Is It Just Me: Wishing the Misogynism at the Daily Mail Would Do One?

Apologies for the Fail link but they really get on my tits sometimes. Although for the process of keeping them and their jealous, appalling comment leavers happy, my tits are very much covered up.

I was alerted this week to yet another bit of blogger shaming by the Mail, after one of our number was asked to take part in a beautiful gender reveal of her pregnancy. After the event, enjoyed by all, and not seen as over the top by anyone but the snide paper, they reported back, misquoting the Blogger, getting her name incorrect and displaying the sort of airhead journo approach that us blogger’s manage to shy away from.

As for the comments? Bloody hell. They were disgusting, and what’s worse, it appears the Fail encourage bad behaviour and downright nastiness by not printing positive comments or comments correcting the mistakes made.

You do have to ask why they don’t just employ writers who can do a job properly, report facts and not make up quotes.

By far the worst bit of gutter journalism favoured by the rag though is the Misogynistic Woman Slating. It can be against a celeb- minor or major, or someone off the street, if it means they can write some psuedo witty title they cannot wait to twist the knife.

Today’s victim is Amanda Holden.

At 44, she is a-flippin-mazing. Seriously. She is literally perky everywhere, and yes, she has admitted to a bit of help with that but so what? At 44, she looks as hot as a 24 year old any day. She’s also immensely funny and talented, and despite at one time being known as Les Dennis’ arm candy, she has emerged as a presenter and actress in her own right.

Frankly, if my arse looked like Mandy’s, I’d have been posting belfies too. Good luck to her.

Not if you’re the Mail though.

They suggest she dresses inappropriately for her age. They call her a “Shameless attention seeker”. Note to the Mail: She’s on TV, of course she’s an attention seeker, that’s practically part of the job. They slate her for wearing low cut tops, and shorts and anything which, presumably is not from the OAP section of M&S.

What should she wear then, Mail? Aran knit sweaters up to the neck? Sensible below the knees skirts? Or would you prefer that TV stations had a glowing gem on the hand of female actresses and presenters, and should they dare reach over 35, they get replaced, a sort of Logans Run for TV?

They even dare to say that Judy Finnigan would not have posed for a Belfie. Well, not to be rude, but a flash of the Finnigan Chest was enough for the masses, you cannot compare Amanda with Judy as they are very much a different kettle of fish. Even so, if Judy did decide to flash us again, so what?

I just showed Mini, who is 8 and rather opinionated on anything (as she’s been raised to be) a picture from that article of Amanda and her reply “I thought she’d look older, but its not really up to me to say what she wears as its none of anyone’s business but hers”. My daughter is 8 and knows better than the Fail!

For too long, women are made to feel that, up until a certain point, we are simply window dressing, there to provide the odd giggle whilst the men get on with the proper reporting. Then, they are older, and the minute a wrinkle appears that is not immediately botoxed, its off to the nags yard they go.

We are a modern society, yet in some ways we are so backward it hurts. You can’t post pictures of breatsfeeding, or cancer survival or stretch marks, or you face being slagged to death. Likewise if you look like Amanda at a certain age, and celebrate that you still look bloody good in a thigh slit outfit, you get slagged off for that too.

The only middle ground is to be a perky, childless, blemish free girl in your twenties. Unless you are someone like Kendall Jenner and then even someone as flawless as her is open to public flogging.

Frankly, anyone brave enough to say “This is me, I have on a dress that certain shit journo’s will slate me for, but so bloody what?” should be celebrated, not told to run off home to her hubby and retire.

Its not feminism folks, its just self preservation and self respect for our fellow selves.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you haven’t, do it bloody regardless!

Fight the power bitches.


Complete Your Summer Look with Must Have Baby Accessories*

The summer, its a time when we start ditching our winter woollies, brollies and boots and start stocking up on factor 50 and floaty summer patterns.

Of course, you will get out your bangles, flip flops and shades, for that complete summer look. But what about that other accessory that is a must have to some of us? Our baby! Or more to the point, the baby things we all need to make life that little bit easier!

I was never a fan of the old style of pram bags, so most of the time I used to use a big handbag instead, but its much easier now to find a beautiful Baby Changing Bag fit for the sunshine with sites like Baby Lurve.

Of course, despite the baby bag being a must have for the nappies, wipes and other bits and bobs that if you leave the house without mean a trip to the nearest chemists, you need not lug a boring bag around, and its simple to change between the seasons too- after all, soon we’ll be able to leave the raincover at home, as well as the extra gloves and woollen hats. Summer bags need more pockets to keep juice, sun cream and flannels in (I found a flannel quickly covered in water was a great way to cool down a hot baby in an emergency).

One such summer friendly bag company stocked by Baby Lurve is Pink Lining, whose bags are practical yet stylish, and economically priced. They come in a range of vibrant designs, colours and are great for vintage fans too due to their use of old style patterns. 

Baby Lurve offers a great incentive to buy with free UK delivery as standard, as well as next day delivery for under £4. The website is user friendly, divided into categories depending on what you may be looking for, and they offer a wide range of brands, styles and products from Car Seats to Safety Items- a must have as any savvy parent will tell you once those babies turn into toddlers!

You can even follow them on Twitter and Facebook and be the first to hear about new ranges, sales and other deals.

So, if you’re looking to bring your baby into summer the stylish way, pick something vibrant and pick Baby Lurve for all your newborn to toddler needs!

*Other websites are available online, information correct at time of publication 

Onesies. What Are They All About?

I have to start this post by saying I am hardly the oracle on all things fashion related. I wear skinny jeans in winter purely as if I wear flares they a) don’t fit inside my boots and b) flap all wet and dirty round my ankles, and jumpers because its bloody cold. Such is my lack of fashion know how, I have a jumper upstairs in my wardrobe that is shiny with age but as I have had it since before I met Elder, and it still fits, I can claim to be not that different in size from when he met me. Not pointing out that the jumper used to be baggy, and is now quite snug around everywhere my formerly flat chest.

There are certain garments which baffle me though. I have laughed at bottom skimming shorts previously (although would you believe there are still girls in Maidenhead wearing these in this arctic weather we are having, they have just added Ugg boots and a Gilet to keep them warm), but there is one thing that makes me split my sides more.


Why? Why would you want to dress yourself as a baby? (There are places you can go to do that people, where they charge a lot of money. Apparently) 

Yes, I have heard the “they are warm” excuses- but so are hot water bottles and slankets and good old fashioned pajamas. If its really cold in doors, I wear an old sweatshirt which is huge that the Nephew left behind years ago. 

To my mind, wearing a onesie as a grown adult signifies that the owner may as well have given up on having any form of sex life. They are this generations Novelty Nightie. They are passion killers. 

Imagine if you will that, in the night, there is some sort of emergency, such as fire or flood (and face it, flooding is getting more likely with our antiquated drains). You have no chance to pick up any clothing, and a hunky Fireman is at the door, ready to man handle you to safety. Yet, instead of wearing something grown up, or just a nice pair of jamas, you look like an over grown toddler instead. 

As for those who actually venture out to the shops in these things- what the hell are you thinking? I can understand the TOWIE lot wearing them outdoors, that lot are thick and have fried their brains with too much fake tan. But I have been in my local town centre and seen perfectly sane looking people wearing one of these nasty looking things. 

Now, I put my hands up here- I did used to have a thing for wearing my pajamas to the local Maccy Ds on a Saturday whilst dying of hangover. But I was 17 or 18, and I wouldn’t do it now.

Onesies. I call an amnesty on these flammable, sexless, nasty things. We are not 12 month olds, and the only bottles we want are ones containing gin or wine.

Just say no kids.

Which Maternity Clothes are Right For Me?*

The market for maternity wear is constantly changing, it wasn’t long ago that the choices available to pregnant women unfashionable, out-dated and extremely limited. Thankfully however, this is no longer the case. 

The women of today have a variety of clothing options available to them, whether they’re looking for appropriate clothing for the office, comfy jeans for when you’re out and about, or a lovely dress for more formal occasions.

The beautiful thing about pregnancy is that no two women will have the same experience. This is especially true for selecting maternity wear. Some women will need to shop for maternity clothes early on, whereas some may not have to until as late as their third trimester. If you find yourself having to shop during the early stages of your pregnancy, consider clothes that have adjustable waistbands – this will allow for growth and can be worn again after delivery as you return to your ‘pre-pregnancy’ figure.

There is also a great variety of maternity jeans available, some will have the ability to stretch as your bump grows, and some are designed to sit below the bump. Jeans allow you to create a variety of outfits by mixing and matching your top half. Consider wearing blouses, t-shirts and sweaters – and combining them with jackets or blazers for a stylish look.

One of the most essential aspects to any item of maternity wear is comfort. There is no benefit to choosing nice fashionable maternity wear if it just isn’t comfy. High quality maternity clothing should be comfortable and allow for ease of movement – ultimately, you should feel relaxed. So it’s time to ditch the zippers and buttons and make way for clothes support and stretch, making it easier to relax and give your body room to breathe.

Some women prefer to wear dresses throughout their pregnancy (weather dependent of course). They are arguably one of the comfiest items of clothing to wear, and are particularly suited to keeping you and your bump cool during the hot summer months. There is a huge variety of dresses available, so you’re sure to find one that’s suited to your style and tastes.

Remember to search for what you’re looking for, the chances are you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for online, and even try searching for discounts and sales. By looking around different websites you’ll be sure to find what the best look for the best price, whilst avoiding the hustle and bustle of the high street.

If you’re looking for the latest trends in fashionable maternity wear you can also take inspiration from what your favourite celebrities are wearing. Just remember to stick to an pre-agreed budget, it’s very easy to get carried away by maternity clothing, and you’ll need to make sure you have plenty of money saved for when your baby arrives.