referendum on Brexit.

Thank goodness that once and for all this nonsense has been put to bed, and no matter how many people wave placards, we won’t be going down that route.

The thing is, I don’t think that a fair few of those who were incensed enough by other’s having a democratic right to vote the other way to them, had thought it through.

I mean, what would have happened if they’d have gotten their way and got a new referendum after all?

We’re not talking a few people here voting Brexit. We’re talking 52%, around 17 and a half million people.

How do you think they will feel? Pretty incensed? Disillusioned?

I think there would be a fair few who would be quite rightly bloody angry that their vote suddenly isn’t as “important” as others.

We all remember the London Riots.

I remember them as friends were burnt out of their flats, simply by accident of living in Tottenham. They had nothing to do  with anything that made those type of folk go out and smash up large parts of London, Birmingham and other flash point areas.

Those who did get involved are now, for the most part, amongst the more sensible type of people who voted Brexit.

The people who feel, in some cases, that the UK, via being part of the EU, have been let down.

They are the some of the most disadvantaged in the UK- I’m talking the large swathes of Wales and the North of England who have begged for fairness when it comes to the distribution of wealth, education and employment opportunities and who have- for the most part, been ignored.

Those like in Kent where there was once a thriving Dockyard, and industry. And now, there is vast debt, unemployment and underfunded, failing schools.

Only in the UK would you have a system that advertises just how shit schools are in the area, and expect you to put up with it whilst they pump more money out of the UK and keep the rest for the likes of London and Berkshire, and to fund vanity projects like the Olympics and Millennium Dome. Or to fund, as we now know thanks to the long awaited Chilcot Enquiry, an illegal war. £20 million for a statue of Thatcher that we’ve never seen down to the handbag being wrong.

All whilst our NHS crumbles under the weight of underfunding.

Do you honestly think, that these people, who voted in their millions. Who have been called Bigots, and Racists, and vile (just a choice few of the lovely names I’ve been given for being a vocal Brexiter), would just take it on the chin and shut up?


Why should we be the “silent majority”?

We took our voting cards, and we went to our polling station.

It was our Democratic, long defended right to do so.

But it would now appear that some people, by arguing for the second referendum so adamantly, would, by default, like to revoke this right for some of us.

The media keep quoting the “4 million signatures” on a questionable petition to host another referendum.

They’re less vocal of the fact it came out that the whole petition was hijacked by 4Chan, and a large amount of that 4 million signatures are from outside not just the UK, but the EU too!

I know it is disappointing for some. However, that is the very nature of a vote. I was gutted when the Tories got in in 2015, but I didn’t go placard waving and demanding a revote until I got my own way. Granted, considering the widespread investigations for electoral fraud which have since gone quiet after Cameron’s resignation and the Brexit madness, I possibly should have done.

I think Remainers should be more incensed by the lies spouted by the likes of Osbourne. Project Fear has hardly come true, has it? Yes, there was a period of adjustment for the Pound, but the Bank of England had already put a plan in place no matter what way we voted, and some amazing companies are already voicing the possibility of coming back to the UK, such as TVR who have shown an interest in moving production to Wales.

Tata Steel is now more likely to be saved as we can negotiate with who we want and those buying it can be assured they aren’t restricted to just trading with the EU.

You bring in a system where the voice of the majority is sidelined, and watch as all the anger, and annoyance online is suddenly out in your town centres and taking the form of rioting across the country. Most of us-myself included- would keep it peaceful, but not everyone would as they would feel let down, lied to and stamped all over by the minority yet again, and for some, it would just be a let down too far.

What would become of democracy after that? You cannot pick and choose when you take the first vote, so that would be out the window too, leading to what, mob rule? I certainly don’t want to think of the kinds of groups we’d be joining if we ditched democracy over staying in Europe.

Let’s stop voicing anger for not getting your own way, and put our efforts into voicing just how confident we are as a country that we are going to do well.

No matter how many times people sulk, we’re going, and that’s that.



The Real Crazy Summer Parenting Tip I Live By (Which Everyone Else Won’t Tell You)

OK, so I have something a little different for you today. I am writing this post for Britmums and Anchor (just a little disclosure for you there) but it’s not an advert so don’t all give me the stink eye please.

It’s scarily near to the dreaded 6 weeks holiday (in fact some of you may already have the holidays with you), and, as much as I love my two to bits, my God, they drive me crackers.

I have never been one of those parents who have to get the hankies out when they march back into school, more I’m reaching for them as the vast stretch of six weeks of moaning, eating me out of house and home, more moaning, fighting, more moaning, and bankruptcy looms.

Unless they have something to do for 23 out of 24 hours a day for the entire holiday, they will just bitch at me, or, worse, each other. They are so close in age but very different, and despite it being summer, in which case I will open the back door and send them out to play with water pistols, footballs, and chalks, the weather will always pee down for a good chunk.

So, what can you do when you’ve heard all the shouts of “MUUUUUUUMMMMMMM!!!!” you can physically take before you reach for the gin and have the authorities on your back whilst you rock in a corner?


2014: the only time in a six week holiday when my two have been near any peace…..

In my house, I do one very simple thing that you too can join me in.

Do you have a shed?

If you don’t have a shed, you have a loo.

Make sure the kids aren’t actually about to harm each other, tell them that Mummy has a chore to do in the garden (for the shed bound) or needs the loo, and walk out to your chosen spot.

Once there, shut the door.

Make sure no child is in the vicinity- or neighbours- for the loo this can be hard as my two have a cute habit of banging constantly on the door in dire need of it the second I need to use it.

Then, if indoors turn on the taps to dull what you will do next:

Take a breath, and shout a swear word, as loud as you dare.

Take another breath.

Now, that feels better doesn’t it?

Its pretty frowned upon to swear at our little cherubs, of course, but my goodness you get close to it sometimes. It’s normal to feel like you cannot understand how that little bundle of joy has turned into a screaming, hitting, food stealing, pen on the walls drawing nightmare.

However, even the maddest of situations can be dealt with simply by having a minute to breathe.

Swearing loudly optional, of course.



#BlogSchool: Let’s (NOT) Talk About Crotch Rot

Flipping Nora.

You know gang, I thought I had seen it all when it came to blogging.

Bad backgrounds. OTT feminism.Blatant stupidity.

Yes I’ve seen so much in ten years, and some has led to fall out in a massive way enough to make the newspapers and some is just a topic for us bloggers.

It seems now that a lot of folk are dying to go viral. Personally, I don’t see what difference it makes. If I was to go viral, I would like it to be for something cool, like making a genuine difference to the world. Or for egging a Tory.

However, the levels of desperation to hit the heady heights of, well, featuring in the Daily Mail (who seem recently to get all their “wimins issue” Femail column shit from Mumsnet) have reached a new low the last 24 hours.

I give you, crotch rot.

No, not me personally, I don’t actually give you crotch rot, I mean a blogger has decided to post- with NSFW (Not Something For Any Sane Person Who Wishes To Keep Their Lunch actually) images of their latest Crotch Rot offerings.


I’ll let that sink in there.

Now, if you’d like the link then please God, why would you want the link, but I shall offer it if you ask on Twitter (@TheLazyGirlBlog).

The thing is, I can understand why they would blog about the subject, in a way. There is currently a rather daft hashtag called The Panty Challenge which, yes, does make some females think that having a little reminder of where the pants have been is disgusting.

But for goodness sake, do we really need that level of TMI on either side of the argument?


We know what it is.

We know what it looks like.

Men probably do not want to know what it looks like.

We do not need to get to the level where the last thing left, the last barrier to jump, the last line to cross, is photographic evidence of your dirty undercrackers.


I’m all for female solidarity, I am all for freedom of speech. I am also all for normalising something that the interwebs have made out to be disgusting or not normal so others can learn.


Disclaimer: Not my actual pants.*

Yet this whole sensationalist way it has been handled, it just doesn’t feel like anything done in a way to help or educate, but more so to go “LOOK AT ME” LOOK AT HOW FEMINIST I AM! HERE ARE MY DIRTY KNICKERS! ON THE INTERNET! I’M SO BRAVE! LOOK AT ME!!!!!”

The blogger involved even starts by admitting that their vagina and talking about it has taken over their blog. I have, in ten years, never talked about my downstairs. I don’t know why you would want to?

They have then got very pissed off when people have suggested to them, on twitter, that there really was no need to have actual photos on the net, it was fine without them.

What did they expect? A love in where we all took pictures and uploaded them? What hashtag would they have used? What filter on Instagram is appropriate for pictures of knicker stains?

It just smacks of doing something purely for hits. Not for any merit or good cause.

Please, we’ve had the blogger who admitted not washing in the Daily Mail. We’ve had bloggers who will slag off a company for not giving them enough freebies. We’ve now had this.

Just stop.

I beg of you.

What’s next?

Going viral for the right reason is great.

But doing it purely for notoriety?

Just Say No.

(And buy some Vanish. That shit gets everything off).

*Photo credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net/Tuomas_Lehtinen


Is It Just Me: Who Thinks Its The PLP That Need to Get a Grip, and NOT Corbyn?

Is it sufficiently safe to come out now?


Fucking hell people, I thought England was a screwy place to be born in but my god. We have this thing called DEMOCRACY. We have argued with countries and had wars with others where democracy doesn’t exist. We have it but some people want to revoke it as a vote they thought they’d win didn’t go their way?



Anyway, that’s all I’ll say further on the matter of second, third and infinity referendums apart from to clear up:

I do not support Trump being the next President. I think he is a dangerous warmongering twat BUT being that the American people have voted in ex-movie stars of negligible ability, there is every possibility that he will win. And no matter who wins, when we are a tiny island with no great shakes in the armed up to the balls stakes compared to America, it’s nice that we can enjoy a special relationship with them and hide when the inevitable war occurs.

I have never, ever voted UKIP. Nor would I want to.

So, moving on. The party I do vote for.

Seriously, what the actual is going on there?

I’m no political expert, more a pundit, but it seems to me the Parliamentary Labour Party are killing the whole team from the inside.

The fact is, if Brexit can teach us anything, and it really should teach our elected members a big few home truths, is that for too long, the needs of the few have outweighed the rest of us.

I have long cried that we’re seen as plebs and here for the jobs the Toffs don’t want.

Well, the Plebs seriously gave a clear voice and vote on just how much they’ve had it up to here with Toff Politician one after the other running the country.

For too long, we’ve had a powerful version of an Eton Old Boys Club in office, and they have no concept of what the majority in the country, many of whom now have tough choices to make as they see their outgoings exceeding their income, want.

Since the Austerity measures came into place, whereby we were told everyone had to make sacrifices, it isn’t the minority who have suffered.

Food banks have been taking the strain, people have to choose between heating and food, kids are going to school hungry and yet many are working longer hours just to pay rent.

If the PLP had any kind of sense, they could have capitalised on this result and frankly taken power off the Tories for years to come.

Yes, Corbyn may be a bit of a scruff. He may not have posh connections.


Look at Blair, and then Cameron.

Both charismatic men. Both fond of rousing speeches that go nowhere.

Both epic utter prats and posh one’s who are self serving and only interested in their old school ties.

I am personally sick of the Elections race being run like a gameshow, almost like X Factor. That’s reality TV, not politics that makes a massive change to the country and affects people’s lives.

Blair is responsible for the shit we’re in without a doubt. He led us into a war which we could not win, in a country we have made worse, causing deaths of our armed forces, and the deaths of civilians. What is he doing now? Earning millions in speech giving.

Cameron had no concept of the way the vote would go on Brexit, he was completely out of touch with the electorate, and I’m personally glad he is going soon.

Corbyn is grass roots. He is liked by students as he has quite rightly stood up for them in regards the unfair fees they have to pay.

He is liked by single parents who he said in his maiden leadership speech get a raw deal in terms of work and raising their child/ren.

He is liked by the old school Union side of Labour, always previously a big deal when it came to the party as a whole but who had been sidelined in favour of “Tory in a Red tie” politics of the Blairite years.

You only have to look online at the petitions, the tweets, the blog posts to know that Corbyn is well liked.

He won the biggest ever majority in a Leadership battle, and has continued to add new members to the party.

Under him, we now have a Labour London Mayor. We have new seats in previously held Tory strong points after the Local elections.

His problem? The PLP didn’t want him, they wanted Burnham, to continue the smarmy version of Labour we have all come to grow tired of. It may have worked in 96, at the height of the London love in of Britpop and Euro 96. But it has grown as old and weathered as Gazza.

All “Blairs children” such as myself have seen after he left power has been misery and despair, in this country and others. We have become worse off and far more disillusioned than our parent’s ever were under Maggie. He made this country worse than it’s ever been.

Margaret Hodge, who was the most vocal of the two who first lodged a no confidence notice against Jeremy argues daily that they don’t like that he wasn’t very vocal on the Remain side. He didn’t contact Alan Johnson who led the Labour campaign to stay.

Erm, Margaret, love, I don’t recall seeing YOU being very vocal either.

If Alan Johnson was happy to campaign, then that’s up to him, who told him to in the first place?

If Corbyn did indeed vote Leave, then that should be shouted from the rooftops! So did 52% of the country!

At a time when our elected leading government has been proven to be so out of touch, Labour could, and should, have capitalised on this fact. Who wants a team making decisions that only 48% agree with?

Especially when you consider that people are so up in arms about the fact the Conservatives are stalling on Article 50 until the Autumn, we have a possibility of the worst possible Tories getting in without being voted as PM (Johnson, Gove, May I’m looking at you bunch), the only no confidence vote that should have been lodged in Westminster should have come from the Labour party in respect of the government, triggering an election that I am almost certain the Tories would have been humiliated in.

Instead, the PLP are arguing amongst themselves, with their “corridor coup”. This has nothing to do with Brexit, but everything to do with the PLP not getting their own way last year.

I am glad that Jeremy finally sacked Hilary Benn. A warmonger on a par with Blair, his own father would have been shamed by his stance on Europe, and on Syrian airstrikes. If the Blairite masses want to leave then great.

Look at their media heavy behavior (led, many believe, by Chief Blair spin Doctor Alastair Campbell from inside his PR team), they are on BBC News and others every day, they cannot wait to slag their leader off. That in itself is shocking, and any internal wranglings should have been kept within the party.

The prospective new Leader they want is unheard of, and if we do have an election imminently, it doesn’t give her time to make her mark, leading the way for the far more heard of Tory prospects to romp home in a “better the devil you know” scenario that we UK voters are known for.

It makes no sense to put someone up, in either party, who was vocally in support of the Remain campaign. Again, they lost, so who wants another out of touch with the majority person in power?

To win the next election- whenever it happens- all parties need to get the media on side, the electorate on side, and their party on side. They need to be vocal on what way they feel is next for us and the EU, quash this ridiculous second referendum, and fight, tooth and nail, for our rights as we leave.

All anyone knows regards Labour is that the Parliamentary lot all hate each other, all hate Corbyn, and have no concept of the fact that he is the most popular leader they’ve ever had- more so than even Blair, who seems to have been granted a Sainthood by them.

Meanwhile, the Tories are being rather polite, and any anger within is kept more or less where it should be- internally and out of the press.

Corbyn, in all of this, has acted as cool as a cucumber, whilst his party disintegrates around him. That makes me respect him even more.

He could get out there and slag the leavers to death. He hasn’t. He has merely gone about his normal routine of meeting supporters and has said, again quite rightly, that if we had of gone to the EU with a strong purpose and told them we were unhappy and changes needed to be made, maybe we wouldn’t have voted leave.

The scary part is, and something I think many have not yet realised is that if the party which would have been most likely to get voted for by the disillusioned majority are too busy fighting internally with each other, and we have the real prospect of NHS hating Gove, useless on Immigration May, and Boris- how is he not a fake comedy Politician- Johnson in the PM seat, who is the alternative?

With an increase in racist incidents bringing shame to the country, the only party who is not arguing publicly, who has had a leader go and give as good as he got to the EU Parliament on Monday, and is smug in the knowledge they have long been in step with the electorate is UKIP and Farage.

So, for the good of us all PLP, shut up, leave Corbyn alone, and let him fight for every single seat he can get.

Even if that means admitting he voted Leave.